1. W

    Video Stuttering After Recording

    Trying to figure out why I'm getting choppy footage after recording. I've recorded many videos with this same type of footage in the past, but now its impossible for me to record anything with movement and not have it stutter and be unusable. During the actual recording CPU usage is between...
  2. R

    OBS Capture Card Preview and Stream Stutter

    Hello Everyone. Recently I've noticed that during certain parts of certain games (I'm currently playing Doom Eternal) that my preview is stuttering. OBS says I'm streaming/recording at 60 FPS, but both the stream and the preview doesn't feel like it. As far as I'm aware, it's only happening on...
  3. S

    Every video is glitchy, stutters, and is blurry

    I've tried fixing this problem and NOBODY has helped me. I've had this problem for over a month and it's driving me insane. Every time I go to record a game, the OBS capture is stuttering in spots and just overall not smooth at all. This also happens in the preview when I'm not recording. I've...
  4. S

    OBS Recordings LAGGY no matter what settings I use | NEED HELP ASAP

    Hey all I have a big issues with OBS recordings being extremely laggy and pixelated. Ive set all presets to high and changed the bit rate but nothing has helped. In the game im recording I get over 100 fps but all the recordings are super laggy and definitely not a consistent 30 fps. The lag...
  5. V

    Recording/Streaming Freeze/Stuttering

    This is unrelated to my system resource usage. For some reason, after about an hour of streaming/recording with OBS, doing both simultaneously, things start to go screwy. The video starts stuttering, I guess you can call it dropping frames, but its dropping so many that eventually, the entire...
  6. J

    Stuttering Stream

    I've been having this issue for about a year now. No matter what settings I use, it keeps happening. The YouTube stream starts fine, but within just a few minutes, the stutter kicks in making the game look really choppy. I stream from a console using an Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2 -- and I've tested...
  7. K

    OBS Recording has small stutters when doing 4k stuff

    So basically obs recording are coming out with these little micro stutters here and there. I have no clue what is going on. If I record with 4k capture utility the recording comes out perfect. Specs 5900X 3070 32GB RAM 4k60 Pro Mk.2 What I've Tried So I switched from PS5 gameplay to PC...
  8. G

    Stuttering aleatorio sin dropeo de FPS

    Me pasa algo raro que al parecer le pasa a otro puñado de personas, tengo una PC de buenos recursos (RTX 2080, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K, 32gb de ram DDR4) y por alguna razón OBS da Stuttering a los 5 o 10 min de abrir el programa en la previsualización (y también es visible en el streaming y...
  9. C

    1 Frame per 10 seconds on recording

    So I normally record my class lectures with OBS, and it works great. However, I have been trying to record my Battlefront II gameplay lately and I have been getting horrible stuttering, so much so that the game looks like a slideshow, but the sound is fine. I have tried software encoding and...
  10. R

    COD Warzone Stuttering

    Hello everyone! I'm having a terrible time trying to find a fix for this. I hope you guys can help me: Whenever I set Warzone to game capture or display capture, the preview screen gets choppy, the recording comes out choppy and I don't even want to try going live. There is constant stuttering...
  11. A

    Elgato 4k 60s+ video capture card stuttering/frame drops in OBS

    Hi I am getting consistent stuttering and frame drops when using the Elgato 4k 60s+ capture card while using OBS. This doesn't happen when using the 4k Capture Utility so it appears the issue is with OBS. If I try to use the NDI feed from the 4k Capture Utility it's ten times worse so that's...
  12. S

    Sudden Bitrate Drops

    Hey all! Recently I've been having a lot of random bitrate drops with OBS. The two streams I did in October and December had steep bitrate drops where they fluctuated wildly between 500-4000kbps, causing the streams to stutter pretty bad. I have the log file for last night's stream (which went...
  13. S


    When I launch OBS (just launch, without streaming or recording) all games start to stutter and fps drops. It starts to happen after some nvidia driver updates. With older drivers I have no problem. Windows 11
  14. J

    Lag/Stuttering Issues on recorded OBS Videos

    Hey everyone! Please Help! to make it short : My Recorded Videos have Lag or Stuttering I don't knot what to call it but it's not fluid. I researched entire google. I tried every single thing. Yes I did run it as Administrator and I tried all the suggested settings. I'm about to give up...
  15. E

    Encoder randomly getting overloaded while recording when it usually runs fine

    I've been using OBS to record my videos for 18 months, and I've had the same settings the whole time. I've been able to record almost any game without any sort of lag, up until 12.18.2021. I didn't change any settings, yet I'm now getting the "Encoding overloaded" warning message every time I...
  16. S

    Stuttering on OBS even when not live

    So i noticed today when streaming that i get these micro stutters every 3 seconds or so that stutter for half a second or so. I uninstalled OBS and reinstalled it. Restarted computer and still nothing. I then noticed that it was actually stuttering even if i wasn't live, I could just have OBS...
  17. SAKRAYx

    Is capping your game at 120 vs 141 actually better for stream quality?

    Hey guys my very first post here been streaming for over an year now and having a blast with it. I've read so many guides and watched so many videos to optimize my stream however lately it just feels like it isn't as fluid as it should be or has been. My gameplay however IS really fluid however...
  18. R

    Stutter in game capture

    I am trying to capture footage from a video game, but despite auto-configuring my settings through the in-app configuration tool, I am still experiencing stuttering frequently throughout the video. What can I do to prevent the stuttering? 12:11:37.681: CPU Name: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon...
  19. S

    Minecraft Recording is Laggy

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here could please help me figure out why OBS causes my Minecraft footage to lag. When I play the game and have OBS open (while recording), it's fine! There's no lag, however, when I play the video back it looks like this. My OBS output settings and PC specs are here.
  20. T

    Stuttering recording while no errors are given.

    Hey guys, i got some issues with recording games. Whenever i record a game, OBS doesn't record very well and just makes the video very stuttery and unstable. I've tried all the steps on the forum posts about this issue with no luck, could anyone help me with this? This is the latest log file...