Elgato 4K60S+ video capture image stuttering on OBS. Can anyone help?


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Hi everyone, This is my first time here in the forums as I've never needed to use it before today.

I've been using OBS for some time now and in the last month I've had I issue that I just cant seem to fix. I've included a log of the error that's occurring when ever the stutter happen in the hope some more knowledgably person might be able to help me fix it.

I've tried resetting the system and that worked for a short period but I'm getting it again now and its driving me crazy. It only does it on OBS, The 4K Capture utility program that comes with the Elgato shows the image perfectly.

Many thanks in advance.


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In the log file there's no output session. Please do a test stream or recording of more than 30 seconds doing as you normaly do. Then upload a new log file.
You're using windows insiders build wich may be the cause of the issues. Please use an official/stable release.
Some GPU driver releases causes issues too.


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As soon as I get home home I'll post a new log, also I've removed myself from the insiders build but sadly it hasn't had a update newer than the one I'm currently on, I really don't want to do another refresh of the pc if I can help it. Thanks for the reply.


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Ok so here's the new log

{EDIT} I just read a thing in the OBS help pages about turning off Game Mode in Windows and I'm not saying its fixed but it did work fine on another test I just did. Could this have been the issue? I'm not running the game on my Gaming Laptop but on the Xbox with the capture card recording it.
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Scrap that, it just did it again.

this is the text that pops up when ever the stutter happens...

16:00:47.957: error: Duplicate POC in a sequence: 14.

16:00:47.957: warning: Error parsing NAL unit #5.

16:00:48.095: Error decoding video

16:00:53.057: error: Duplicate POC in a sequence: 14.

16:00:53.058: warning: Error parsing NAL unit #5.

16:00:53.161: Error decoding video

I have no idea what this means.