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Looks great! It's exactly the dark theme I wanted. The only con is the lock and visibility icons are changed to checkboxes.
While there are many "closed caption" options available for streaming, They usually involve a twitch extension or an overlay that you put in as a source, rendering them mandatory viewing for all viewers.
Meanwhile, the existing OBS studio Closed caption (experimental) option works as a great CC option that viewers can turn on and off on stream, HOWEVER it is absolutely abysmal to the point of I only used it as a joke. It just doesn't recognise Australian English at all, even if you train the Microsoft Speech Recognition in Windows.
This completely changes the game and I have been waiting YEARS for someone to make it. If you are a twitch streamer, make sure to put a tag on your stream for "closed caption" so our hard of hearing viewers can benefit!
i wish there was a mac plugin
very useful plugin! thx!
anyway, can you support 90 degree rotate transform? as you already supported horizontal flip.
cause sometimes we want push stream with landscape view in to a mobile phone with a portrait view
The design is very nice, and I like how easy it is to set up.
Everything is perfect, but it's just that it doesn't work on my favorite game, Global server Maplestory (GMS)... It's just sad and I don't know what the problem is. I also checked if it shows on my monitor through my twitch streaming. Keys pressed changes when I'm on other browsers or a game like League of Legend, but no on Maplestory.
worked within 5 min of learning of this tool (:
really great plugin, only thing is i would like the duration slider to be able to higher than 5 seconds for slow zoom ins or zoom out on my face camera for a cinematic effect. i think raising that to 1 minute would give me a lot more functionality out of this plugin
Works great!
thank you very much <3 I hope one day I can pay back to you with a big donation for ur free softwares
Beautiful, easy to setup, works like charm
Hey! Love this. Tampered alot with it, at it works great. Except one little thing.

"Write/read to file" cannot override from one Scene sequence to a second Scene sequence.

Scenario: I display a countdown in MM:SS format on a slate overlaying a video. It's displayed during a 3 scene sequence, showing different information in boxes poping up, each showed for 10s.

Then the "Read from file" detects the countdown when the text contain "00:01", and want to transition over to another 3 scene sequence.
But this doesn't work, it doesn't change to the second scene sequence. How can I make this work?
Amazing Plugin! My only issue is that I want to have it so that when i swap to the scene with the ReplayInput, it will automatically load replay without me having to use a hotkey, maybe you can add an option to turn that on or something, thanks!
Huge potential, excellent idea!
I have been waiting for a tool like this for YEARS! You are doing the whole OBS community a huge grateful favor by making this. Only giving it 4 stars because I did encounter some sporadic crashes (which is normal since this tool is still in its infancy). I can try to replicate the crashes if you think it'll help diagnose what's going on. This tool also does take up a lot of RAM, but I'm sure that will decrease in time.

Overall, I really hope you keep working on this tool and improving it - it really made my week. Cheers!
I've been using this plugin for over a year now. I use the filter in order to smoothly have different things like text slide in and out of frame to show/hide scoreboards during splatoon 2 competitions. The transition has been very useful in giving my retro-PC OS themed streams a natural look with windows simply zooming in/out and moving around on top of a basic animated background. Useful tidbit, it treats groups like a single source, meaning if you group sources together they will zoom in/out from the center of that group rather than each individual item, which is perfect for my OS theming.
I love this plugin, waiting for new filters/options !
I made this account just to say thank you! It works great. As long as you're familiar with JSON, it's very customizable and I was able to make the keyboard look just the way I like it. Here is an example if anyone's curious: