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This is a game changer. The memory leaks and crashes were absolutely killing me but I was enduring it just because of how much I loved this plugin. Jan 2021 it looks like it's fixed, so now I am just tickled pink.
Thank you very much! This was exactly why my eyes needed.
Nice plugin to replay goals in the period break. I'm recording/streaming icehockey games.

Is there any way to get some transition to the clips. It looks not so good when playing several files because it just cut from one to another
Perfect. Works as intended after update.
Allows me to create multiple replays and eventually review them all after the event or view specific replays using media hotkeys (bound in OBS settings).
Its the best solution if you want multiple replays to playback.
controls not displaying when i use a certain theme (material dark). stil good tho
Just to echo another review. Im not certain this is working currently. Having set it up as per the other guy in the reviews from 2019 - It will only play 1 saved replay. After clearing the playlist, no subsequent replays get added to it either.

Thanks. I hope this is resolved as I would very much like to use this plugin!
Should be fixed in version 0.5.1
The UI works really well, but I'm struggling to link it to stream Deck using either the .bat file of .vbs file - using the .bat file the stream deck button is 'unresponsive' and using the .vbs file windows error (file cannot be found).
The perfect and easy companion for OBS Command
Amazing tool for replays but is there a possibility to save te captured files to mp4 and not flv because I'm working on directly uploading videos to my website and flv files are not supported :/
Seems excellent, can't wait to play with it a bit more. Got a brain aneurism reading the review from MotR
Simple and straight forward, my only suggestion might be a stop and reset option or maybe a stop/reset where one click stops the timer, and another resets it. Nice work though.
Should this still be working? I can't get it to work. I can get it to auto play 1 video once and that's it. After clearing no new clips show up. And in order to show that 1st video again I have to restart OBS.
Fixed a bug that the filter was not updating when the source was not shown. Can you test if version 0.5.1 fixes it for you?
Great Ideas. But just cannot get it to work without crashing. I keep deinstalling and working without it because crashes are so frequent. But then I keep coming back to it to try to see if bugs fixed because it really is a cool plugin...

I just spent quite a bit of time creating some simple scenes to try to replicate the bug. For sure if you use the "Start Delay" field (I used two seconds) the %INDEX% starts to show some really long floating point numbers and then it will crash soon after.

I have posted the scene collection, crash log and log files at this dropbox link if it helps:

The provided crash log is a crash in obs-websocket.dll during the shutdown of OBS, that seems unrelated to this plugin.
Is it a crash or is it a freeze of the application?
Excellent tool! Thanks a ton!
To be honest, i'm not sure how this is not a thing in OBS already! Thank you Exeldro, this will make my custom alerts look awesome!
This is a well needed update to the Transition Override Matrix plugin. Exeldro doing an absolute top notch job once again!
Thanks for such a nice plugin <3
Move Transition has been a Level Up Tool on my streams! Amazong Plug In and easy to use!
This is an amazing Plug In! Thing are getting simpler with this! Great Job!!