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I started working with the API yesterday. It seemed daunting to use but turned out to be absolutely clean and wonderful although the documentation could do with more detail. Nice clean JSON based interaction which I really like.
Best app for chat! HANDS DOWN!
Great filter, is there any way to use a moving background with signed distance field effects?
Tool itself works great, I have noticed an issue where a resource intensive game *Half Life Alyx for instance* will cause it to not properly switch back to a scene as specified in scene sequences. My friends has a lesser machine and runs into this issue more often, so limiting the amount of scenes seems to be the fix. This has given me the ability to have easier scene changes to highlight interaction or gaming moments to my viewers and have seen massive positive growth since using. Please keep working on and don't let this plugin get outdated. It's a god send.
VERY GOOD.... Is there a way to add some visual indicator that you have that you have pressed the time stamp hotkey?

Thank you
I just downloaded the plugin and i was about to use it but it doesn't appear in obs 25.0.1 ,i don't know why i followed the instructions
Did you download the actual plugin or just the source code?
I got it installed and working with Spotify. I can get album art, progress bar, song title and artist.
Updated to 1.4.1. I believe 1.4.0 was crashing OBS 25. Didn't seem to have any issues with 1.4.1 though.
Would be nice to have the progress bar and the cover disappear when spotify is paused. Cover used to work, but not any more for some reason.
I know about the cover issue, but I haven't gotten around to fix it
Plugin works but AMD encoder is trash! High motion quality boost does absolutely nothing!
For Twitchy in Themes
Didn't even know you can customize OBS like this, thank you!
Neat transition if you are using the same background across the scene you want to transition. If not, it doesn't look quite as good, in my opinion, but still functions as another transition type.
Seems to be working well on OBS v25.0.0! Need to figure out how to make some of my own effects now.
Not sure how, but it allows me to use my USB DAC with OBS. Many thanks for this!
It would be great an activate/deactivate shortcut key.
I would really like a way to limit a range of volume for the visualizer to work with, such as a certain number of decibels.