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When I set the OBS inputs to my main output and ishowu, my audio quality degrades significantly and at one point went into slow motion, not sure what's going on... The Multi-output device also kept defaulting at 16khz but even after I uninstalled ishowu and deleted the M/O device, OBS kept degrading my audio quality. I only regained HD audio after removing the new obs input devices / closing obs
Works very god, thank you
This is excellent, great work.
I've been using Twobbler until now to grab song info and album covers (through while playing from Spotify, and this is much less cumbersome and also updates several times faster. The only thing I'd like to see added is the option to use a custom cover placeholder (or none at all) when nothing is playing.
Edit: Found the cover placeholder image in the plugin files. A path setting in the GUI would be nice though!
Finally a stable-working plugin that lets you re-watch your replays from your last match.

There was s script that did exactly this but it was creating a lot of problems. this one is rock solid thank good. And as it is a "plugin" rather than a script, you dont have to worry about losing the settings.

Mini tutorial:

You place a "vlc media source" in a separate "scene"
Add the plugin as a "video filter" to that "vlc media source"
configure plugin through the filters tab, by choosing the target folder, extension and the replay suffix that you entered into "instant replay buffer".

My suffix (in settings\advanced\recording tab)instant replay was " - R" so i entered that without the quotes.

Find the plugin in the hotkeys section of OBS;
bind an easy to remember key to "clear" and you are set.

Now during your gameplay session, hit instant replay as many as you like, and at the end of the round( or whenever you feel like to watch them) go to the scene that contains your "VLC media source" you just created and the replays will start from newest to oldest depending on your settings. Once you are done with the replays, you can go back to your usual gaming or lobby scene and hit the "clear" key.

pro tip: add your "clear" hotkey for the plugin same hotkey as your "lobby" or "game" scene so they get cleared automatically. This way, the old replays will be gone and only the ones from the latest match appear.
it seems like a good application though has serious stuttering issues.
After a problem with websocket, it's finally working. A bit unstable if working with Voice Meeter but very useful ! And the best free launchpad controller for OBS, so 5 stars ;)
Merci pour ton travail @Hanarion !
Fantastic plugin, I simply love how it works well. Would be nice to have an audio fading feature like it happens with Stingers, having music being cut in abruptive way when going from a scene to another is an old OBS problem making stream look unprofessional.
It's working but only kinda stream labs cant connect to the server but when I go in and type the server up into google it comes up just like it should and I have no clue how to fix it
Unable to get working with Winndows 7. OBS Launches without it, however ever time I install this NDI plug on Windows 7, it crashes the program before it can full open.

Have tried (more than once) get assistance (as have others) but still no reply.
It took me a while to start using this feature in OBS.
For those who are having trouble transmitting to Facebook, I have adopted a very simple solution that yielded results: Just omit the Facebook server port in the nginx.conf file, like this: "push rtmp:// "
Thus, the stream was received in the preview of Facebook.
Beside that, this solution allowed me to stop using recording settings to stream over UDP, since the RTMP stream are easily accessed through VLC.
Excellent guide. Plenty of details and great use of screenshots!
i cannot download the obs websocket whenever i click on download it takes me other site where i tried to download it but still it returns to that page again and again
There are literally NO instructions whatsoever, and trying to find the image file it requests (even reading the comments) is infuriating so... after some searching I find it... except there is no mouse/wasd option. This is just not very well explained and honestly for someone looking for some plug and play option, this isn't it.
Did you read the plugin post at all? There's a part called "How to install and use" that might be what you're looking for, it even contains a video tutorial. I moved it further up so it's a bit easier to find.
For Twitchy in Themes
I love it, thanks!
I mean, it works... but the filter persists through each scene, and I don't want it to do so...
That is not a problem with the plugin. You are describing behavior that OBS has built in, if you want to work around that behavior, please consider learning how to use Scene mirroring or Source Mirrors.