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Works well for the "countdown to specific time" functionality!
Great plugin easy implementation and checks all my boxes might not be 100% correct all the time but that's to be expected :) It seems to get better from day to day.
First of all, great plugin!
However I wish it could have:
- some basic help;
- in the Time tab: be able to change/edit and save the hour and a way to reorder the scenes instead of deleting and re-entering them.
- in the Sequence tab: be able to select between seconds, minutes or even hours instead of just seconds and be able to re-order the scenes instead of deleting and re-entering them.
Also, I would like a way to re-order the tabs. I know that this is not a priority, but for me it would be much easier to have Time and Sequence tabs before Transition.
Do you think that it's possible to have this in the next version?

Thank you!
perfect, works nice
other awesome plugin
One of if not the most useful plugin in OBS.
Big props to Exeldro!
Awesome plugin man, having a bunch of fun with this. Unfortunately for me, setting the replay length to 10000ms(10sec) is making OBS use a massive 17gb of RAM. Is this normal? Even if I hide the source or switch to another scene without the source the RAM usage doesn't go down. Am I doing something wrong here or is that normal usage?
Excellent! I have one propose for next updates.
In studio mode, we can play for preview media source out of air, and choose a point for start and end when go to air.
nelze nainstalovat, v adresáři na githubu chybí soubory
Works fantastic! One note, you don't need to replace the old countdown script if you don't want to. Just download this one and add it add it as is to the list of scripts
Working well..Cheers
Wonderful. I was researching timer add-ins to keep track of pre-recorded videos (knowing exactly when they were about to end), and . And there was a lot of tracking videos, etc. All of that is no longer necessary with this wonderful plug, especially in my use case when combined with Advanced Scene switcher and its new Media tab (video ends, change scene) as I alternate from pre-recorded content to live video.
Thank you so much!
Awesome dynmaic addition, what a great Dev!!! Cheers
Suggestion: Inform if the scene is marked to show in multiview
Missing transitions effects
Very good, but need to backup data...
The plugin is really good, exactly what I need!

It's ease of use however isn't so as I'm finding it hard to just save replays when I want and play them when I need. I find this really hard when I want to queue multiple replays as your video doesn't really show me how to do it properly.

Apart from that, good!
This works really well for the most part! I've noticed that, on a few occasions, the program won't update when changing songs. But that's easy to fix by just restarting the song.

I only have one tiny complaint which is more of a problem with my specific setup than the plugin. I run most of my stream content off of a separate hard drive. When running the program on any drive that isn't C:, the program doesn't update. Not something I expect to be fixed or really a flaw with the program, but I felt like I should mention it just in case that's something you ever wanted to look into.

Otherwise the plugin is great! Thanks for replacing snip.
Very cool plugin, but we need more settings, please. At least
1) Choose Audio tracks (like in recording tab)
2) Amount of B-frames
If at this point I need to explain why a @Exeldro plugin is fucking amazing, you are probably new to OBS. Let me give you some advice: If Exeldro publish a pluging, you say THANKS FATHER EXELDRO