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Thanks for writing this, it got me fairly far. However it does assume a bit of prior knowledge. I've used Linux before, but not extensively.
I found out that I needed to install unzip. I had to Google that. For newbies, it would be good to include this line before unzipping:
sudo apt-get install zip unzip

Also for the initial line:
sudo apt-get install build-essential libpcre3 libpcre3-dev libssl-dev
I got loads of 404 errors. That's apparently because some of the paths are old. I Googled and found that the following worked:

apt-get update && install build-essential libpcre3 libpcre3-dev libssl-dev

Not sure why!

However, when I got to the end and added to the config file and tried to stream to it from OBS I just got server not found.

I used something similar to this:
rtmp {
listen 1935;
chunk_size 4096;

application live {
live on;
record off;
push rtmp://[streamkeyfromtwitch];
push rtmp://[streamkeyfromyoutube];

and streamed to rtmp://(My-IP)/live

Any thoughts on how I can debug this. I really don't like it when things don't work!
Amazing app!
Very flexible and powerful!

P.S. Bought full version for iOS.
Great plugin that gives to us professional stream tools. I would be nice to add some transitions to the motion (for example fade in)
It's a magnificent and useful plugin. The only thing that would make it great is the ability to save replays to disk.
Simply works
Yo, this app is hella broken. MusicBuddy crashes every time I go into Spotify mode, and it caused Chrome to freeze when going into SoundCloud or YouTube mode.
Hi, a few questions:
1. Which Windows are you running?

2. For Spotify, check the log folder and see what error has been logged and delete the data.dat file.

3. For Spotify to work properly you need to allow MusicBuddy to connect to your account. When selecting Spotify in the list, it will open a web page to Spotify where you can allow or denied it. You can also remove the permission for MusicBuddy to interact with Spotify by logging into your Spotify account, then click "Apps", then you will see a list of all the apps you have allowed to be connected with your Spotify account, find MusicBuddy and click "Revoke access"

4. Try to run MusicBuddy as admin.

5. Try to have YouTube/SoundCloud in one tab.

If nothing of this above works, please contact me through the "Discussion" page here on the thread or send a PM to me!
Have a nice day!
Excellent stuff!

With this plugin, you can independently mute, adjust volume, use push-to-talk/mute hotkeys and assign filters to audio input channels. So for example you can have two mono inputs instead of a single stereo input. This is an essential feature for any audio related application.

Here's how it's done on a two channel audio interface:

1. Add two separate Audio Input Capture sources for your audio interface and name them Input 1 and Input 2 (or something like that).
2. Make sure Downmix to Mono is not selected on the sources.
3. Assign Rematrix filters to Input 1 and Input 2.
4. Open Rematrix settings.
5. On Input 1 select (target) Channel 1 and set (source) Channel 1 to 100% and (source) Channel 2 to 0%. Do the same thing for (target) Channel 2.
6. On Input 2 select (target) Channel 1 and set (source) Channel 1 to 0% and (source) Channel 2 to 100%. Do the same thing for (target) Channel 2.

Now you have two separate mono inputs. Yay!
This is awesome :) it's basically Elgato Streamdeck but in Free (or only 2.49€, which i bought), i have currently only one issue, it doesn't Update (it downloads (it says on the bottom left "Update downloaded") but doesn't intall it (after restart it stays the same version, and when i manually start Deckboard it gives me a JavaScript Error but works fine)). Some applications like OBS and Stramlables ChatBot doesn't or start or enter Setup mode, but overall Deckboard is really awesome.

Some features i would personally like:

-Automatic detection of obs is running and automatically connect to obs

-Some feedback from buttons when pressed like switching the image or text (or both) when i mute something or start/stop the stream,

-the change of volume of multimedia application only affecting the multimedia application and not the whole system

-option for Type Text to send the text directly in the twitch chat

note: i am German so English is not my native language
Hi! Thanks for using Deckboard. It seems there's a bug in version 1.2.0 where user can't install the update through the app itself. I suggest to download the version 1.2.3 directly from Github release page. Don't worry, your existing macros will not be affected.

And for the upcoming version progress and features, you can check it here

Good stuff to deal with ISP oversea speed throttle and lower down resource use.

There is a way to add stream key for OBS (to rtmp server)?
I'm using a VPS and this VPS also running my small website.
I'm afraid of someone will know my VPS public IP (since it can be discover by reverse website IP).
Since OBS didn't support proxy/socks so I can't tunnel to VPS to make a local proxy/socks and using block all IP from using RTMP protocol except localhost.
can i use this method to lower my cpu usage ? when i stream on my pc my cpu blows up and stream stops randomly from obs , so i was thinking maybe i can let my rasperi board handle streaming part
MusicBuddy is displaying song and artist in the app, but it does not appear in current song document, therefore it does not work in OBS either, (Spotify)
Odd, works fine on my end. Try to run Spotify before MusicBuddy. Also are you really running the latest version of MusicBuddy?
When switching to Spotify the application refuses to work and crashes.

Windows version 1709
Spotify Version (Latest)

I have run this as admin and no change occurred
This has been fixed with a temporary solution. However some settings can't be used! Please go ahead and download the latest version.
Works Well
You have done something wrong when it comes to installing the RTMP modules, if anyone is getting an error when configuring the RTMP config file do this >> ./configure --with-http_ssl_module --add-module=../nginx-rtmp-module-dev << As you can see, I changed the 'module' at the end to 'dev' as you are no longer downloading but Hope this helps some people!
Looks like that was one more spot I missed when I did the update a couple weeks ago, thanks for the catch. Sorry about that.