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I was going to try the shorter named "obs-midi", but I didn't know the difference and the reviews seemed good for this one. I was up and running and got my guitar pedalboard to switch scenes and toggle sources off/on in 10 minutes. BAZINGA!
since the last update was in 2015, now it is not possible to simply extract the files to the root folder of the obs and enjoy the work of this program.
Works very well. I added my YouTube settings, set audio output to the same as my Twitch Vod track, and it *just worked.*

It flawlessly allows me to stream to both platforms without having to pay for a restream service, or use a watermark.
Works flawlessly! Awesome work!
Thanks to Ashmanix for pointing out where you can find it, too!
I must be missing something because this plugin does not work properly. I have 10 scenes. Each scene has my PTZ camera in it as a source, and each scene needs to go to a specific preset. My presets I make within PTZ Controller don't save. After changing scenes, my presets get merged together so sometimes Preset 1 and Preset 2 become the same preset instead of different presets like I saved them. Someone help please? This is mission critical for my work.
Absolutely brilliant, have been using this for since 0.3.0. No problems.

QUESTION, is it possible to DISABLE the recording of the audio track? I don't need it and I just choose to record no audio but I still get an empty audio track when replaying.
Thanks once again for the excellent work.
For Green OBS in Themes
Lovely and green <3 Easy to set up
This is brilliant. The fully-local implementation of speech-to-text already works very well.

I can't wait to see what transpires as this matures.
Works great, no prerequisites, no crashing. Thank you!
Firstly want to say thanks to Exeldro for making this plugin. It has been very useful despite it's caveats.

I have found a solution for those who have latency problems between recordings.

Firstly, identify which sources that have the latencies by doing a test recording.

Once you have identified the sources, add a render delay of 60 milliseconds (ms) before the source record filter.

Whilst the sources will still have skipped frames (a little bit of the time being cut off the master-feed), it should now be in sync.

This plugin does cause quite a few crashes, but it happens less when I've added a "-disable-shutdown-check" parameter on my OBS shortcut.

Unfortunately Exeldro has said himself that to rectify these problems he would need to redesign the whole project, which I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't do it.

So hope this fix is a good one and helps people with their projects!
Did not install at all. Installed manually and via the installer and nothing shows up.
Amazing plugin!
Is it possible for the plugin to get the feature to show and hide obs scenes too on the next update? :O
That would've been a huge feature for this cool plugin.
Said that non beta version would be free to download.

This software started out free and users took their time to learn and apply a lot of its functions (Myself included), later the dev decided to close the downloads and put it behind a paywall. And he said that only "BETA VERSIONS" are paid, full versions would be free. I called 1 year ago that no FULL version would ever release.

At the time he said that this was just a side side hustle so that was the reason that a full version would be hard to be out anytime soon and that he was getting blasted by help posts everywhere by everyone and doing it for free.

So now, after more than a full year and 1.166 paying subscribers (that pay at least 11€ a month.)

seems like more than 12.000€ per month is not worth enough to dedicate time to just decide to full release a non beta version (even if does not include broken being tested features).

Well, i cant judge, if I just cared about money thats the best tactic out here. Even if the software is good enough to be non beta I would just introduce a new feature that would be new enough just to keep calling the whole package beta and i would not seperate a full package that I would consider non beta..

Lets call if beta forever!

Smart move moneywise. But nonetheless I'm just calling out what is in plain sight.
Man, I wish I got those 12000€/month this user is dreaming of.
I used to create a source mirror - darken it - blur it, use that as my shadow. It worked just fine. Now I use this, thank you so much ❤️

I just wish there was an option to "angle" the outlines, so they're only on one side (so I can have multiple outlines on different sides with different colors and animate them using move transition)
superp! hopefully my favorite bible versions will be added soon!
Amazing customer service, helped me retrieve my lost CamooZ key.
Thanks for porting this to MacOS in such a timely manner! It works very well. - I tried to remove the Text source and obs quit, but then I remembered to remove the {{}} from the Text source before deleting...
Is this easily reproduceable and if so, can you give steps?
Makes you watch ads then doesn't unlock pro... can't rotate to portrait mode to work for where i'm streaming not seen by other apps so cant use background removal that i pay for also does not let you choose resolution or any camera settings making my Pixel 8 Pro camera look like a cheap webcam
Hi there. The app supports up to 4K resolution and most camera settings; You can rotate the source in OBS Studio as usual; the Ad-Tier option is for removing the watermarks and not unlocking all Pro options. The app website has detailed documentation on most of this, and you can email/post here for extra support.
Need few things:
Hide scene from multiview fix;
Studio mode;
Add a source as invisible;