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Hi. The plugin is very useful, but can you add B-frames setting to it?
If I select SameAsObs then it copies B-frames, but if I want to set up a different encoder, then it is not available.
Could you add it, please? Some services do not allow broadcasting without correct B frames setting.
I just made an accont just for post here!

Thanks alot! iam a g13 owner!

works perfect!
Works fine here! I'm able to mute a mic input from REAPER using custom OSC.
Nutty ... this rocks !
Could you please make it a bit more clear that the app CAN move and delete entry orders... it was not obviously apparent. THer are no UP aor DOWN arrows.. next to each menu entry. I had to figure out they were dragable items.

Also had to figure out i could right click to DELETE the entry.

Something simple like - next to each entry to indicate hitting it woudl DELTE the entry.

as well as UP and DOWN symbols.. to move the entry without dragging.
Thank you for creating this plugin, this is a major missing feature in OBS Studio.
I cannot believe my luck. I just randomly one day decide to check out what's new and landed on this plugin that I have so desperately needed since I migrated a portion of my business to online streaming.

Works like a dream! Seriously thank you for this - you have saved me literally hours of work a day.
Such a dope plugin! I would recommend this to everyone. It is absolutely amazing because it allows you to do more fun effects without messing with your main video source.
Super easy to install and it runs great! You are an unsung hero for many of us little streamers. Without an undo button this is saves me some much time. As a dad I don't have much time to spare. Thank you again.
Fantastic Plugin! Saves so much time when working with multiple Scene Collections. The only other alternative was manually editing .json files which was a PIA!
This was so needed!!! Great job on this one mate!
Another great useful plugin! Nice one
In the section of the list of commands specifically in Math: Trigger Pull there is a command called 'Channel point to exchange trigger with message' but in the program that option does not appear. Could you fix it in the next update? Thanks
Very nice. My audio used to be very crackly, but now it sounds really nice. Thanks!
Time saving and easy to set transitions between scenes
FYI This does NOT work for fully updated macs with the BIgSur programming. And the only other option they include is a paid route.
Now its easy to copy complicate scene between scene collection

Only free way to stream to unlimited RTMP sources!
I've been using this plugin for a while, and I am very satisfied with how easily it integrates with my workflow. No apparent performance issues as of now.

Something that I would like to see added in future releases is the option to only display a certain frequency range determined by the user. In my use case, I use it to visualize audio from Spotify - but I would only like the low frequencies to be shown.

Thank you!
I am using mac BigSur and this works great !
This is a great tool, and the developer obviously put in a lot of work to perfect it, and although it does work, there are a couple of shortcomings. First, there is no way to stretch it out across the entire width of the lower third of the screen, like most conventional lower thirds. If I try, it increases the overall size of the lower third itself. I don't really care for the blocky style and would like a way to customize it so it can go nearly edge to edge like on a typcal news program or documentary.
Second, and this is a real big one, there doesn't seem to be a way to assign each lower third or its memory slots to its own scene independently without displaying the other lower thirds as well. In other words, If I have Lower Third 1 assigned to a scene and Lower Third 2 assigned to a different scene, there is no apparent way to display just one of them without the other showing up with it, unless I first turn the one I don't want in the scene off before switching to that scene. For instance, if Scene 1 uses a Lower Third "Bob" and Scene 2 uses Lower Third "Mary" and I want to switch from Scene 1 to Scene 2, I first have to disable LT1 "Bob" and enable LT2 "Mary" before switching to Scene 2, or else "Bob" will also show up on Scene 2 along with "Mary". This is very cumbersome and doesn't make a lot of sense. It is also quite dumb from the perspective of a broadcast switcher. If there is a way to do this, I have no idea, because the documentation is all but non existent and I've had to figure most of this stuff out either through my own experimentation or by watching YouTube videos from others who had to do the same. If not for these two items, I would give it 5 stars and donate $$, but unfortunately it's not quite there yet.