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I'm having trouble using the spectralizer as a dock item, since I don't want the spectrum view to appear in the video. I'm in the middle of archiving VHS tapes, so would it be possible to use spectralizer as a dock item next to the preview video?
This makes it so easy to copy my audio filters from one scene collection/profile to another, or export everything to start OBS clean! I had been having issues (I guess my 4gb GPU can't handle everything I throw at it) with Gpu encoding overload lately, and this helps me to clean up a bit better all of my scenes and sources, and minimize things and assess what could have been the problem! Thanks! <3
Simple and Clean and OH SO BLUE! I love it!
Really a time saver plugin ❤ had a slight issue at first when I was using the Nvidia Nvenc (New), watched some videos found out that this encoder doesn't support different sources recording at the moment, hopefully, will be in the future.

Currently having another issue the audio seems very choppy and glitchy, and sometimes it crashes the OBS.

Ryzen 7 3700x
Please provide crash log files for me to be able to fix the crashes. Can you try if using an audio track makes the audio better?
Great plugin! However something that I would really love to see in this plugin is if the replay buffer could be extended to go past 100 seconds because the matches I have that I want to record individually last about 4-5 minutes.
Excellent as a starting point.
Works fine and reduces the delay greatly.
Thanks Glacks... :) this Useful..
How do you use this? No wiki whatsoever, terrible first impression.
Thank you for the feedback. A small usage section has been added. Please message me or submit a bug report at if you have any specific problems or questions.
GREAT plugin!, however I've found a problem where whenever I add the Audio Monitor filter to a source it makes OBS crash when I try to either remove any filter or move it down. It does not happen when I move a filter up or add a new filter. It is an annoying problem, my current workaround is to disable the filter I want to remove, but my OCD is cringing :(.

macOS 11.4
OBS v27.0.1 (64 bit)
AudioMonitor 0.7.1
Can you provide me a crash log file?
Very handy and reliable. Would there be a way to automate the websocket connections so they will be set up same as last time when OBS launches? I would like to make this hands-off for volunteers. Thanks!
Amazing plugin, really recommend it!
It is not possible to put the latest version of the plugin 0.10.1 in OBS StreamElements, what is the problem? I'm downloading the Ubunty ZIP file, help!
You are a legend for creating this much needed tool. Working great with Visca over IP with Minrray and Jimcomm NDI PTZ Cameras. Really excited to see where this goes!
Great work! Awesome addition to the OBS community.
Exactly what I was looking for. Captures everything, was worried there might be hooking issues for games but this works perfect! A lot of customization options in the txt. Zero issues so far.
excellent tool, I'm just having an issue...
after some seconds on the window my scroll wheel stops working on some spaces, for example on Youtube I'm able to scroll the left-side menu but can't scroll on video section, idk why
anyone knows what can be going wrong here?
it was difficult to put it on but the result is extraordinary!
This new update fixed the audio issue and I'm finally able to record separate audio tracks for each source.