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Fixed the "error during initialization" issue I was having with Don't Starve Together as suggested by the support thread.
I made a fresh install of Windows 10 today, i saved appdata and obs but the plugin stopped working.

I figured out that you need Virtual C to run this plugin, if you have the same problem google "All in One Runtimes" or download it from ""

You can also Download each version of Virtual C by yourself from Microsoft.
Nothing happens when the script is loaded in OBS Studio 21.1.0
This plugin alone doesn't fix it but it with a few other steps brings back the missing AMD Encoder option in OBS. I made a video on it.
Good start, but need many others options yet.
Can be a little fiddly, but when it works it works good :-)

Really like the multiple options to get music information from
Much more options than previous I tried.
Hi, after upgrading to OBS latest version I coldnt make virtual cam work, it does not show on tool window. Catxfish workaround on HOW TO INSTALL WITHOUT INSTALLER its a little tricky and im not clear how to do it. I would appreciate a fix to this problem. Im rating good though.
from what i can see this is only for outgoing. with vmix, for example, NDI resources can also be used as an input. or am i missing something?