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I have downloaded the plugin, getting everything installed but when I am looking up for the move transition It does not appear on my OBS only the effects: Stinger, Luma Wipe, Shader, Shader, I need some help
this is unfortunate... I echo Habster81's thoughts, this is a huge minus for OBS Studio :-/
thank you for the new update for 28.0
QuickTime didn't have both installers, better download iTunes, which has both!
OMG - CamooZ is amazing! I have spent countless hours searching for a tool like this. Thank you for creating it!!! It's worth every penny (and then some). THANK YOU!!!
For those wonder on the state of NDI . It's currently listed as just a work in progress.
Simple and perfect. Very few options but not needed.
Not compatible with OBS v28.... Any plans to fix this? OBS without NDI would be a huge minus for the whole OBS Studio....
Does what it says it does and easily. Another great plugin, Exeldro! Thanks again!
I LOVE this tool! it gives a total liberty to manage your sources independently, Exeldro is a genius!

I have indeed two problems, the first is each time I'm making a Win Update: The assigned sources change to strange numbers and symbols, or the source names are cut, so they don't work more until I reselect the sources one by one on each music filter.

The second problem came with the last OBS version (28): The audio start to crack as soon as I'm moving the Volume-cursor... and when I switch to another scene and come back, OBS crashes.

So I'm excited to receive an Update soon! Thank you very much, Exeldro!
This has become one of my favorite plugins. Two things I wish I could do but i'm not sure they are possible. I wish I didn't have to create scenes for every key I want to use. Maybe save all of them in a directory and it uses that. Secondly and more importantly, I wish this plug in by itself had a stream deck plugin. When you get to 25-30 keys you start to run out of hotkeys. Thank you again for an amazing plugin.
You can have a single dsk scene always enabled and make the other keys sources on that scene that you enable and disable a streamdeck. If you want to make sure only one is active you can use my Source Toggler lua script.
Very unsuspected usefull script, to switch between Overlays scenes gathered in a group.
Create a group "[OVERLAYS]", add a scene, find an existing scene where you have your overlay (with no screen source), and repeat for each other scenes.
With this script, you now need only one click to apply an overlay !
great, but iI didnot found the source json file in any obs folder...where is this file (not is js folder, there only js files)
Best plugin for "now playing"
Widely configurable and easy to use.
Thank's Exeldro for another so usefull plugin. I hope you are ok. In my installation, not working with virtual camera; I will continue trying (sorry for my English)
Doesn't work after upgrading to obs 28.0.1
This is probably the only efficient way to keep track of highlights silently during stream, works flawlessly!
I appreciate you and your feedback!
When I use window capture to display NohBoard in OBS, two extra instances of it are displayed in the scene in addition to the source itself which I can move around. I can attach a screenshot if necessary.

Also, it's frustrating that when I add a new element to a default keyboard, the new key's size is always slightly smaller than the keys the default layout starts with. I tried editing the size of the new keys by going to Keyboard Properties then adjusting the size but I'm pretty sure that's just for the entire keyboard, not individual keys.

And why isn't there an option to move the elements on a grid instead of having to eyeball their alignment with one another every time?
This is a great start, but a bit unstable and unpredictable.
It is better than the Nvidia thingy!

>are you able to add option to track not a face, but specific colour?
>For example a surfer's colour shirt? or RC car colour?

I think what would be very cool would be to get a general object classification system into obs.

So anything in the feed would be tagged in a way that other plugins could use.

Object 111, Person A, T-Shirt, Bounding Box 123,123,255,255,...
Object 222, Person B, Head, Bounding Box 123,123,255,255,...

Person A's head -> Plugin B could use it to attach a text object showing brand of t-shirt

Person B's head -> Plugin C could use it to "fuzz it out" for anonymization

etc. etc.

I think demand for something like a Nvidia GPU is totally acceptable for something like this as well. Don't need to be CPU only.

I am not in this business for commercial reason, but just from personal interest, I would be happy to sponsor work here with some small amount of money. Anyone else? Is there a way to sponsor OBS plugins?
Amazing plugin! I use it alot.