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Is there a way to configure RTMPS over port 443 with NGINX?
This is required for streaming to Facebook.

These effects are great. If you can control parameters with stream deck or trigger them quickly, then live broadcasting will be very interesting.
Really wish it would let me set the setting per profile. I have a streaming profile and a youtube profile. I need it off for youtube and on for streaming.
What a lifesaver. Seriously, thank you so much. My issue was that if I chose ishowu as the output in my mac settings sound would no longer come out of my headphones. Using the audio MIDI setup and making a multi-output device fixed that. So again, many thanks.
Script works as described! Definitely an improvement compared to the default countdown script. Only thing I'd like to see is if it could display milliseconds as well.
New aera in replay functionality with this plugin! Also providing
multi cam support!
Does exactly what asked for, straight forward to install with wizard.
Just filters, tweaking. Done :)
good idea app & plug in.
Works as intended.
Thank you its amazing! i was using Snip, but somereason Snip dont display local files in spotify. This one does! Only thing i would like you to add is that we could minimize it to system tray. "subprefix": command was nice bonus, i use "subprefix": "♪♫♪'" (u can do that with Alt commands, Alt 13 is ♪ and Alt 14 is ♫) Far as i know u cant use alt commands in there, but u can use copy paste :)
Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately because the application is built in a console application this isn't possible without a recode. Currently don't have the time, but at some point I might be able to get it done.
A nice clean and good looking theme!
Great resource and seems to work very well. However, is there any way to pause the scene switcher when the takbar is focused in the same way as you can do with Task Switching (alt-tab) and OBS? Also, it would be nice if the description at the bottom of the window title tab could also be on the bottom of the pause tab scince the same tags seem to work on each.
It is impossible to encode using this on Rx580
kindly have a look on my log
As stated in the thread you linked, you are overloading your GPU and thus the encoder. This is also the review section, not the help and discussions section.
I find the source mirror to be incredibly helpful. I make a central source then mirror it to various scenes with different filters applied.
Andersama put a lot of development into this resource and it is very nice!

The shaders and effects I develop are easily converted for use with this plugin