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It would be absolutely amazing if it were possible to select program as a replay source and to automatically switch to the previous scene after the replay has finished playing
Works great! I only have one request. The request would be to add an option to toggle specific transition overrides on and off, so I don't have to delete them when I want to bypass them (and add a global table bypas - all ideally with hotkeys).
Upon following your two video tutorials, plus reading the top resulted comment that fixes this, the song title still refuses to appear as anything more than "%t" when using a VLC Media Source.. Cover art appears perfectly fine, anything else is a no-go.
The latest version uses different formatting, the title would be {title} instead of %t
I feel like I am getting so close, but the screenshots don't match. I'm on a 2021 Macbook (with Monterey) and using an Easycap type video capture to digitize VHS tapes. I'm finally getting a pretty good video signal but no audio. I installed Blackhole and selected it in my Sound>Input on the Mac and then added an audio input source in OBS but still nothing....suggestions?
This plugin, in concept, is an amazing idea. Helps adding a feature that Streamlabs OBS has and OBS Studio does not. IF IT WORKS!

This feature constantly just crashes my computer otherwise. I have the latest of both OBS Studio and this plugin. I have a beefy computer and a 2080 Super GPU, so i shouldn't have a problem.

I would re-rate this plugin if it were stable - because it would solve a problem i have presently with OBS Studio over Streamlabs, yet this could be FAR better than what streamlabs has available if it worked right.
hihi! wishing for an extra decimal place with scale X/Y. .01 is too much for an effect i'm looking to create
Thank you!
Nice. Simple and sleek.
It works goot, but it's not usable. The CPU (Intel I9-9900K) rises from around 2% to around 40%. The rendering time rises from 0,7-1ms to arond 130ms and the FPS dropping from 60fps to around 7-8fps.
The result with this plug is fine, but with an fps drop from 60fps to around 7-8fps means, that it is not usable acually.
Works great! Thank you for it!
This plugin is actually a godsend compared to having to use voicemeeter. Yes, my OBS does crash maybe once a week but its a quick restart and it never happens when I'm live or recording. Totally worth it as it's only a beta.

The only gripe I have is that the audio sources show up in the source window as sources. If there could be a way to make this work cross scene without having to use duplicates or make it work inside the audio mixer window the plugin would be essentially perfect and something I would have expected to be in base OBS.

I recommend this plugin to absolutely everyone. Voicemeeter is just waaay too intrusive especially when I'm not using OBS and this plugin completely fixes that for me.
Very clean theme !
Thank you for your great job!!
Works just as advertised!
There might be room for improvement (e.g. CPU load). I used MS Teams Meeting to create green background and captured screen with Chroma Key filter. This workaround consumed more resources and the result was only slightly better.
=>it might not be perfect but it's almost on the level of the feature from Microsoft -> clearly Excellent:)
Awesome utility here. Had an old MIDI Fighter 3D that was collecting dust, and came across this utility for streaming. Works flawlessly for me, except for one thing but I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding the tool or if the feature isn't implemented yet.

For hotkeys, I'm only seeing "Main Switch, Lower Third #1, Load Slot #1 on LT #1, etc.". I'm wanting to be able to trigger the Instant Replay hotkey, and some other regular hotkeys in OBS but they aren't listed clearly in MIDI Control. Am I missing something?
Hi,This is a really useful.I'm very enjoy it in my Final Fantasy XIV live stream. Config creation tool is very powerful. But I can't create key 6,7,ESC and ~ , because the textures png without that key!!!
Can I ask you to create that key textures in the wasd.png?
I really need it.
does the supposed job.
but you cant change the counter to a specific number, it will start from counting one and it doesn't save the last number when you restart obs. It starts from 0 again.