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Its great to have but when i click in to a game it doesn't work, now im not good at programming so i have no clue what to do to get this to work, any help wld be great
It's something I was looking for to use in my streams. Works fine judging by first tests. The only thing is it's not obvious without testing how direction works (from what to what) and text on the bottom is hard to notice at first, and it also lacks an ability to select multiple cells or the whole row or column. If it can be added, it will be 5*
MeKLiN from tinychat/youtube here, this is to those who experience grey line issues: Set your desktop to 1440x1080, set your output resolution to 1440x1080, set your scaled resolution to 480x360, once your stream or cam or whatever output you are using is on, open the virtual cam driver. Double click the aspect ratio check box. These are the tricks I've learned using tinychat, and trying to make things easier for hours and hours as well as trying different resolutions and cam/desktop/desktop stream viewbox sizes for performance reasons.
This is by far the best stream deck solution, thank you!!!!!!!!!
using the 3D Transform filter
Realy a super, ultra handy tool. Nice job you have done her. I seem to have an issue with NDI as a source, I push a WebCam feed thru NDI, it does not catch the total amount of ms, unless i have de NDI souce bas a reference on the scene I am at when hitting the HotKey. please look into it.
Sources that are not rendered are not captured, you can make sure the NDI source is rendered by opening a projector of the source or of a scene the source is in or open the multiview.
GOD Skin for my MSI PC
Great plugin! Thanks for creating this. Extremely easy to use. Thank you!
Thanks for this video and info. It really helped me get my sound to come out right. I had to use an Expander instead of the Noise Gate to get out all my background noise when I'm talking, because the Noise Gate gate kept cutting of my voice at setting high enough to block the keyboard sounds or be set so low that the keyboard came through anyway. That being said the Expander seems to work well for this application and no lost parts of my speech. Thanks again for the great content!
works great.

for those on Windows 10: Scroll DOWN on the iTunes download page for standalone Windows & Mac installers. There is NO NEED to use the Windows Store APP.
i have tried for the past hour to make this work, but every time that i try the program does not show up in my obs
Easy on the eyes - very clean and pro looking
The effects you can make with this are fantastic. My only issue is that if you skip scenes (eg go from Scene 1 to Scene 3 in the example shown in the description) things jumps around, and I can't work out a way to get around this.

Edit (well delete and new review...) -- I worked out how to do it with many extra scenes for each transition. Originally I had just 4 scenes (fullscreen 1, fullscreen 2, 2 picture-in-picture 1, 1 PiP 2) but to get the transitions I've ended up with 10 scenes!
Exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly. Thank you