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Melhor plugin de redução de ruidos , faz milagres ! , Muito obrigado aos criadores o//.
Very useful script. I was able to use this as a starting point for implementing tally light updates over MQTT using the same infrastructure.

There are a few bugs to watch out for. Updating MQTT can cause the UI to freeze for a second while the MQTT process updates in the foreground, and because the updates are triggered by a 5 second periodic timer there is a slight delay before the message gets sent out.
I loved it, I would like to put a circular image and that the audio could be seen around as in streamyard, can you do it please?
It works great. Now i am able to change scene automatically with a timer. Nice job!
Works absolutely perfect.
Finally registered here just to support this. It's what most of us are looking for! Simple, light, easy installation.

Patrick Ewalt's suggestion is something I'm looking forward to.

Btw, how do i set up the logo beside the name part? Did i miss something?

Keep up the awesome work buddy!
This NDI Plugin is very amazing ! Thank you so much !I did a video presentation to configure it properly !
This app seems to be what I need and I intend to upgrade to the pro version the moment everything fully functions. However, the desktop app can't communicate with the mobile app while the latter does with my PC. It says: "Partially (incoming only) connected to Android". I use the USB connection as the wifi connection won't work at all.
megpoid0 is ON FiRE! Gros Merci! wow, great step by step
Absolute Titanium* Much Health! gracie millé
Phew! You know we all love OBS. It's pretty amazing, but sometimes you are trying to do something sooooo simple and it feels sooooo hard in OBS. Argh! It can be frustrating. But that's where we have this amazing community and people like NoeAL who create some amazing stuff.

I am blown away by how simple this is to use and how beautiful and elegant everything looks (NoeAL does mention he's a Designer first and Developer second - and his design skills clearly show through in his work).

I can thank NoeAL enough for his amazing tool. Hoping for continued updates.

p.s. And folks, definitely support NoeAL by making a $$$ contribution via the link in Overview page
Excellent tool. Flexible to use and great interface. All you will need in a lower third for OBS.
Excellent. Easy to use and looks great. It would be nice if you could save and load up different profiles that would save the lists of names/titles, sizes, the logo to use, and the color scheme.
I just tested this plugin
It has a good function, simple to configure but it use more and more RAM
Improvement suggestion : when the replay was going end, active an hotkey. Why this suggestion, I want to activate a move-transition after the replay is done

I hope you can understant why it use a lot of RAM and you can rediuce it

great job

My configuration :
Ubuntu 20.04
Proc : i7-2640M
Ram 8go
Amazing! Allows us to broadcast to both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.
I could not find profile path of Streaming created under multirtmp plugin. I'm looing for profile path to start streaming commandline.
Try for free doesn't work and I have received zero response in 3 days from the developer. I'd be happy to pay for a product which works in the manner I require but also expect some initial support.
Super easy to use and does exactly what you want!
muy bueno bro, gracias por el aporte a la comunidad, fijate q pasa cuando bajas el volumen y tambien con el plugin de media controles