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Works exactly as described. Simple and easy to use.
Thanks for the info. Twas very clear. I have a question tho. I'm connecting two camera inputs to OBS via HDMI. How do I make the audio from one of the cameras(say camera 1) be the master audio that goes out to the stream and is recorded. So that when I switch cameras, the audio from camera is still maintained. Thanks.
Works well! Even works with the replay buffer.
nvenc hevc with split cqp, finally
It's a great theme except when you go into studio mode with two screens. The transition buttons are missing in this.
Easy to install and use. Lacks direct VLC support, but was able to get it working with the Windows Title function.
Fantastic plugin. Looks amazing and easy to use! Didn't work with the ASIO Plugin, but I found out I didn't need the ASIO anymore.
Yeah I heard that ASIO isn't working. I'm trying to look into it, but since I'm not using it myself I've been putting it off
There are many small bugs to fix, but it removes nothing to the quality and the prupose of the plugin... It's great... i'm using it with 3 cameras, having a replay for each of them, even if the camera is not the on the chosen scene... When it works works the saved replays are great (replayed during halftime)... Great idea, great job, great tool !!!
Exeldro, thank you so much for this script, it is life changing! Not only that, but it toggles some sources more cleanly than hotkeys assigned to multiple sources, such that I don't get a single frame flicker between ones that I used to anymore.
Nice plugin. It could be even beter if there was 2 text fields beside Hotkey 1 text. Textbox 1 = Time In and textbox 2 Time Out

Hotkey 1 text = Goal
Time In 15
Time Out 5

On goal in 00:10:00 pressing hotkey 1

Log text:
0:10:00;0:09:45;0:10:05 - Goal

Incident time;Start clip;End clip - ……...

Then i will make some software to read this log file and clp automatically

Regards - Jesper - Denmark
Dude, thank you very much, The one using Virtual cable is so much better than any 30 minute tutorial on youtube. It's so fucking simple, I did it in less than 5 minutes with your written guide lmao.