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Does exactly what it says, simple to install. Nice!
Im not pro in OBS, but this plugin really brings up my beginner levels to a notch higher than I could if i spend someone to coach me and improve my OBS scene management skills.
This is a great plugin, but I'm experiencing a very loud noise everytime I select audio output and I put on a filter through my headphones and everytime I bring up spotify it distorts the music and then the loud noise begins. It goes away if I delete the audio output source and I'm also ok to listen to spotify again sense that audio output source is no longer present. I've tried uninstalling and re installing realtek audio drivers and to no avail that does not fix the issues. I've dialed it down to something mis firing in this plugin. That's what its coming down to. I have no idea what the fix is for this, so any help would be appreciated!
Have been using this plugin for a while now to record my webcam and then my desktop separate but recently it seems to not want to record multiple sources into their own file. It will only record one source and seem to just ignore the other. Any suggesting on what the cause could be?
Just installed it .... works like a charm ... waiting for the full offline version to get access to all those themes ...
First off i would like to say thankyou for this plugin!

After doing some testing I would like to make a suggestion to pause the source recording when you pause the recording "Main", If the normal recording is paused the source recording keeps going in which can make de-syncing issues but overall thankyou for this plugin! hopefully you can integrate it into the main OBS Studio.
It has too many bugs and in MacOS it's not worth the trouble, it would have been great if it worked but it crashes every time for the slightest reasons, adjusting the volume it crashes, muting it crashes, activating "audio monitor filter" it crashes, it even crashes when closing OBS, so if you installed it and OBS is crashing believe the probability is that it has everything to do with Audio Monitor. I uninstalled it and OBS stopped crashing.

Asking for help with this is futile nobody will give you a straight answer.

To bad because in MacOS there is no voicemeter app to help control audio
Can you provide me crash log files to investigate?
This is incredible. Very well done research about video capture latency that I have not found in many other places.
Keep up the food work and Thank you :D
As KelvinBrit0, I have to warn about the last update too. I have always used this amazing tool with Virtual Cable A and B (I'm a Mac user) for live streaming and hybrid events. Since the last update, it randomly stops working and on Zoom you can hear the terrible echo effect, like you were connected with two or more devices. It happened first during a recording in OBS and I wasn't able to fix the problem immediately, I had to restart everything and clear all the audio tracks on OBS. Another strange thing: since the last update if you go on the audio tracks in OBS and click filters, you see Audio Monitor item deactivated, but it's working. And keep in mind not to click on that to activate it again, otherwise it will stop working and start the loop effect. Please fix it!!
EXTREMELY useful. I usually record gameplays with some friends on discord. So this plugin is a life changer for me. :D
This thing is sweet!!!
This is a great solution to dynamic lower 3rds.

I'm using it for news broadcasts.

I'd like to understand how we can lock the LT to center of 1920 no matter the size of the text which dictates the length of the LT.

Possible to provide the ability to select (checkbox) any of the 10 slots to include/exclude from rotation. As well, a randomize slots function.

Thank you so much! Great work!
The results were WAY to noisy for me, with the segmentation edges constantly fluctuation in a way that is distracting. It would be helpful if this was combined with a chroma key removal in a single filter, as it could apply a mix of settings to different parts of the image: strong chroma key on the background segment, more spill reduction in the foreground, etc. But as this plugin simply recolors the affected area, it ends up cutting off things that I don't want it to cut off and completely borking edges in a way that traditional chroma key handles more gracefully.
Extremely powerful!
A must have Plugin!
Another fantastic feature recognised and provided for by an incredible Software developer
It helped me troubleshoot my problem, good sources.
Amazing plugin!