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Another essential plugin from exeldro. Just get it and afterwards you won't be able to remember how OBS could exist without it.
Feels so essential to OBS, i almost forgot it it is an plugin rather than an integral part of the program
Exeldro is a wizard.
Couldn't live without it, so glad it's fixed.
The most important and useful filters.
This is a wonderful plugin that enables OBS to do things professional broadcast switchers do! For example, I use Source Switcher to build an auxiliary projector output, such that I can switch the projector feed independently from the program (livestream) feed. I combine this with the "Main View Source" plugin to be able to route the program feed back into my auxiliary output, so during a show I can quickly and easily separate the projector feed or have it mirror the program feed via simple hotkeys. For me this plugin has been rock solid, and I highly recommend it for those looking to do advanced broadcast work with OBS.
not working 2023
Plugin is great when it works, but I keep having issues with the video/audio getting out of sync throughout the duration of a recording. By the end of a recording, the audio is multiple seconds off instead of completely synchronized like it was at the start. Also this thing crashes a lot so that's kind of annoying.
This is suuweeeeeeeeeeet, bro! You're killing it right out of the gate! Pairing with Move Transition plug-in is ingenious, thank you for in-console stingers!!!
Wow, I was using Input-Overlay. But I stopped using an Xbox One controller as I had 3 of them go bad in a year. I got an 8Bitdo Ultimate and I could not find anything that would work with it as an overlay. This worked out of the box with everything I had I hope it stays working but I just wanted to post and say thank you for making and sharing this I love the way it looks also!
Nice work! For those who asking about logo, make sure you put the logo into the right folder (Logos folder)
MacOS (Intel) Version is broken. Crash if multiple output was used.
I only tested it with VLC sources, on linux, it works, outputs title, progress and duration of the video.

I would like to see more entries available in the output, I used the {json_formatted} on videos and there are not entries for the path or the filename, I had to fill the title entry of all videos with the filename, I made a script for it, but still. I would like to see different settings for each scene collection or profile, for multistreaming purposes.
Well. Saw all vids, looks fantastic but did all sorts of setting, still can not make it work.
Plugin is amazing! Very little delay too! Can I make a suggestion? Make an option where if the volume reaches a certain dB, The waveform can change to the color the user selected. Just a suggestion. Great plugin and nice work!
U never when u want to flip a camera
Despite it only working on my machine for a day and then breaking, I'm still giving it 5 stars. After desperately searching for alternatives, I can say this script is leaps and bounds over any other solution (at least on Windows). It is in a class of its own. Phenomenal work, tryptech!
It's a nice plug-in but OBS crashes everytime I exit OBS. In turn when I reload OBS it breaks all my audio sources loaded into a scene. I have to thus delete the sources and re add them again. Please fix this.
This plugin is incredibly useful for web developers and designers who don't want to edit videos to change scenes. Could you also provide more detailed instructions on writing JavaScript, especially for those who aren't proficient in JavaScript? (At least that's me.) I struggle to understand script writing when it comes to changing scenes.

Ps. Sorry if it hard to read, I'm not good as English.
Instructions on writing JavaScript is not something I can help you with, as I am not proficient in JavaScript myself.
Low usage, crop options, pixelation, wow! really easy to use! Awsome plugin!!!