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Works very well as advertised! Just need to solve how to save each instant replay so I can make a highlights reel :-)
I much prefer using this over the offical implementation, hope this stays updated.
Easy to use, and well-updated browser source to make the streaming experience much better.
Appreciate the feedback :) I'm actively working and developing it to make things even more easier.
FANTASTIC plugin! Wish there was a way to change the "curve" option to always be a straight line instead, but it's achievable with some planning
The curve should be by default straight. Can you provide me an example of when it is not straight for you?
Outstanding for platforms that are not ideal stream machines.
Perfect 10 in my book.
How can this plugin only have 19 reviews with so many people using it
This plugin comes in clutch! Thank you good sir Exeldro.
Move over Streamdeck, Hello Touch Portal!!

This has increased my productivity immensely and has enabled me to do things that I have only dreamed of doing.

This is an excellent piece of software and for less than the cost of a pizza I got a lifetime license..
Manage my streams, automate things for work, smart home control, play some music, and more. I mean, I do everything with it! Nice piece of software, great work!
DUDE!!! You're insane!!! Thank you soooo much. Im so HYPED. I'll recommend you to anyone who ask about a Visualiser plugin. It's COMPLETE. I've install it right now. Great update! Thank you so much once again. Have a great 2022!
An excellent alternative to NDI without Desync or Performance related issues of the former.

Lacks the ability to send separate sources as their own output (Audio, Video each on their own), but if you're looking for a simple "Send Scene to Stream Machine", then this is the Plugin to get.
I've been using Pulsoid since October 2020 as a variety horror creator on Twitch at the time. The Android App works seamlessly with my Polar H10 heart rate monitor (chest strap) and responsively shows my heart rate on stream with a simple browser source. It's very configurable and my community has expressed that they like seeing my heart rate especially during horror games many times. I've also seen several close friends adopt it and enjoy it in their own streams as well. Would definitely recommend!
Great, but sometimes it'll lose all the settings and you gotta set them up manually again
Matric is great, should be much easier to find. :)
Great plugin! I have a suggestion. I think it would be even better if you could select the backup folder yourself if you wanted to
Fixed a major issue I had with a program that would always white screen when launchingit to capture (no more flashbangs for the viewers) and can do the job of two other scripts I needed for specific functions. A must have for me now.
This is such a flexible plugin. I've started using it to animate alerts onto my stream!

This is not a gripe, only a suggestion:
I had a thought the other day that you could add an additional end action option of when the source next becomes visible alongside the hotkey.
This could then act as a toggle for moving a source on and off the screen (for example).
It would be better than making a source visible and then pressing a hotkey to return for each movement.
in a Move Source filter you can set the visibility option to : "Show at the start of movement"
Good job~!
I have been recommend to try animated-lower-3rd . It looks good.I like it .
A suggest you may interest:
I tried to use it for showwing date-time .
But I know nothing about coding .=V=
A detail, I was with windows 11 and my obs was crashing every time it closed and giving a lot of error, I formatted the computer and installed windows 10 and the problem continued, I removed this plugin from my obs and now it's working normally, before I couldn't close it without task manager, so it doesn't work for me, but the idea is good, if I improve the plugin in the future, I'll remove this note.