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I'm new to streaming, and I always wanted a customizable input plugin. Open Joystick Display meets all of my needs. Anything from custom binds, themes, and controller types, to a user-friendly GUI and interface on top of an incredibly easy installation. As a power user, I can appreciate how much time and effort went into making this fantastic plugin for beginners. I'm glad the development team has provided this tool for free. Keep up the great work!
Great piece of plugin. Work flawlessly in my laptop. Thanks.
This has the perfect level of darkness for my tastes, matches the Twitch panels perfectly.
This is amazing. I can't believe someone finally made this possible! You are a god
Virtual Cam 2.0.2 with windows 10 1803. It doesn't work in skype and windows camera. Will be there a fix ?
Works great. Would love to have it hidden in the system tray tho, when I stream I already have plenty of stuff on the taskbar.
Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look into it.
This is very nice to have. Amazing work!!!
Looks Greate. I like the dark purple design like Twitch! The Docks there look good too with the design. Atm i use the addon docks from Elements and this look good too because the Elements docks are purple. xD

I hope the original docks come soon!
Works great! Played around with the .css and got some nice twitch purple accents
Amazing theme, great time and effort to really switch up obs.
Regarding the other review, you need to download the google font Noto Sans to get the same font as the photos
Did exactly what I need for a customizable stamp. Changing the lua code to display what I wanted was really easy.
Truly helpful, thank you so much.
Couldn't ask for a better piece of software to display my controller inputs on stream. Easy to use UI, easy to re-map buttons, and pre-mapped to use various controllers with different skins.

Programs infrequently updated and the dev is generally pretty open for suggestions! Can't wait to see where this goes!

Made an OBS forums account just so I could rate this amazing piece of software!
Dude! I love this! I was about to make my own little program to write to files so that Advanced Scene Switcher could switch the scenes for me. Unfortunately that would be a dumb work around and it overrides the scene I want to have active. This nifty plug-in of yours is working wonderfully and currently runs my 4 different transitions (3 stingers and a default fade).

Many thanks for this! :D
Best idea! Don't stop it))
Not doing what was specified. Also, it would be nice to be able to add multiple actions/sources. What I need is to start with showing one source and then after some time hide that and show another. And then continue doing that for about 20 sources. After source 20 I want to go back to the first source.
This plugin is a real miracle. However, blur requires a powerful graphics card. In my case, just turning this effect on with the minimum power loads the card for an additional 5 percent, and each further "unit" of blurriness for an additional percent. The rest is just great. Can't wait for new features!
Great news! 0.5.0 drastically reduced the necessary GPU power for Blur and has even further optimizations that should help out. The new modes Box Linear and Guassian Linear almost halve the required GPU time for blurring on any size.
This was very confusing to use and no documentation was provided. Not all of my scenes or sources were shown. It seemed to have most of them but not the actual ones I needed. I simply wanted to ensure that when on the BRB, starting soon, or ending scenes that my mic was muted. Currently handling this with hotkeys and bot commands. I could not figure out how to get this tool to work.
This is great. Giving it 4 out of 5 stars because it would be perfect if the program could be set to run in the background without having to be launched and be open on the dock/tray. I know you can set the program to launch on start up but it would be nice if it was just a background process.
Thank you! I had it to tray first, but i decided to put in the taskbar, cause i forgot it was running or to turn it on. But i can give you the option in next version :)
Looks great. My text didn't quite match but that's okay.