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Really great work!
I put myself in window title mode and no problem with Foobar2000, I just replaced the name of the software "[foobar2000]" with nothing and it is no longer displayed.
It can really be used with any music player or browser, it is complete and excellent for everyone.

Sure, I'll share it in a tutorial in French for my YouTube community.
makes your stream 200% better, but needs more options to make your stream look perfect
Very nice plugin,
i made a preset, how can i upload it? it is an arrow preset as an Overlay like the "wasd-extended", with yellow background if pressing
I needed a blur, this delivered a blur, easy to use, plenty of options, perfect.
Still didn't work for me... I followed step by step every direction and everything looks the same but still no audio.
Hi there, been using this instead of snip, cause it stopped working. only issue im running into is when i have scrolling text for the overlay. there is no space between the song name and when thee artist scrolls back, for example "Shinedown - Song" as its scrolling all is good, until its scrolling from the song name back to the artist, there is no gap, i.e. "SongShinedown - " if that makes sense?

was just wondering if theres a way to fix it! Thanks!
Hello Asiph53, Thank your for the review infact there is already a feature to handle this issue. Please check out this video which shows the steps to take to add spacing to the text.
Motion effect is fantastic but there is one bug that I believe is subtle but pretty important. When using the scene transition option, the center point of each source (i.e. where the source grows from) is not aligned to the center of the source if (1) there is a crop in the transform and/or (2) there is not a "Top Left" positional alignment in the transform.

Would really love to see this fixed, message me if you want details. I've used Motion Effect a tonne and can provide a video if this doesn't make sense.
Seriously awesome plugin! No problems so far and the camera quality is so much better than any webcam.
Plugin working less and less well through the updates, I don't know why but now it takes a long time (up to 15sec) to detect a change from a file (even if the "check delay" is still at 300ms)
Fantastic script, it's used on every single stream i do. Thanks to Tomaae.
An elegent piece of software that does exactly what it says it does. A helpful dev that is more than open to help you with any concerns you may have which really helps this program shine!
After noticing a certain theme was missing for pro controllers I asked about it and within a few days it was patched and I was given resources to build my own colours. A great help
I was wondering if this could be setup with a dual pc stream as well? To install it on the game pc and send the input over to the stream pc to preview it on stream.

Anyone knows if this is possible? If so, how?
yeah the feature is already done, but it's not included in the current version