CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.3.5

Now with hotkeys and Streamdeck plugin (download the plugin here or via the Streamdeck appstore's plugin section)


Windows lacks a decent settings panel for webcams. It only provides an ancient dialog that cannot even be opened directly - only through another program (like with OBS's "configure video" button or via ffmpeg command line). Camera settings will not be saved with it. So latest after a reboot your cameras are in an undefined state. And there is no way to save multiple settings for different light conditions or scenes.

CamooZ allows more granular fine tuning, sorting & renaming the sliders, locking them from accidental change and UNDO with Ctrl-Z. And with the full version (purchase via paypal for 4.99 USD plus tax) you can store and retrieve different settings in different profiles. Profiles can be loaded by
  • Clicking the checkbox
  • Hotkeys
  • Command line parameter
  • With your Elgato Streamdeck (plugin is included)
  • With a URL command like /set?profile=<profile name> via browser using CamooZWeb
You can even take it as far as working with different zoom-settings and load them live with button presses. Checkout the review videos below. CamooZ Webserver to control cameras on a remote PC is included too.


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CamooZ with it's Streamdeck plugin can even control an Insta360:

Control profile settings via Elgato Streamdeck

Customize the set to your liking by moving the sliders up and down, so your most important ones are always first.

You can change the camera setting labels into your language and liking. Also like with sources in OBS: lock cam settings you do not want to change
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Latest updates

  1. 7.3.5 Little functionality enhancements

    V 7.3.5: Clean disappear and reappear from taskbar when minimized to tray (Thanks again, @M4SC...
  2. 7.3.4 - Enhanced handling of system tray hide/restore

    When you minimize CamooZ to the system tray (aka task notification area) or "start minimized to...
  3. 7.3.3 - Bug fix for slow responding drivers

    Fixes a timing issue for somewhat slower responding drivers.

Latest reviews

Excellent and works great. The guy is totally on it. Excellent support too! I can highly recommend this!
Works like charm, many ways to improve quality of life usage (StreamDeck, Shortcuts, etc)., feedback is appreciated and may be added to a future release. Really nice project of a kind developer worth supporting :)
Not only does this tool work, the author is very responsive with support. He worked with me to get it working for CamLink 4K. He even bought the device so that he could support it!
Excellent software and worth every penny paid, I recommend it 100%... in fact, I think it's fair that the complete software is now paid, because in addition to valuing the great work done by the developer, it is also a way of encouraging him to always be improving this already great app!
I have 2 c920's and every reboot of my pc it resets my settings. with CamooZ I saved 2 profiles and with 2 buttons on my streamdeck I load both profiles. Super app! the support of the developer is great he even frequently updates the app.
If you have Logitech Webcam this is a must for OBS. Greta app for menage your cameras.
CamooZ combined with Mix It Up allows, with great ease, the ability for viewers to fuck with one's camera via channel points & commands.

It's extremely easy to set up web requests, which allow changes like pan and zoom on the Insta360 Link, just with a URL.

Putting the fuckery aside for a moment, the ability to save profiles for camera settings is super convenient and saves time (by not having to readjust settings daily).

Glad I found this app!
Essential and Excellent Program. It's a great way to get my camera settings back the way I want them after reboots and when other programs try to take over the camera.
OMG - CamooZ is amazing! I have spent countless hours searching for a tool like this. Thank you for creating it!!! It's worth every penny (and then some). THANK YOU!!!
Had been trying to follow this project since it's release. It was always freeze and crash every single time I opened OBS. However, my settings would at least save so that when I needed to take my Laptop elsewhere and thus have to unplug the cam(s) I could at least have the settings there for when I got back to studio. Now, with the update there's a paywall in order to simply keep that feature with a still crashing program? I'll make do without then. Appreciate what you were trying to allow us to have usage of while it was. Wish you the best.
As you will have seen from the huge amount of other posts here, from eight 5-star ratings and from reviews done by people like EposVox with his 315k followers ( you're amongst a few who're having issues.

Your use case is exactly what EposVox demonstrates: he fine tunes cam settings and shows the changes live in his OBS. So have you considered that there is a chance that something is wrong with your setup? Like an orphaned or poorly programmed driver reporting back incorrectly?

And your attitude wasn't helpful either: see, other users simply asked for support, which they got - for free so far, and I managed to fix all (!) of the issues. So, what is it you want? Just tell people that the countless number of hours of work I invested aren't worth 5 bloody bucks?

Here is my peace offer: tell and show me exactly what kind of crash you encounter and I'll do my best to fix that one as well.