CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.1 - Support for non-USB cams

Now with hotkeys and Streamdeck plugin (download the plugin here or via the Streamdeck appstore's plugin section)


Windows lacks a decent settings panel for webcams. It only provides an ancient dialog that cannot even be opened directly - only through another program (like with OBS's "configure video" button or via ffmpeg command line). Camera settings will not be saved with it. So latest after a reboot your cameras are in an undefined state. And there is no way to save multiple settings for different light conditions or scenes.

CamooZ allows more granular fine tuning, sorting & renaming the sliders, locking them from accidental change and UNDO with Ctrl-Z. And with the full version (purchase via paypal for 4.99 USD plus tax) you can store and retrieve different settings in different profiles. Profiles can be loaded by
  • Clicking the checkbox
  • Hotkeys
  • Making one profile per camera profile "autoload" at program start
  • Command line parameter
  • With your Elgato Streamdeck (plugin is included)
  • With a URL command like /set?profile=<profile name> via browser using CamooZWeb
You can even take it as far as working with different zoom-settings and load them live with button presses. Checkout the review videos below. CamooZ Webserver to control cameras on a remote PC is included too.


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CamooZ with it's Streamdeck plugin can even control an Insta360:

Control profile settings via Elgato Streamdeck

Customize the set to your liking by moving the sliders up and down, so your most important ones are always first.

You can change the camera setting labels into your language and liking. Also like with sources in OBS: lock cam settings you do not want to change
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Latest updates

  1. Support for non-USB cams

    Since 7.2.3 CamooZ will not list any virtual cameras, as they don't have settings to be modified...
  2. 7.4.0 - Option to force a profile repeatedly & little fixes

    V 7.4.0 New (experimental) option to force the currently selected profile repeatedly Fixes...
  3. 7.3.9 - Tray and autoload enhancements

    The Autoload System can now be completely toggled on or off After auto-loading a profile it will...

Latest reviews

Great wee program to stop my Logitech webcam resetting all the time and to top it off had a issue that was quickly resolved :)
Wonderful software, almost essential for streamers imo. Has been super useful. I don't even really have any feedback -- it just works. It doesn't do anything for you, but it gives you the power to modify your settings and keep them, instead of your webcam resetting to default settings every time you restart your computer. 5/5.
Just a very useful tool and great service if you have any problems :)
A really useful tool to streamline the process of setting up your webcam and very fast support from the developer!
Missing support for changing FOV for Logitech brio cams
Complain with Logitech. As long as they do not export the proprietary FOV function into DirectShow, there is nothing we can do about it.

If you don't know what DirectShow is, hold your peace.
really great tool, using logitech was a nightmare, glad that's not needed anymore
Großartiges Produkt. Funktioniert tadellos und bei Problemen Top Support!
A great time saving plug in and superb after sales service from Falti. had an issue and he was straight on it with help and made maximum efforts to sort it. Well worth the price to save the hassle of configuering webcams everytime - total timesaver and no brainer!
In my older review I gave 5 stars to application, but after author decided to make money and released "semi-free" version that is crippled to unusable state, he lost two stars from me. He took advantage on people who helped him debug and improve application because it was free.

Most of the reviews here are posted while actually free versions were available.

Try to find version 6.8. That is the last actually free, fully functional version. Not polished as current version but more than good enough.
Amazing product, such a time saver.