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Windows has no settings dialog for webcams (as compared to e.g. speaker and mic settings). All there is, is a DirectShow API, that OBS, Logitech, ffpmeg and others make use of.

None of them will store values in profiles so that different settings can be restored, so you cannot be sure what settings will be active after a reboot - and there is no way to have different profiles for different light conditions or scene collections.

Even to start the dialog you'd have to do that in OBS or with a workaround such as "ffmpeg -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="&cam-name".

CamooZ fills that gap allowing fine tuning with more granular settings than the original dialog with its mini sliders. And you can store different settings in different profiles and of course load them from such a profile.


App in classic layout:


Work with CamooZ on your local machine using the apps sliders or start a web session and control cameras via browsers in the same network.

Work with the app using classic GUI as shown above, or with the app in full layout - or start the webserver and fine tune your cameras from a remote location via browser. Full layout and browser dispaly have the same look and feel on all platforms:

App in full layout:



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  2. 6.7a Important bug fix (for V 6.7 where CamooZ can crash at 1st time startup)

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Latest reviews

It resolves issue with some cameras. User interface is simple, clean and easy to use, especially in Classic mode. Well done!
After a few issues with the 6.7 version, the developer released a bugfix version that was working beautifully. Very well made and does everything I need it to.
This just keeps getting better! Thanks for your work.
My osbot camera started zooming me in every time I launch OBS, but with this app running, I can simply reload my settings and all returns to the way I like it. Much better than using the osbot app.
It would be great if CamooZ remembered the window position though between launches.
Thanks again.
Works great.
I invoked the program with the full path, and also, the -silent option goes after the -file option.
So, something like "c:\CamooZ.exe" -file:"c:\settings.ccs" -silent
Works Great, only thing I've found for windows that lets you control cameras this way.
Best ever for adjusting my three webcams, thank you
Outstanding! I recommend Camooz to everyone, and have it on all my computers. Lets me do quick tweaks to any webcam, with big improvements to many cams that offer no software of their own.