Ashmanix Countdown Timer

Ashmanix Countdown Timer 1.3.3

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
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Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
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This plugin is designed to allow you to use a text source in OBS to show a countdown timer that updates in real time.

The plugin appears as a dockable widget and comes with options to display a message or switch scene when the counter reaches zero.



Usage Guide​

General Settings​

  1. Add an OBS Text Source to your scene.
  2. Select the Docks menu and click on Countdown Timer. (This should display the countdown dockable widget on screen)
  3. Either keep the plugin as a floating window or dock it on the OBS screen by dragging to a relevant area.
  4. On the plugin select the text source, you created in step 1, from the Source dropdown menu.
  5. You have two ways to set the timer:
    1. Option 1 - Set the counter by manually setting the number of hours, minutes and seconds.
    2. Option 2 - Set a time for the timer to countdown to.
Countdown Option 1 - Set Hours/Minutes/Seconds
  1. Click on the h/m/s tab to manually set the counter time.
  2. Set the hours, minutes and seconds in the edit fields.
  3. Click the set/reset button (left button) to set the time to the timer and text field.
  4. Click the play button (right button) to start the timer.
  5. Clicking the pause button will pause the timer. To continue press the play button again.
  6. After pausing, clicking the set/reset button will reset the timer to the time in the input fields.
Countdown Option 2 - Set Time to Countdown to
  1. Click on the time tab to set the time.
  2. In the time edit field set what time (up to midnight) you want to count down to.
  3. Click the play button (right button) to start the timer.
  4. Clicking the stop button will pause the timer. To continue press the play button again. This will update the timer and carry on counting down.


Time Display Options​

You can choose what to display on the Text Source (hours, minutes and or seconds). Click on the checkbox next to the unit of time you wish to display. As an example: selecting minutes and seconds only will show the time in the mm:ss format.

End Message​

The End Message feature will play a measure when the timer hits zero. Click the tickbox next to Message field to enable it. Enter the message in the text field that you want displayed when the timer runs out.

Switch Scene​

The Scene feature allows you to switch to a scene when the timer runs out. Click the checkbox next to the Scene dropdown to enable it. Select the source you wish to switch automatically to once the timer runs out.


You can set the following hotkeys:
  • Start Countdown Timer - h/m/s start button
  • Pause Countdown Timer - h/m/s pause button
  • Set Countdown Timer - h/m/s set button
  • Start Countdown To Time - time start button
  • Stop Countdown To Time - time stop button
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The option to countdown to a specific time doesn't seem to work for me. Mac running latest version of OS, OBS, and Plugin. I've had plugin installed for over 6 months the only way i've been able to use it is to manually enter time till desired time
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