countdown timer


    Free Timer for OBS 1.6

    This is a Complete program for you who want to use a timer in OBS This program was focused on being used in Lives (ex: the time for the live to start), but it can also be used for other functions within OBS INFORMATION: -->This app works based on an external file, so follow the steps below...
  2. Ashmanix

    Ashmanix Countdown Timer 1.3.3

    For the most up to date user instructions view the wiki at: This plugin is designed to allow you to use a text source in OBS to show a countdown timer that updates in real time. The plugin appears as a dockable widget and comes with options...
  3. TotallyNotAnElk

    Free Elk Timer 1.3.0

    Hello there! Do you like timers? Maybe you play games with your chat that requires them? Or maybe you just frequently step away for breaks and want to give an indication of your return. Whatever the case is, you're in the right place. Elk Timer is a super flexible timer companion app for OBS...
  4. TheLittleDoctor

    Free GameMaster v2.1.1

    GameMaster is a Python-based sports scoreboard tool for OBS. In addition to basic scoring functionality, GameMaster can also manage game times, periods, and any other stats or variables related to the sport at hand using a simple JSON configuration file. Quick-start guide GameMaster is...
  5. Deviaphan

    Free Versus Ⓡevolution scoreboard 2.4

    A scoreboard overlay to your live stream. You can create own themes for any games with simple html5/css3 files. I need your feedback and reviews, this is important for further development and improvements. Step-by-step instructions for adding a scoreboard overlay to your live stream: Quick...
  6. lucidokr

    OBS Lua Simple Meeting Timer 1.0

    # OBS JW Meeting Timer This is a Lua script for OBS Studio that sets a text source as a timer for the JW meeting. **Configuration** The first thing is to create the text sources for the script: - one for the countdown - one for the delay time I have created a default scene used by me in the...
  7. S

    OBS Lua Shot Counter and Countdown

    This script is an experiment with learning OBS scripts and Lua. I used the included countdown script and another I will link below. It does a few things on top of the count down scripts 1. It keeps track of total shots and updates shot counter 2. It randomizes timer to trigger the final text...
  8. robd

    Free The Filenal Countdown 1.2

    The Filenal Countdown (punny spelling intended) is a countdown timer that works well with OBS and other streaming software. It starts a countdown, based on your settings, and saves it to a text file once per second. (By the way, it also counts up.) Some of the settings that you can configure...
  9. S

    Countdown timer - Does it become part of the live streamed video ?

    I am a new user of OBS and thinking of creating a Countdown Timer for my FB live videos - but wonder if Countdown timer becomes part of the final video on FB? Appreciate any input on this - Thanks