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This script is an experiment with learning OBS scripts and Lua. I used the included countdown script and another I will link below.

It does a few things on top of the count down scripts
1. It keeps track of total shots and updates shot counter
2. It randomizes timer to trigger the final text (currently 25-50 minutes)
3. It allows the user to increment the shot count or reset the timer. IE re-show start text and start again

If there is enough interest in this kind of thing, I can work on it to make it more generic. Also, I was originally planning to include an image with audio. IE a shot glass with a siren when the timer popped. But had some trouble with the audio and image toggling/loading. If that brings interest, I can revisit it.

Finally, I am totally new to scripting for OBS and in Lua. I included a lot of documentation in this script that was not included with the ones I referenced and what I found in the OBS docs themselves. I am familiar with Python and have used that for work so if this gets traction, I plan to re-write in Python and build it out more as I stated above. So let me know!

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