Contributing to the OBS Project

Thank you for your interest in supporting our work!

Open Broadcaster Software is an open source project freely available under the GPL and developed by a dedicated team of passionate individuals. Your contributions help support our developers and fund equipment purchases for easier testing and development. They also go towards software licenses and other project expenses such as website and server hosting.

It's important to us that OBS is available free without advertisements and your contributions make that possible!

If you're a developer looking to get involved with the project directly please view our contributing guidelines on GitHub or visit our Community Discord.

Recurring contributions

Sponsor OBS Project on Open Collective

Open Collective contributions go to a communal fund used to support core members of the OBS developer community. The usage of these funds is transparent and publicly visible.

Companies that sponsor the OBS Project on Open Collective will be featured on this page, and Gold/Diamond sponsors will be featured on the home page.

If your business or content channel relies on Open Broadcaster Software as part of your source of income, we recommend sponsoring the OBS Project.

Support Jim on Patreon

Hugh "Jim" Bailey is OBS Projects full-time lead developer and project maintainer. You can support his work directly by contributing on Patreon.

Patrons at the $50 tier and above are listed on this page as a thank you for their support.

If you're a creator or individual that relies on Open Broadcaster Software as part of your source of income, we recommend sponsoring Jim.

One time contributions

Our Open Collective accepts one time contributions. You can support Jim directly via PayPal

Top Patrons

Jesse Farris
Iain Cole
Cohh Carnage
James Jerlecki
Bike Man
Jeff Hoogland
Martin Zanter

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