1. S

    OBS Python viewer-subscriber-counter (Youtube and Twitch) 0.2

    Overview This OBS script displays live viewer counts on YouTube and Twitch, as well as the total number of YouTube subscribers and Twitch followers. It was originally developed for a client but has been expanded and improved for broader use. Note: The YouTube subscriber count may not be exact...
  2. T

    OBS Lua Death Counter 1.0.1

    Set up a death counter on your scene, which responds to configurable hotkeys to increment and decrement the counter (see OBS File > Settings > Hotkey, scroll down to Increment/Decrement Counter hotkeys). To set up the death counter, create a Text Source on your scene. If you want to play...
  3. H

    Best Of 3 Tally Mark Counter Using 3 Hyphens

    Need help making an obs script that has me and a friend stumped, I'm not a coder so keep that in mind if I make no sense. The idea behind it is that there are 3 text sources, one will be red team and one will be blue team. The last text will be the blank white to show no points were scored on...
  4. S

    OBS Lua Shot Counter and Countdown

    This script is an experiment with learning OBS scripts and Lua. I used the included countdown script and another I will link below. It does a few things on top of the count down scripts 1. It keeps track of total shots and updates shot counter 2. It randomizes timer to trigger the final text...
  5. V4n1X

    Non-OBS Script Trovo Viewer Counter v0.3

    TrovoViewerCounter Hey guys, trovo is a new streaming platform, so no tools exist yet. I started creating a simple viewer counter script in python. More detailed description is found on github, also a simple installation and usage guide. Have fun :)
  6. U

    OBS Python Tally counter 1.1.0

    Count up,count down and reset to zero Setup and download
  7. ZentiX

    Question / Help How to make a emoji counter?

    I tried to find anyting in the internet but I have found nothing about it. How can I make a emoji counter which is couning how many times each emoji was written in the chat like in the video I linked?
  8. P

    Non-OBS Script Kill-Counter 1

    A little AutoHotkey + Python (3) script for displaying a kill counter (odometer style) in OBS, or possibly other applications. What it does: When you activate the hotkeys (Indicated in the .AHK file), it will either incriment, decriment, or reset (only the match kills) for the included data...
  9. LeftBased

    Free TallyCounter

    I was looking for a utility to keep count basically a tally counter that outputs to a txt file. And I decided to create my own utility and decided to leave it open source and free. I did make changes after I was testing it. So now people make custom tally counter messages. It can be used for...