Best Of 3 Tally Mark Counter Using 3 Hyphens


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Need help making an obs script that has me and a friend stumped, I'm not a coder so keep that in mind if I make no sense.

The idea behind it is that there are 3 text sources, one will be red team and one will be blue team. The last text will be the blank white to show no points were scored on this spot.
So when blue team scores I press F9 I would want it to type a hyphen "-" for the blue team text. And same for red team, because we have the text backwards it types right to left so we can have it when you type two hyphens it covers up the middle and right slot.
Unless there is a simpler way what we have in mind is just writing it to a text file then having the text source reading that and displaying it.
F9 = Left/Blue team added point
ALT + F9 = Left/Blue team subtracted point
F10 = Right/Red team added point
ALT + F10 = Right/Red team subtracted point
ALT + F11 = Clear all score
In summary basically a script that just types and erases hyphens into a text file for obs to read using hotkeys