1. S


    Hey I am trying to get TEXT GDI+ to change when I run my python script. source_name = "yo" # Replace with the actual name of your OBS Text source text_properties = { "source": source_name, "text": text, "textFile": "", "outline": True...
  2. iixisii

    HIDE & SHOW 4.0.0 ( COMING OUT SOON! )

    This is a thread, for hide and show new version release! LET ME KNOW WHAT FEATURES YOU GUYS WANT I'll do my best to implement them in the next release. With this release you will have to work a lot with typing and things ... NO UI it's kinda hard to work with UI, in OBS. That is why this next...
  3. boop_xyz

    Best Route to Handle API Scripting

    What would be the best course of action with scripting? I am making calls to an API and getting that data and displaying it I had these ideas: 1. I do all of the scripting in OBS python, make API call, update the text sources, and repeat this every second 2. I have an external application...
  4. R

    Python, Hiding Rust Map

    Hi folks, I've been working on this for the better part of a week but simply cannot find an elegant solution. Ideally, AutoHotKey would solve my problems, or there's a "fancy" Python script available on the internets that would also suit my needs. But I'm a Mac guy, and AutoHotKey is not...
  5. R

    OBS stops responding when setting scene within timer callback (Python Script)

    Hi all, I've been working on a python script which is a countdown timer pretty much like the Advanced Scene Switcher, but with customised funcionality for myself. The timer callback seems to work just fine, however when I try to set the scene from within the timer_callback function, the log...
  6. HisZd

    Lua Filter Source Can't Get Parent Sceneitem

    I am trying to create a filter source that manipulates the parent sceneitem's visibility using timers. I have successfully retrieved the parent source and scene, but when I try and use obs_scene_sceneitem_from_source(scene, source) I just get nil. I will attach my script, but it is VERY messy...
  7. R

    OBS crashes when switching scene during a timer_add (Python scripting)

    Hi, I'm still quite new to scripting for OBS and I'm trying to make a timer for switching scenes for my own purposes in python, since it's the language I'm the most used to. Inside my callback function for the timer, I added the obs.obs_frontend_set_current_scene(scene) which is causing OBS to...
  8. S

    Dynamically change recording location

    Hi, I'm developing a python script to help me automate a small workflow. I know I can start OBS recordings a specific scene by the command line, but I would like to change the location of the recording based on a parameter. Is there an out-of-the-box solution for this problem or, if possible...
  9. ItzDragon

    Changing image source's image using python scripting

    I'm currently trying to create a obs script using python, and i'm blocked, i cant find a function in the documentation which enable me to change the image of an image source thank you for your answers
  10. Soulbest

    Help With Websocket

    I've been trying to figure out how to use OBS-Websocket, and for the life of me I can't figure out how events work in it. Based on what I can find, you need to subscribe a method to events once the client is connected, but I am not sure how to do this. Any help appreciated!
  11. M

    How to trigger a python script on OBS Studio when a Alert box changes?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to trigger a python script (ran at localhost) on OBS Studio when a Alert box changes? Thanks in advance!
  12. H

    Best Of 3 Tally Mark Counter Using 3 Hyphens

    Need help making an obs script that has me and a friend stumped, I'm not a coder so keep that in mind if I make no sense. The idea behind it is that there are 3 text sources, one will be red team and one will be blue team. The last text will be the blank white to show no points were scored on...
  13. 412comms

    Populate text overlay elements from Excel file?

    Dear OBS developers, Sports stream producer here (hockey and horse racing, chiefly) with a bit of a dilemma, an idea of how I want to approach it, but absolutely no programming knowhow to make it work. Throughout a single horse racing meeting, over a hundred horses compete — not to mention...
  14. U

    OBS Lua obs-libre-macros 3.3.0

    Description obs-libre-macros is an Extension for OBS Studio built on top of its scripting facilities, utilising built-in embedded LuaJIT interpreter, filter UI and function environment from Lua 5.2 Screenshot Features Attach Console to any source in real-time. Auto run code when OBS starts...
  15. F

    How to install obspython module?

    Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if this question seems redundant or stupid. I've been struggling to find a proper way to install obspython, if that's even the name of the OBS Python API. I've downloaded python 3.6.x (x86-64), and am using obs 64 bit. I've attempted using the pip...
  16. ActiveCreek

    API for starting Virtual Camera

    I'm looking through the documentation for APIs to start the Virtual Camera output from a plugin (or script). I've found the obs_output_start method, but the documentation implies that an output is either a stream or a recording. Is there a method for starting the built-in virtual camera? Or, is...
  17. bfxdev

    Tips and tricks for Lua scripts

    I start this thread to share my main advancements with Lua scripting. As of today (OBS v26.0.2 released October 6th 2020), the online documentation describes the OBS API in its original C form, and it is left as an exercise for the scripting enthusiast to figure out how data types are converted...
  18. dkunin9

    Any way to change cooldown for timer in Python?

    Hi, I am new here and already have some stuff to solve: For example I have a command !command It is written in chat every second (i set it in timer) I have a condition when it is needed to change it's cooldown from 1 second to i.e. 2 or 3 or 5 How to handle this? Any ideas? Thank you, OBS...
  19. E

    Multi User Support Scripting

    Hello, I have a Windows PC with OBS Studio installed. This PC will be used by multiple users. I would like to be able to create a Python script that will allow the user to press a single button and load in a set of default settings. This would be used when the user a) first sets up to use OBS...
  20. Alexik

    Scripts Remote Control

    I need to connect my scripts with remote controller. I see an web interface or desktop applications which contains some buttons which i can click to send signals to my obs scripts. And on reactions on that this scripts will call some functions declared on this signals. What are there known...