Populate text overlay elements from Excel file?


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Dear OBS developers,

Sports stream producer here (hockey and horse racing, chiefly) with a bit of a dilemma, an idea of how I want to approach it, but absolutely no programming knowhow to make it work.

Throughout a single horse racing meeting, over a hundred horses compete — not to mention their trainers, riders/drivers, and such. To create lineup pages for each race and lower thirds for each horse in each race during post parades and walkups would result in having to manipulate well over 600 text elements per meeting ... and one at a time, given the native OBS text element operation.

If possible, I would think a much easier — and much more efficient arrangement — would be if OBS could populate said text elements from the contents of an Excel spreadsheet ... for instance, the information for horse 1 in race 1 would be populated from the contents of a certain block of cells, horse 2 in race 1 from the next, and so on. Then, for the next day's races, I would only have to place the information in the Excel file rather than manually edit 600+ text elements within OBS.

1.) Does such a script exist to enable this?
2.) If not, is it possible to commission someone to write one?

Many thanks!

James Witherite
Founder, 412 Communications


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Tomasz Góral

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Hire someone who will prepare you a page (at least two in total) with the elements you want to display and another administrative page to manage the displayed elements.
I made a website myself - but in your case you have to hire someone if you don't have the skills.


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I´m looking for something like you. I´m streaming trackday events and looking for some way to display the racer and their laptimes. My source is a online txt that is refreshed every 30 sec. I´ve managed to import it to excel, but can´t make a overlay on OBS. vMix has a "kind of" solution for this but not very good.


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