1. A

    Microsoft Excel Recording

    I’ve been trying to use a window capture of an excel workbook which I need to create a video tutorial. Everything looks just fine while recording but the output does not show any overlapping: when you input a function in a cell there's an overlapping menu that pops up, I need that to be shown in...
  2. U

    Non-OBS Script Connect Excel to OBS .1

    This sample Excel JavaScript shows how to use the Excel Script Lab add-in and the OBS WebSocket to display an Excel cell's value in OBS. With the sample script the User selects a cell in Excel, then the value in that cell is used to replace the content of an OBS Text Source. This is a simple...
  3. X

    Impossible record Excel correctly

    Hello, I would like record my Excel, whit many word and number, an colors. When I see my file, it's correct, exept the black text an red background. It's all blurred. I have already check update and version. I try all setting possible. I have an correct result, only if I record in 4K, but when...
  4. P

    Recommended settings for recording MS Excel tutorials

    I suspect that this will be an easy answer for someone better acquainted with OBS than what I am. I have struggled for a few hours on creating appropriate settings for recording MS Excel tutorials. I am not concerned about the streaming settings - only the recording. These will then be posted to...
  5. 412comms

    Populate text overlay elements from Excel file?

    Dear OBS developers, Sports stream producer here (hockey and horse racing, chiefly) with a bit of a dilemma, an idea of how I want to approach it, but absolutely no programming knowhow to make it work. Throughout a single horse racing meeting, over a hundred horses compete — not to mention...
  6. M

    mac Excel dropdown list not recorded

    Hi All, On OBS last version for Mac, when window capturing an Excel file and clicking a dropdown list, this dropdown list does not appear in the recording... I'm stuck doing the video because of this right now... tried different files... it's the same problem Log File Let me know Thanks M
  7. N

    Dynamic text overlay ?

    Hello, I have searched all along this forum and couldn't get the answer I'm looking for... So sorry if it was already posed and answer... For what I need to do on my youtube / twitch channel I need to be abble to quickly put “scores“ on the screen. Just like in a footbal game on TV. I want to...