1. M

    No texts showing

    So one day i opened OBS, and there were no text. No text on audio mixer, scenes etc. So then I re-installed obs and it still didn't work. Another day i tried again. No text again on anywhere. It kinda limits what you can do when you have no clue what you're clicking. So I deleted every single...
  2. R

    Key-ing a background?

    Hello guys, I have a question in regards to whether it's possible to key a picture instead of an entire color, but I should first explain what I am trying to do - maybe you will suggest better option. I am running Easy Worship 2009. For anyone, who doesn't know - it is program that projects...
  3. natopower

    Free CounterAnimate 0.6.1

    NOTE: This is still in very early stages - expect bugs and missing features! This is CounterAnimate - if you're like me, you hate that text updating in OBS is static and always looks bland. If you use a scoreboard, the numbers updating or clock ticking is sad looking. This is what this is...
  4. B

    I am looking for a plug-in to automatically appear text

    I'm looking for a plug-in so that the text disappears for 10 seconds and appears. I want it to be a loop. Does anyone know such? I know it is because I used to have it but I did a computer reset.
  5. norihiro

    Non-OBS Script olp2obs 2021-01-04

    This script helps to send a text in OpenLP to OBS Studio using OBS Websocket. Status and Requirements Currently tested only in Linux but it should work in any operating system. Python 3.6 and these packages are required. aiohttp asyncio websockets simpleobsws Available options `--help` shows...
  6. W

    Crash on font changing on every OBS version

    This is 2nd thread about that problem. 1st sinking to the deep here https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/crash-on-font-changing-on-every-obs-version.134459/#post-494616 I have a problem that my OBS crashes when I am trying to change font of my GDI+ text. I tried several OBS versions such as...
  7. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: OBS-VirtualChat - Write to text source , using only keyboard. Read more about this resource...
  8. U

    OBS Lua OBS-VirtualChat 1.1.0

    OBS-VirtualChat Write to text source , using only keyboard. MCOSU full screen example see demo Setup - download ,add it via Tools > Scripts > + button - create hotkeys for on/off. Search for "Restart" and "Stop" in settings Usage - Restart hotkey clears buffer and hooks keyboard - Stop...
  9. cwthorn

    Text option

    Text option - when you put in text you want to display. If you try and change the text size all it does is go to a blur. I am on the latest version of OBS.
  10. nhandler

    OBS Lua Command Runner 0.1.0

    Executes an arbitrary shell command at a specific refresh interval. Output is displayed in a Text Source
  11. LazloTheRascal

    Text in Chat/Stream Information Dock is Blurry

    The text in the chat dock and stream information dock gets very blurry. When I move my mouse over them the text goes in and out of focus. But if I move my mouse off of them after a short time the text gets blurry again. None of the other docks are doing this. I was running into the same issue...
  12. P

    OBS Python Weather Text 1.0

    This small Python script retrieves the current weather data from OpenWeatherMaps and populates a text source field with formatted information. You'll need to register an account, create an AppID (Key) and search for a location to successfully retrieve the data. Currently English and German is...
  13. U

    OBS Python Scripted text 1.0.0

    Scripted text Create one hotkey with scripted text + sound For windows install [python3.6] 64 or 32 bit depending on your OBS Usage Create text source. - Optionally create media source - Optionally create layer source - Open Tools>Scripts - select this script - set settings for it, change...
  14. InfluxxMedia

    Question / Help Centered Text (Free Type2)

    Searched the forums and read many threads looking for an answer. Didn't find any. OBS 23.2.1 on Max OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 I have several text sources in my scenes,and it sure would be nice to center format them. Looking through the forums I see a lot of reference made to GDI text. I don't...
  15. A

    OBS Lua OBS Lyrics 1.4.0

    How to use: Download the script and open it with OBS. Add some songs to the script and save them. Select the text source for displaying the lyrics. Set the amount of lines to display, default is 2. Optionally, you can setup hotkeys to control the lyrics display. Select a song from the song...
  16. G

    Question / Help New Starter-Lyrics on Screen

    Hi, Apologies, i'm very green and i'm trying to teach myself a new skill (cue many OBS-savants rolling their eyes perhaps?!) I am trying to learn how to use OBS Studio on MAC so i can help some of my former colleagues in the entertainment industry create content.n es the chorus One wishes to...
  17. A

    Question / Help Is there a way to remove the height limit in the custom text extents? Or wrap text without it?

    I will be singing and reading onstream and I want to have all the text scroll and large enough for people to read on the side of the screen as I go through it. So I want to wrap the text to fit inside the textbox, but the only way to do that that I can see is through custom text extants...
  18. M

    Question / Help How to use url-text.py

    Apparently OBS Studio has a Python script that allows for text sources to be updated from a URL. When I went scripts under the tools tab, it listed no properties available for the url-text.py script. Does the URL text script actually work? And if so, how do I enable it...
  19. JStark

    OBS Lua Lyrics Display 0.2

    This script is able to update a text (GDI+) source based on lines in a text file. It's designed to take lyrics from a text file and display them. It's configurable to display any number of lines from the text file at one time. Set hotkeys in settings to scroll through the lyrics.
  20. N

    Question / Help Start and Stop Text

    I'm trying to set-up scrolling text in OBS. I know how to get the text scrolling, that is not the issue. I wanted to know if there was any way to make scrolling text start and stop. For example, you have your scrolling text and when it reaches the start of the text, it pauses for a short period...