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OBS plugin inspired by the built in image slideshow, except for text sources instead. Both Free Type 2 and GDI+ are supported. Useful for displaying song lyrics, captions, etc.

Please submit any bug reports or feature requests here.

NOTE: This plugin is not under very active development. v2.0.0-alpha was released to attempt to support OBS v28.0.0 and v29.0.0. It has not been thoroughly tested. Bugs are expected


Installers can be found here.

Note: The Windows and macOS installers are currently unsigned because I don't have money to purchase a certificate to sign the Windows installer or to purchase a subscription for the Apple Developer program in order to sign and notarize the macOS pkg installer. Unfortunately as a result these installers may be flagged by certain antivirus programs and may have to be temporarily disabled in order for the installer to be allowed to run.

This plugin functions exactly as the built in image slideshow plugin, except instead of transitioning between image sources it transitions between text sources instead. Simply click the add source button and add the Text Slide Show source. Text sources can be added manually using the default Slide Texts box or read from file by selecting the read from file option and specifying the file path(s). The expected format of the text file(s) is described here. Transitioning between text sources manually can be done using OBS's media controls or using the built in dock.

To open the dock, Select View -> Docks -> OBS Text Slide Show. The dock will display the first Text Slide Show source for the current scene as well as all of its text sources below. Clicking on the text sources on the dock will cause the source to transition to this text source. The drop down at the top of the dock can be used to have the dock display another Text Slide Show on the current scene other than the first. Only Text Slide Show sources on the current scene can be viewed on the dock. When the current scene is changed, the dock and will update accordingly to include only the Text Slide Show sources on the new scene.

Further details can be found here.
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Latest updates

  1. v2.0.0-alpha

    Note This is an alpha release that has not been thoroughly tested but I thought it was better to...
  2. v1.5.2

    Changes and Fixes Added freetype 2 alpha channel for OBS 27.1 #14 Added compiler optimizations...
  3. v1.5.1

    Changes and Fixes Added text slideshows nested within other scenes to the dock (#10)

Latest reviews

Since you don't have the time now to update this plugin, why not opensource the code?
This project has always been open source. The source code can be found here -
Excellent for text overlay from a file. True Text SlideShow tool. Hope it gets updated for OBS28 and above
@jbwong05 this tool from you is really good an handy. I use it for to show a short countdown without scripts and it works very very good.

Thanks you very much.

NOTE: You are credited as 'Plug-ins Creator' at the credits of my 'Streams' at the end of them. ;)
This is a fantastic plugin! It works as promised and it has lots of power. THANK YOU! I'm making a tutorial right now because there are many Church admins that need this plugin to advance scripture for their livestreams.
This is brilliant and necessary! Works flawlessly!

Possible to expand on the transitions with the options from scene transitions?
Thank you for the positive review! Supporting all of the scene transitions is a good suggestion for a feature addition. I have created a ticket for it here: and will look into it when I get the chance
Works perfectly now! Thanks to @jbwong05 for adding the Nested scene fix. Now I can have control carousels from other scenes that have the carousel nested within it :)
Works very well. My only complaint is that the dock shows slides in a list view. I would prefer them in a grid view.
How do you use this? No wiki whatsoever, terrible first impression.
Thank you for the feedback. A small usage section has been added. Please message me or submit a bug report at if you have any specific problems or questions.
This is a great plugin! Thanks @jbwong05