1. drawinggod

    Bug Report OBS studio TEXT- MASSIVE ERROR

    How do you fix this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbr6UHoKhj4&feature=youtu.be Thanks
  2. R

    Bug Report Text Alignment Issue

    While using a fixed text box size, it seems that aligning the text to "center" in the drop down, does not actually do so. There are about 24 - 35 pixels extra on the left side (depending on the text, it seems?). This is an issue for multiple users, curious if there is a fix, or if this is a...
  3. P

    Question / Help Text (GDI+) is invisible

    Hello there. So my problem is, that if I'm adding a Text (GDI+) source, the text is invisible. It doesn't show either if I'm using deprecated text.
  4. kurufu

    text-pango: multi-language and emoji v0.4.1

    A continuation of the excellent work by Reboot from here. New Features: - Multi language support on all platforms: full support for Arabic, Hindi, Thai, CJK, Emoji, and more. - Packages for Win64 and Mac, dead simple compilation for Linux. - Proper Serif/Sans fallback fonts - Proper rendering...