Question / Help Automated text file written based on text seen on window capture?

Danny Mans

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Hey there,

I'm trying to have my computer automate the contents of a text file (to be read by OBS) based on a specific portion of my window capture (the text of that window capture) - is there a solutions to this?

For example, during stream, there's a part of my screen with text / numbers that constantly changes (in game)
I'd like my PC to be able to read that text constantly and then constantly update a text file so OBS can read that text file and display this in a font and position of my choice on stream.

Hope that makes sense (also hope the solution exists)

Cheers all.


you looking for a specific OCR tool but i not know any onclick tool that can do this
OCR mostly "only" works if the text is simple and clean readable the most game screens to confused for default OCR
mostly its need a special trained set and to build this is "heavy" google will give you tons of results to this topic


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if you DO have a text FILE that actually corresponds to whatever the values that appear on screen, the Advanced OBS switcher's file input feature maybe what you are looking for.


You should download a program called AutoHotkey. It comes with a utility called Window Spy. Launch your game, launch Window Spy, and see if Window Spy can read the text. Depending on how the game was developed, it may or may not. If it can, there's the first step to solving your problem.