1. D

    Time schedule automatic start

    Hello, I would like a timetable that automatically starts a scene at 5:00 PM. can someone help me with that?
  2. ezobtera

    Is it possible to switch scenes when the USB Camera turns off?

    I am using a Canon 550D connected to my Mac via HDMI Video capture. Since it is an old camera, it turns off every 30mins. When that happens, it shows the Color Bars as my video feed. It is a little embarrassing when used during live video chats and meetings. Is there a way to automatically...
  3. D

    Free [RUS] StreamAuction (using StreamElements points) 2.0

    (пока только русский язык) (only Russian language now, but it doesn't ruin most features) RU: Инструкции к программе в самой программе, кнопка ПОМОЩЬ справа снизу. Проведение аукционов с помощью StreamElements поинтов. Зрители пытаются выкупить свой товар с помощью простой команды в чате...
  4. juny1209

    Auto fullscreen preview projector

    Hello. I use OBS as information screen like the picture attached. So, I use only preview instead of record and broadcast. Every computer turning on, I start OBS and click preview fullscreen. Starting OBS can be sat by task scheduler. but preview fullscreen can't be automatic. fullscreen preview...
  5. D

    Question / Help Automatic scene switcher [sequencer]

    Hello world-wide forum! I must say, I love OBS and thank you all. I'm a first time user. I recently installed Version 25.07 with my Mid-2015 Mac OS version 10.15.4 Catalina. I carefully followed the instructions on how to download, extract and install (copy and paste) the...
  6. T


    This is the best idea ever! Stretch to screen automatically when detected! Using any kind of video/screen capturing (game/display/window capture etc..) For example: Using game capture: - Add feature that scans/detects resolution change in the current fullscreen game. - If the change is...
  7. D

    Question / Help Automated text file written based on text seen on window capture?

    Hey there, I'm trying to have my computer automate the contents of a text file (to be read by OBS) based on a specific portion of my window capture (the text of that window capture) - is there a solutions to this? For example, during stream, there's a part of my screen with text / numbers that...
  8. J

    Question / Help Automatic switch possible camera/microphone for speaker?

    Hi! I'm a big fan of OBS; the best free software available on this planet! I use it for my livestreams/podcasts. One feature that i reaaly would like is when a person speaks in a microphone, you will see this person. My set-up now: - 2 mics - 3 camera's (1 - person 1, 2 - person 2, 3 -...
  9. Discostoff

    Free Twitch Switch 2.0.7

    Twitch Switch updates your category automatically on twitch. Run setup as administrator. Roadmap: - Youtube - Delete / Block Games. - Dashboard Enjoy