How to automatically switch game capture and display capture.


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It's a post that I answered questions from another thread, but I'm posting it here for a lot of people to see.
(My English can be awkward because I am not a native speaker.)

1. Install Advanced Scene Switcher plug-in.​

You can download here.

2. Open OBS and create two scenes for display capture and game capture.​


Of course, please add the correct source for each scene.

3. Add an existing game capture to the "Desktop Scene".​


**DON'T MAKE NEW ONE!** Simply add an existing one.
We only need the status that the game capture has been detected.

One of the macros we're going to create is a macro that goes to another screen when game capture is disabled.

When you create new one, the game capture of the other scene will not be activated. Therefore, please use the existing one so that the macro does not work after switching scene.

4. Open Advanced Scene Switcher, and Make Macros​

You can find plug-in at Tools - Advanced Scene Switcher
Then Go to Macro tab, and Make two macros.

Macro 1.


I don't recommend it. However, some games stop framing when you doing alt-tab. So if you want to switch to alt-tab, This condition can be helpful.

Macro 2.

*important* this one must be checked in the "Perform actions only on condition change".

Then go to the General tab and click Start.

DONE. Enjoy it!

Let me know if there's a better way!
In addition to game and display capture switching, I think we can use this method to create various functions.
Hopefully someone can create a plugin with this feature.