1. Spinball

    How to switch Zoom view and active sources simultaneously (on Windows)

    This method on Windows 10. I can't say whether it works on any other operating systems. We stream using Zoom by capturing the Zoom window and positioning it within our layout and have historically used Zoom's Gallery View. However, I want to occasionally focus more on the speaker and use...
  2. W

    Cut to Preview Scene afte Video is finished

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking guidance on how to configure OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to automatically switch to a preview scene when a video has finished playing during a live session. Could someone please provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this? I want OBS to seamlessly...
  3. B

    Obs mic and capture recording, need help

    OK so to be clear I got a capture card so I could record gameplay, but I can't figure out the problem with one thing, how do I get obs to record only audio and video from my switch but not my computers mic, it's driving me crazy. I have everything on the switches end done and done but the...
  4. V

    How to automatically switch game capture and display capture.

    It's a post that I answered questions from another thread, but I'm posting it here for a lot of people to see. (My English can be awkward because I am not a native speaker.) 1. Install Advanced Scene Switcher plug-in. You can download here...
  5. S

    Output OBS audio to Mac speakers

    How can I output the game audio from OBS capture to my on board speakers? I am using a very simple HDMI to USB plug to go direct to the Mac, not a sound board, so when playing (Switch games, so I can't use Switch Bluetooth or headphones on the Switch as it defeats OBS' capture) so I can both...
  6. miralusion

    Audio Sync issues

    Trying to stream my Switch to Discord using OBS as a virtual camera, but I'm getting about a second of audio delay no matter what settings I use. Any ideas how to fix this? I've tried both negative and positive offsets but it doesn't make any kind of difference.
  7. AiroKunOmega

    Sound Is Awful

    Hi, New user here I'm using a razer ripsaw x to play my switch on pc and capture the video. The picture is fine but the sound is terrible. The sound is fine when I listen to it live but on the recording it sounds terrible. I can post the clip if needed, but here is my log. I'm using the...
  8. E

    wired headset not allowing obs to pick up the audio?

    I purchased a video capture card so I could stream using my switch while docked. I have my laptop, a monitor and switch all connected. The second I plug my wired headset into my switch while docked the audio from the switch is no longer picked up through OBS. When the wired headphones aren't...
  9. V

    No audio from the video capture device

    I'm using Acasis HD31, OBS sees the video capture device in the video capture device but not in audio input device. In my other computer, (older version of OBS probably) I was able to get the audio doing the same thing below.
  10. M

    OBS not working

    I need help here!! Ok so basically what I want to do is connect my Nintendo switch to my MacBook Air, I bought a HDMI capture card and downloaded obs. when I connected everything nothing would show up, the word “device” would light up from red to white indicating it was connected but the screen...
  11. B

    Switch Audio Not Working

    I just got a capture car and plugged it into my computer with my switch but I cant hear any audio I've created a audio input capture and set it to monitor and output but the audio still cuts in and out and I cant hear anything most of the time. what do I do
  12. B

    I cant change the resolution of my switch on obs

    I just got a capture car and plugged it into my computer with my switch but i cant change the resolution to go higher im trying to set it to 1600x900 but thats not a option what do i do?
  13. PixelsToPaper

    Streaming to Discord with OBS v28.0.1 Issues

    I just updated to v28 today. Before the update, I would use the Windowed Projector (Scene) to stream my Switch game to my Discord server VC. Now when I do this, my server can hear my game but no video animations on the screen. Just a still frame of whatever the screen was when i opened the...
  14. S

    Switch greatly affecting system load

    Whenever I activate my video source for my Switch, the log starts to get filled up really quickly, taking up a lot of system load, most of the time even hanging my OBS whenever I start streaming. I use a cheap capture card and this is what keeps showing up in the log: 18:46:04.757: warning...
  15. S

    HD60+ no in-game audio with Nintendo Switch!! Please help...

    Hi! I'm new to OBS and streaming and I am having issues with getting my in-game sound heard on stream/OBS. I know it's a common thread and I've tried the solutions offered but still no luck... Here's my set up: - HD60+ Capture Card connected to Switch dock with HDMI + PC through HDMI and USB3...
  16. DestrockQc

    How to play a game and automatically switch on the navigator capture while alt-tabing

    Hi, as you guys know these days we have a wiki for many games and I would like my audience to see what I see when I alt-tab to check a wiki cause if they can't, all they see is my character afk in game. I'm searching a way to add my game + webcam + firefox at the same time, BUT show only my...
  17. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Media Switch Scene 0.3

    This Script will change the active scene once the selected media file ended. Download and install the Audio Status Monitor lua script. Open up the Scripts dialog (Tools -> Scripts) Click the Plus '+' to add a new Script, select MediaSwitchScene.lua Configure the Script properties: Select the...
  18. lobsterey

    Discord bug with OBS

    Hi, I recently did a fresh uninstall of my OS everything worked perfectly before. Now, whenever I open discord up my video for OBS freezes. OBS works fine for playing my Switch when Discord is not open. Currently, I am trying to play my Switch from OBS while I sit in discord and talk with...
  19. G

    Screen Tearing with Nintendo Switch on Capture Card

    Basically title. Even when I’m not streaming or recording and just have the preview in full screen there’s noticeable screen tearing. Sometime it gets really bad, but goes back to just being kinda bad. any way I can fix this?
  20. A

    How to automatically switch the scenes?

    Hi! I would like to do that when I press the Record / Stream Hotkey, OBS will show my initial logo for 3 seconds and then change the scene without me doing it manually. To make it clear, I have this situation Scene 1: My Logo Scene 2: Videogame / Window Scene 3: Ending screen (Thanks for...