HD60+ no in-game audio with Nintendo Switch!! Please help...


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Hi! I'm new to OBS and streaming and I am having issues with getting my in-game sound heard on stream/OBS. I know it's a common thread and I've tried the solutions offered but still no luck...

Here's my set up:
- HD60+ Capture Card connected to Switch dock with HDMI + PC through HDMI and USB3 port. (blue against blue)
- Running OBS w/StreamElements.

When I click configure video, I don`t get the options I see a lot of other people get with their Elgato Capture Card.. I also downloaded the Elgato capture software like someone suggested, nothing changed. I tried creating an Audio Input Source but the Capture Card doesn`t even show up as an option. It's just default or my PC available..

Please help, I'm going crazy trying to figure this out... I just wanna stream some Mario Party xD

Thanks for any suggestion and help it will be very much appreciated, and I am happy to provide further info and screenshots if needed!

Game capture.png
Configure video.png
Audio output.png


  • Audio output.png
    Audio output.png
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