nintendo switch

  1. F

    Audio Pitch Distortion in OBS (with Elgato HD60S+). How do I fix it?

    I've already figured out, that this is only an issue, while OBS is open. Whenever I close it, everything sounds perfectly fine. When I open OBS tho, my Gamesound on my Nintendo Switch gets distorted and the pitch randomly goes up and down (kind of sounds like the sound sounds when you get hit by...
  2. I

    Issues with Chat Link Pro

    Hi, I am going to preface my post with an apology - I am brand new to streaming and all that comes with it: OBS, capture cards, audio mixing… so please bear with me. Anyway, my issue is that OBS is not registering game audio when using the chat link pro. If I unplug it then OBS picks up the...
  3. S

    I can hear my game audio through OBS, but it won't record it

    I've been stuck on this for a couple days, searching through forums and looking all over YouTube, but I can't find a solution. When I begin recording, I can hear myself on the recording just fine, but no game audio comes through. However, I have an Audio Input Capture Device set to my capture...
  4. B

    Nintendo Switch/OB game audio trouble

    hi, not tech savvy so here goes: i'm trying to stream games on Twitch from Nintendo Switch with my laptop while viewing on TV, but the game audio isn't working. i have a MacBook Air, OBS, HD60 X and Chat Link Pro. Chat Link Pro is connected to the HD60 X and Nintendo Switch. HD60 X has the...
  5. P

    Problems with Nintendo Switch Audio

    Hello, I'm using OBS studio from not long ago, so, what happens is that when I finish setting up all the stuff, the audio from the switch is good for a fraccion of a second, but later tho, the audio seems bad in all ways. Also, when I change the configuration in any way, the audio hears good for...
  6. D

    Nintendo Switch resolution problem.

    I don't know if it's a Nintendo Switch thing or if the problem is on the OBS. But those of you who stream Nintendo switch might be able to help me? When I connect the Switch to my recording card with Nintendo's own dock, there are no problems. But I have a Noname dock that works without any...
  7. T

    My USB3.0 with 4k capture capture card (off amazon) won't get proper audio

    Hi, I've been messing around with this last night and don't know what to do. I got the capture card above last night and am trying to stream my nintendo switch. What I have now is OBS set up for streaming, with the video capture device and an audio input device. Very little audio comes through...
  8. K

    My OBS video capture device keeps freezing

    I’m using my Nintendo Switch on OBS but for some reason the video keeps freezing, what do you suggest I do?
  9. A

    Recording looks like its lagging

    Hello there, since the new OBS update I have been having huge problems with my recording. I don't stream, I only record so streaming settings or network settings don't matter. My games run perfectly smooth on my device but as soon as I watch my recording it's all laggy. So here are my stats: I'm...
  10. K

    Livestreaming with OBS and nintendo switch

    Hey, I have a question. I want to try out live streaming for the first time on my switch with my PC (windows 10) but everytime I try to add a new video capture device, the screen is black or it shows me the game footage but like just the picture as if the game footage freezes instanly :/ I...
  11. T

    Nintendo Switch not showing thru El Gato / NDI Source

    Hello! I recently moved to M2 Mac and been having issues with showing my NSwitch Screen to my OBS I already downloaded NDI Source plugin AND NDI 5 Runtime but still having issues and NDI doesnt seem to be connected to OBS I then found this thread on Github...
  12. C

    OBS Audio suddenly lost while recording/streaming with Nintendo Switch

    So I record my Nintendo Switch through an elgato hd60 s+. I record my desktop audio (for discord) my own microphone, and my switch audio and video. I've had this issue pop up randomly, and rather frequently: I'll be recording my Nintendo Switch gameplay and without warning OBS suddenly loses my...
  13. S

    Constant Game Audio, Even When Muted

    Basically as the title says. I have to listen to any games audio that i have on switch through my avermedia LGP2 card. I'm not sure how i messed up so badly, because it jsut started doing this a few days ago. I mute it, stream cannot hear it but I can. I've changed every setting I can think of...
  14. miralusion

    Audio Sync issues

    Trying to stream my Switch to Discord using OBS as a virtual camera, but I'm getting about a second of audio delay no matter what settings I use. Any ideas how to fix this? I've tried both negative and positive offsets but it doesn't make any kind of difference.
  15. Yamagata

    OBS Blurry Recording from Ninendo Switch

    I've started recording gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage from my switch, but my recording seems really blurry.At first they were even worse, but I have search around the internet for settings, and it's a bit better now, but still looks kinda blurry(I'm not sure if blurry is the correct word, you...
  16. S

    Nintendo Switch Audio Broken

    I just updated my OBS to the most recent version, which of this post is 29.00, and since then, it has completely ruined my audio for my Nintendo Switch. When I go to select an audio for my Audio Output, it only gives me the option for my Mic and not where the Switched is plugged in from both the...
  17. M

    OBS not working

    I need help here!! Ok so basically what I want to do is connect my Nintendo switch to my MacBook Air, I bought a HDMI capture card and downloaded obs. when I connected everything nothing would show up, the word “device” would light up from red to white indicating it was connected but the screen...
  18. PixelsToPaper

    Streaming to Discord with OBS v28.0.1 Issues

    I just updated to v28 today. Before the update, I would use the Windowed Projector (Scene) to stream my Switch game to my Discord server VC. Now when I do this, my server can hear my game but no video animations on the screen. Just a still frame of whatever the screen was when i opened the...
  19. D

    Trying to run a Nintendo Switch through a capture card in OBS, will not run above 720p.

    When I run my Switch through a capture card into OBS I am unable to set the resolution to 1920x1080, even though the capture card should be good up to 4k and the Switch docked is supposed to run at 1080p. The capture card I am using is the Razer Ripsaw X. Screenshot below. I can physically...
  20. S

    Nintendo Switch Audio Issues

    Having some weird audio issues on Nintendo Switch games. The audio works, but for some reason, certain sounds and audio elements from games are not being heard or are heavily muffled. I had a friend of mine help me with audio issues and he said that he heard the same thing I was hearing...