OBS Blurry Recording from Ninendo Switch


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I've started recording gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage from my switch, but my recording seems really blurry.At first they were even worse, but I have search around the internet for settings, and it's a bit better now, but still looks kinda blurry(I'm not sure if blurry is the correct word, you can see for yourself later on).

The setup I use is a pretty cheap capture card like this (The country where I'm from does not have Amazon, but it's pretty much this). A HDMI that goes from my switch to a splitter that then has 2 HDMI's into a monitor/PC via USB from the capture card). The thing is, I'm pretty sure the quality that I see in OBS while recording is better then the actual recording afterwards.

I've attached a log file, and I wanted to ask:

  1. Might it be some settings or things that I've missed to do in OBS?
  2. Is it because that capture card(or mine specifically) might not be the best? If this is your answer, can you give me an idea of a more budget capture card(like ~50usd or less?, I know quality will come with higher price, but this one was less then 20, so to 50 might still be an upgrade, I hope)
  3. Can the fact that I use a splitter affect things? The splitter is powered, so I don't think it should be an issue, as the image I get to the monitor it's really smooth(From one of the HDMI's that get out of the splitter).
I'll specify that I've tried the following:-Tried multiple settings in OBS-Higher bitrate-Run as Administrator-It's running via the nvidia encoder( I have a 1070, should not be a problem considering the game it's not played on the PC)

Logs : https://obsproject.com/logs/9Cne3ChCVgUcj5W2

Example short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8Iwh2V2s4I (you can see the blurry characters, edges specifically)

Longer video if you wanna look closer and on actual gameplay(might contain spoilers if you wanna play the game): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsOM_oVn_4M (even in cinematics you can see some blur, so it's not only because of movement from the characters)

A random video, to give an example of one that has a better quality, I dont own it, hope the owner does not mind using him as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL7fXKojIeE ( Go to around 2:30 mins when walking around)

I can provide any further information that might help anyone diagnose my problem, Thanks a lot!


If you want to know if its your capture card, run the preview screen in fullscreen mode so you can see if it really comes in blurry or its the recording. I also had a cheap one and the blurryness was there too.

I use CQ16 as setting, the lower the better, but lower than this is considered overkill in most cases, but maybe you can try to set it down to 16 from 20. I also use a key interval of 2s, in your log I see a 250. Maybe lowering it, can help too, but I quess its the cheap capture card, since I remember the same problems.