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  1. N

    QUESTION on How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    Hello, so my capture card is from Amazon and my capture card is the: Papeaso Video Capture Card Here is the link...
  2. A

    Elgato HD60 S+ showing a black screen on ps3

    I have tried to connect the elgato to a laptop to record and it shows image for a few seconds but then it goes black, but in the elgato software it works perfectly but i prefer obs, anyone knows how to fix it? if I need to post the log file please tell me
  3. R

    Capture card footage is laggy

    I recently bought a new computer because all my old computers recorded laggy. I went all out with this pc and it can record and play games at the same time but whenever I try to use capture card (connected to xbox seris s) it'll run fine-ish (laggy but I can tell it would be capable of recording...
  4. G

    Capture Device Footage Flickering

    Hello. I wanted to record some footage from my Sega Master System, but when I got everything setup, the preview footage (as well as the actual footage) was flickering in & out. I am using a generic composite capture card since most old ones like Dazzle arent supported on Windows anymore. If i...
  5. S

    capture card not playing audio

    last stream i had the audio working, it played through my headphones from the capture card 3.0 usb bus, today i open obs and there is no audio from the capture card , still sends video but no audio i followed this tutorial to make the audio work last time- and no settings have changed (...
  6. S

    Capture Card won't record video at 60fps, appears to be capped at 30.

    I just got a new capture card today and have spent all day trying to figure out how to record my xbox series s gameplay at 1080p 60fps. I've already changed the 'video' tab settings to 60fps but that still hasn't changed anything. After experimenting with all the different framerates, it...
  7. GodPleaseHelpMe

    Is this even possible?

    I dont even know how to explain this please bare with me. I have a Rybozen 4k capture card that I use with OBS for recording game console footage. My laptop doesn't have a microphone jack, so to use my external mic, I plug it directly into the capture card's mic jack. In OBS my CC and my Mic...
  8. R

    capture card wont output audio on obs

    woke up this fine morning to my capture card not outputting audio on obs. i can still get audio through the headphone jack but my stream has none ive been trying to fix this for hours now someone plz help.
  9. cyanidexd

    Elgato HD60S+ Constant lag

    Hello, I recently bought a capture card from facebook marketplace which I am realizing was not the best idea but it seemed in good condition and so I went ahead with it. I got it and right off the bat there were issues getting it to output a display after I had opened the 4k capture utility so I...
  10. P

    Elgato HD60 X Audio Crackling

    I just bought an Elgato HD60 X capture card to stream from both my PS5 and Nintendo Switch. I've only set it up with my Switch so far but whenever I open OBS or Elgato's 4K capture utility software I hear frequent audio crackling and popping. I am using Elgato Wave Link as my audio mixer and I...
  11. Crazymiller

    Webcam & Capture Card Flickering

    Looking for some help with my Webcam & Capture Card flickering. I just upgraded from a 2070 Super to a 3080Ti GPU. I know for a fact I am currently being bottlenecked at 20% or so with my CPU currently but I don't think it would cause this issue I am having. I currently run a 850W Power Supply...
  12. Netca

    Obs Recording Stop

    Hi guys, i have a big problem what really annoys me. I bought a Avermedia Live Gamer HD2, i want recording games from Xbox one series s. The problem is, when i recording, 5-10 minute and the video is stop. I try all setting what i saw in the internet, but is doesnt work. What setting can i...
  13. Netca

    OBS recording stop random

    Hi guys, i have a big problem what really annoys me. I bought a Avermedia Live Gamer HD2, i want recording games from Xbox one series s. The problem is, when i recording, 5-10 minute and the video is stop. I try all setting what i saw in the internet, but is doesnt work. What setting can i...
  14. V

    Gaming pc lags when using obs dual pc stream

    This is an issue I've had for weeks and I can't find a solution anywhere. I use a dual pc stream with the OBS Fullscreen Projector trick and when I play valorant it feels laggy and almost like the game isnt smooth even though I have a decent framerate (over 240) I use an Elgato HD60 S with a ROG...
  15. D

    OBS Preview window is not showing consistent FPS though recording, other programs, and TV is fine at the same time

    First, the log file: I'm not streaming and am just looking to create local recordings to edit and post to YouTube. Now for the details: This is driving me nuts. I have a Live Gamer HD 2 card that can only do 1080p (I plan on upgrading at some...
  16. Augusto55

    Capture card footage does not feel 60 fps at all

    So I'm trying to record some SSBU footage through a capture card. Everything is set to record at 60 fps but the recording feels pretty choppy, even if the file is stated to be 60 fps in properties and in the editing software. I made a video to compare the capture card frame rate with SSBU...
  17. R

    laggy footage with capture card

    I'm streaming on my Laptop, 3060 NVIDIA, 1tb SSD, 16 GB Ram, i7 and i'm capturing my gameplay with a capture card. My Gameplay is fine, except when i am turning my camera, it just skipps a frame or more. I tried other encoders, i tried the lowest settings, i tried only having OBS and the camera...
  18. S

    Use of Capure card (Elgato 4k) makes OBS crash randomly

    Hi, I can stream hours on end, or just have OBS open without problems untill i use (make visible) the capture card source. The crashes appears randomly, can be directly, in 5 min, in 2 hours etc (streaming and offline) and it basically just closes up OBS. (See below crashfile) Things already...
  19. Yamagata

    OBS Blurry Recording from Ninendo Switch

    I've started recording gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage from my switch, but my recording seems really blurry.At first they were even worse, but I have search around the internet for settings, and it's a bit better now, but still looks kinda blurry(I'm not sure if blurry is the correct word, you...
  20. S

    Game capture audio hiss

    Hello, I’m brand new here and was hoping for some help. I have a 2 PC gaming / stream setup. I run OBS on my streaming computer. I use an Elgato HD60 S+ to capture my game audio from the other PC. I have a 3.5mm male into the line out on the Elgato, and the other male end into the line in on the...