capture card

  1. F

    Audio Pitch Distortion in OBS (with Elgato HD60S+). How do I fix it?

    I've already figured out, that this is only an issue, while OBS is open. Whenever I close it, everything sounds perfectly fine. When I open OBS tho, my Gamesound on my Nintendo Switch gets distorted and the pitch randomly goes up and down (kind of sounds like the sound sounds when you get hit by...
  2. V

    Webcam won’t work with my capture card

    So I have an issue where my webcam doesn’t wanna work with my capture card. The capture card works perfectly fine (after a week of struggle) and now my webcam doesn’t want to work at ALL. I made sure their on different hubs or whatever and it still don’t wanna work I just wanna stream bro
  3. T

    Capture Card Randomly Decides Whether it Wants to Work or Not

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone has any fixes or experiences with Capture Cards deciding to display nothing. Its come up just recently but my capture card [and camera] has decided to randomly stop working from time to time. It doesn't show the "No Video" or "HDCP Lock" screen, it just doesn't...
  4. Devcroe

    Capture card audio shows but does not work or come up in audio mixer.

    ive tried reinstalling OBS, adding audio input capture just shows my microphone as an option and nothing else. i dont know what else i can try, ive tried all forums i can find on this issue and nothing.
  5. N

    Game Capture is lower frame rate than rest of stream

    So I've been trying to stream on twitch, and after posting a link to my stream, someone points out that the game's framerate wasn't 60 fps. I thought this was odd, since the stream itself was definitely 60fps, and they pointed out that parts of my stream that weren't the game capture were also...
  6. globbo

    Recording becoming delayed when I pause it.

    Hello, I am recording gameplay footage for a video I want to edit, and I have been trying to save on diskspace, and my time from having to scrub through footage, by pausing the recording when I am not doing something i necessarily want to record. However, when I do this, the footage becomes...
  7. 1L1dan

    Incorrect colors in OBS output AverMedia Live Gamer 4K

    I have a 2 PC setup and use AverMedia Live Gamer 4K capture card to duplicate screen image from my gaming PC and everything was fine, but today something changed(and I didn't touch anything in OBS or anywhere else, so I'm confused) and the colors on stream seems to display incorrect. What...
  8. V

    Capture card audio cuts off randomly

    I'm sorry I don't know where I should seek help with this. While on OBS, the audio for my capture card will randomly cut off and will not come back until I disable and re enable the capture card. The frequency can go from 6 hours to 10 minutes, it really is just random. This has been happening...
  9. S

    Capure card keeps freezing in OBS (sometimes not even recognised)

    when using OBS and streaming to Twitch, my Elgato capture card has started to randomly freeze and then i have ot deactivtae/activate mulitple times or sometimes have ti manually unplug and plug the card back in in order ot get it to appear again. This happens whne streaming and alos when im not...
  10. P


    Hi, my friend just started streaming yesterday and he has a double pc set up with a razer ripsaw hd, but there's a problem that he can use the microphone on the streaming pc but he can't use the game voice chat on his gaming pc cause he don't see the microphone. His headset with the mic are...
  11. globbo

    Any HDMI capture cards you would recommend?

    Hello, I use OBS mainly to record gameplay footage, nothing too fancy. However, lately, my recordings have been having audio desync, and i am not sure why. i have messed with bitrates and audio delay so much to no avail that im ready to get rid of this cheap no brand composite capture card i...
  12. B

    Video delay whole recording

    Everytime I record on obs the video from the TV will be delayed, like if I jump on the tv automatic response, but then there will be a 1-2 second delay between what happens on the tv to the video on obs. How do I fix it so that it moves in sync with it
  13. M

    No Game Sound

    I stream from my ps5 through a capture card to my laptop and everything works great except have no game sound. I have tried changing a bunch of settings with no luck. Anyone else having this issue or that knows how to fix it?
  14. R

    Issues With Adding Capture Device

    I've been trying to add a video capture card (elgato hd60x) to OBS but the only thing that shows up under devices is "OBS virtual camera" under the select device. This has been an ongoing issue with every capture device and camera I've tried except for screen capture. I have deleted and...
  15. K

    P010 and HDR from UVC

    I'm Japanese lerning English. I have a question about importing P010 from UVC. Can I check whether the UVC device P010 supports BT.709 or BT.2100 in OBS? If possible, I would like to know how to check it. (In the first place, I couldn't find any description of HDR in the UVC standard.) In the...
  16. N

    QUESTION on How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    Hello, so my capture card is from Amazon and my capture card is the: Papeaso Video Capture Card Here is the link...
  17. A

    Elgato HD60 S+ showing a black screen on ps3

    I have tried to connect the elgato to a laptop to record and it shows image for a few seconds but then it goes black, but in the elgato software it works perfectly but i prefer obs, anyone knows how to fix it? if I need to post the log file please tell me
  18. R

    Capture card footage is laggy

    I recently bought a new computer because all my old computers recorded laggy. I went all out with this pc and it can record and play games at the same time but whenever I try to use capture card (connected to xbox seris s) it'll run fine-ish (laggy but I can tell it would be capable of recording...
  19. globbo

    Capture Device Footage Flickering

    Hello. I wanted to record some footage from my Sega Master System, but when I got everything setup, the preview footage (as well as the actual footage) was flickering in & out. I am using a generic composite capture card since most old ones like Dazzle arent supported on Windows anymore. If i...
  20. S

    capture card not playing audio

    last stream i had the audio working, it played through my headphones from the capture card 3.0 usb bus, today i open obs and there is no audio from the capture card , still sends video but no audio i followed this tutorial to make the audio work last time- and no settings have changed (...