capture card

  1. Yamagata

    OBS Blurry Recording from Ninendo Switch

    I've started recording gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage from my switch, but my recording seems really blurry.At first they were even worse, but I have search around the internet for settings, and it's a bit better now, but still looks kinda blurry(I'm not sure if blurry is the correct word, you...
  2. S

    Game capture audio hiss

    Hello, I’m brand new here and was hoping for some help. I have a 2 PC gaming / stream setup. I run OBS on my streaming computer. I use an Elgato HD60 S+ to capture my game audio from the other PC. I have a 3.5mm male into the line out on the Elgato, and the other male end into the line in on the...
  3. Jkingstan

    Why isn't my capture card outputting anything?

    I got a capture card recently and it seems to connect yet the output says otherwise <--- Thats my log
  4. S

    OBS not detecting capture card and HC-V770 camcorder

    Hey everyone I'm very new to all this. I purchased the "USB 3.0 HDR 4K capture card for live streaming" Mypin brand. I have the HV 770 Camcorder going from the mini HDMI to the input port on the capture card. I then have a usb 3 to usb 3 cord connecting the card to my PC. When i go to OBS I...
  5. CobraDarius

    Capture Card captures video, but no audio

    Hello, I have an issue with my capture card. I've looked around on here and tested lots of things but cannot seem to fix this. I've got an Elgato HD60 S+ which is capturing video from a Switch. The video shows up in OBS just fine, but there's no sound with it. On the audio mixer, there isn't...
  6. R

    When I record or stream with Elgato hds60+ capture card it freezes occasionally

    so like in the title, When I record or stream with Elgato hds60+ capture card it freezes occasionally, and until I deactivate and reactivate it, it doesn't fix itself. And the FPS drop is so much when I start recording or streaming. I had no issue whatsoever 2 weeks ago but now I can't stream...
  7. sneaky4oe

    Capture card source interruption causes stream to hang

    So, I have this elgato 4k capture card which I use to capture my screen, and occasionally I need to reboot my gaming PC during stream (yes, it's that bad). For some reason OBS on my streaming PC hangs if I have signal from main PC stopped or started. OBS may get unresponsive for a few seconds...
  8. F

    Capture card 30fps

    My capture card won't reach 60fps when using it in obs, I have no idea why. When I bought it, it clearly said 1080p 60fps, but it only runs at 30fps
  9. T

    Which is more efficient: OBS recording vs using capture card?

    I am streaming YouTube using OBS and recording with an external capture card. But recently the capture board broke and I am using OBS's recording function to replace it. When recording and streaming using OBS at the same time, isn't the overhead on the PC too heavy? I wonder if it is...
  10. F

    Will buying more RAM solve this problem?

    I bought a capture card, but for some reason it doesn't seem to reach 60fps when recording. I posted this problem a while back and someone said that it was because I need 16gb of ram for that to happen and I only have 8gb, so if I buy another 8gb stick, will that solve the problem? Asking just...
  11. F

    Sound issues with my Elgato HD60X

    Hi there, Long story short, I really like streaming on twitch and I wanted to upgrade my gear and use an acquisition box to be able to broadcast all the next big ps5 exclusives. So I took an Elgato HD60X released at the start of the year, I set everything up correctly, the console is...
  12. guillaumesoucy94

    PCIe Capture Card Not Detected By OBS Anymore

    Hello, After a power flash, my BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4K PCIe capture card isn't recognized anymore by OBS but when doing lspci The capture card is detected by Linux Mint as it gave this result: 01:00.0 Multimedia video controller: Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro 4K I did try: Rebooting...
  13. L

    Capture Card Lag

    Hello! Yesterday when I opened OBS to record a quick video I noticed my Capture Card preview was extremity laggy and if I was to click record, that would also be extremely laggy. Afterwards I tried to fix it for awhile but nothing worked. Here is what I tried - Installing new driver updates for...
  14. X

    OBS Kamera und Capture Card

    Huhu, Ich bekomme es leider nicht hin im OBS, dass dieser die Kamera als Videoaufnahmegerät und die Capture Card als Aufnahmegerät anzeigt. Jedes Mal, wenn ich beide anschließe und im OBS in die selbe Szene packen möchte, dann funktioniert immer nur eines von beiden und das jeweils andere hat...
  15. B

    Switch Audio Not Working

    I just got a capture car and plugged it into my computer with my switch but I cant hear any audio I've created a audio input capture and set it to monitor and output but the audio still cuts in and out and I cant hear anything most of the time. what do I do
  16. B

    I cant change the resolution of my switch on obs

    I just got a capture car and plugged it into my computer with my switch but i cant change the resolution to go higher im trying to set it to 1600x900 but thats not a option what do i do?
  17. ShadeyGuy

    Need help with framerate drops while using OBS. I've noticed that while streaming at 60 fps, the framerate will dip occasionally towards maybe 20-30 fps and then return back to 60 fps in a bit of time. I use a pretty basic laptop with a capture card to capture my console gameplay, and while I...
  18. M

    Going crazy trying to get audio to come through when using a capture card

    This is a common issue which many easily resolve, but I have tried every solution under the sun and OBS will still not pick up audio from my capture card. I have tried multiple HDMI cables and even got another capture card. I've tested it with two different cameras and multiple video game...
  19. splatfest

    Capture card audio desync - only fixed by toggling "Audio Buffering"

    Capture card: EVGA XR1 Lite OS: Windows 10 (19043.1889) Log file i got a capture card a while ago, mainly intending to use it to play Nintendo Switch games on my other monitor, and to stream them for friends to watch. when i capture the Switch in OBS, if it's been long enough since i last...
  20. R

    OBS Capture Card Preview and Stream Stutter

    Hello Everyone. Recently I've noticed that during certain parts of certain games (I'm currently playing Doom Eternal) that my preview is stuttering. OBS says I'm streaming/recording at 60 FPS, but both the stream and the preview doesn't feel like it. As far as I'm aware, it's only happening on...