capture card

  1. M

    Going crazy trying to get audio to come through when using a capture card

    This is a common issue which many easily resolve, but I have tried every solution under the sun and OBS will still not pick up audio from my capture card. I have tried multiple HDMI cables and even got another capture card. I've tested it with two different cameras and multiple video game...
  2. splatfest

    Capture card audio desync - only fixed by toggling "Audio Buffering"

    Capture card: EVGA XR1 Lite OS: Windows 10 (19043.1889) Log file i got a capture card a while ago, mainly intending to use it to play Nintendo Switch games on my other monitor, and to stream them for friends to watch. when i capture the Switch in OBS, if it's been long enough since i last...
  3. R

    OBS Capture Card Preview and Stream Stutter

    Hello Everyone. Recently I've noticed that during certain parts of certain games (I'm currently playing Doom Eternal) that my preview is stuttering. OBS says I'm streaming/recording at 60 FPS, but both the stream and the preview doesn't feel like it. As far as I'm aware, it's only happening on...
  4. S

    Obs Capture Card screen tearing when I switch HDMI (XBOX)

    Basically the tittle, but I've never seen someone's as bad as this. Help would be great
  5. W

    Capture card audio won't work

    My capture card audio does not come through on obs. I have added an audio input capture and there is still no sound coming through from my ps5. can anyone help with this?
  6. B

    Usb Video Capture Card Not Detect

    Please solve. The USB Video capture card in my OBS studio doesn't appear in the device list. I'm currently using windows 11 64 Bit and using OBS version 27.2.4 Example in the image below : But after I tried on another laptop, the USB Video Capture Card was detected in OBS with the same version
  7. G

    Video Capture Device Audio Stops Recording, Needs to be reset constantly

    I use a LiveGamerMini to capture sets at local tournaments i go to, but the past two times I've done them, I've checked audio levels and seen that they were functioning only for them to not be once i start recording and leave the setup later. setting the audio profile to something else, then...
  8. S

    Switch greatly affecting system load

    Whenever I activate my video source for my Switch, the log starts to get filled up really quickly, taking up a lot of system load, most of the time even hanging my OBS whenever I start streaming. I use a cheap capture card and this is what keeps showing up in the log: 18:46:04.757: warning...
  9. S

    No sound output from unbranded capture card

    I bought an unbranded capture card from Amazon with the intention of streaming to twitch. I have the card installed and the video comes through perfectly, however there is no sound coming through, and the bar showing the audio volume doesn't move either, so it seems like there is no sound being...
  10. K

    Dropped frames recording capture-card gameplay (Zasluke 4K USB 3.0 HDMI, 1080P, 60FPS)

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times already, but I could really use some help. A few months ago, I started uploading let's plays on YouTube, and at first everything was fine (aside from the general learning curve when using OBS Studio and an editing software for...
  11. P

    Frame dropping/skipping happens for captured videos in preview window and recorded files

    First of all, I use OBS only for recording some teaching lesson videos, not for live streaming, not for game recording. PC hardware: i7-11700K, NVIDIA 1650 4G(DDR6), 32G 2666 RAM, 980pro SSD in PCIE 4.0 slot Operating System: Win 10 1809 LTSC Win 10 21H2 Enterprise OBS version: 27.2.4(the...
  12. LPDarkSoulsHD

    Choppy/Low FPS with PS5 @ 4K60?

    Good evening, all. So I recently upgraded to a 4K setup and I'm having a really hard time configuring the best settings to get the highest quality recordings. When I was recording at 1080p, the preview windows and saved recordings never looked sloppy. However, at 4K, it looks kind of choppy. I...
  13. dankoooo:)

    400MB Internet, RTX 3060ti, Xbox Series,Capture card

    Hello :) I've been trying to start streaming for almost a month, but the problem is quality. I got pixels immediately when moving faster. I don't know how to get rid of it. I can easily have 100k bitrate, but nothing will change anyway. At 30fps, it sometimes works normally, but not always...
  14. Z

    NDI Source: Capture Card - No Video

    I don't know where this problem came from, I streamed no problem this passed Wednesday but now the video from the capture card isn't going through and I don't understand why. I verified that the OBS link was up to date, updated OBS studio, and rebooted my notebook at least 3 times with no...
  15. E

    Preview/Recording & Stream Lags while using a Capture Card

    Hello, i started to stream some months ago with only my "Main PC" and that worked good and all but i recently got a Capture Card ( Razor Ripsaw HD) but when using the capture card the obs Preview/Recording & streaming is lagging. I ofc did the recommended settings you can find online but...
  16. A

    Audio issues when streaming

    So, I have a Razer Ripsaw HD connected to stream from my PS5 to Twitch. Trying to get into streaming. I can't figure out how to get all my audio captured on stream. I thought I had it figured out and ran a test to see if it would work, but all it captured was my friend(s) in the PlayStation...
  17. C

    Elgato stutters dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing

    Hello I have searched everywhere and could not find the solution literally anywhere I have been trying to fix this for days so I have a dual pc setup after 10 minutes of playing valorant the Elgato starts stuttering on stream and in obs. looks like I am running on 40fps but before the...
  18. A

    Elgato 4k 60s+ video capture card stuttering/frame drops in OBS

    Hi I am getting consistent stuttering and frame drops when using the Elgato 4k 60s+ capture card while using OBS. This doesn't happen when using the 4k Capture Utility so it appears the issue is with OBS. If I try to use the NDI feed from the 4k Capture Utility it's ten times worse so that's...
  19. A

    Mac, Elgato Capture Card HD60 S+ - frozen picture

    I recently bought an Elgato capture card HD60 S+ for streaming my Xbox. I have a MacBook Air with all the right specs so should be fine, however as soon as I plug My capture card into my monitor and mac and load it up in Obs, it’s just a frozen picture of my game and doesn’t move. Please help as...