blurry recording

  1. K

    Stream and Recordings are blurry (1440p to 1080p)

    I play Warzone (primarily) at 1440p and downscale in the "Video" tab to 1920x1080p using Bicubic downscale filter. I don't have any rescaling output in the "Output->Streaming OR Recording" tab. My issue is that my both my stream and my recording is blurry. Not the webcam, just the gameplay...
  2. H

    Recording Outputs are Slightly Blurry

    Hey everyone, I'm running into trouble with my recordings for OBS. I'm doing local recordings (not streaming) with the intent of just using OBS to make talking head videos. I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL3 wired up to my Macbook Pro, which is what I'm using to record. I also have a Shure SM7db...
  3. Yamagata

    OBS Blurry Recording from Ninendo Switch

    I've started recording gameplay of Fire Emblem Engage from my switch, but my recording seems really blurry.At first they were even worse, but I have search around the internet for settings, and it's a bit better now, but still looks kinda blurry(I'm not sure if blurry is the correct word, you...
  4. imvijaygir

    OBS is Recording Blurry Screen

    It was working fine till yesterday night. But, as I recorded my screen today and checked the video, the recording is too blurry. See the screenshot below. None of the settings are changed. I have been using the same settings for a very long time now. I am also attaching the log file to get a...
  5. Tharuka

    obs recording is blurry

    have been running obs on lower end pcs and it worked perfectly fine but recordings on this laptop for some reason are blurry, can someone help
  6. A

    My Recording doesn't seem to be sharp enough for my liking.

    I've tried so many fixes and can't seem to get this working, it records without lags no doubt about that, but I feel it should be a lot sharper than this and don't seem to know why. here is a recording I uploaded here on one drive.!Ahc9WZiobm0zgm4hmxwZ5hzMZFXU?e=BdYUpu I...
  7. C

    OBS Blurriness - New Discovery & Workaround - Wayland related

    TEST & DISCOVERY ON DATE: Tuesday the 8th of February, 2022 I tryed lots of different video encoding tests on obs and with different parameters I have been only able to use x264 as the Encoder for the Streaming option I tryed Codecs: MP4, MOV, MKV, TS, AVI I have set bitrates up to 70,000...
  8. K

    Blurry image when setting Logitech C922 Pro to 1280x720?

    Just upgraded to a Logitech C922 camera because my previous one was stuck at 30fps. I got the new one hooked up and added it as a video capture device. Everything was good so far, running at 60fps but was defaulted to 4:3 for some reason. I went into the properties and set the device's...
  9. P

    Blurry Webcam Recording

    Hello, i'm kind of new to this. anyway my webcam works great in other applications but when i try to record in OBS it is blurry. The game capture however is not and i've tried a million different things. focus and other things are greyed out and i don't have access to it. any help would be...
  10. Echon

    Fuzzy Text While Recording

    Whenever I record, no matter what settings I change, any type of text on my screen is fuzzy or blurry. I see people with crystal clear video, pixels as perfect as they can get. No YouTuber has been able to find an answer for me, nor have I myself been able to find an answer. I have already...
  11. K

    obs only records in 240p

    So I've had obs for a while now and I just recently got a new set up, from my old windows laptop to a desktop. My monitor is a bit of a strange size, 1080x1024, and I think that's the reason why obs studio will only record in 240p so I need assistance on if there's any way to record on at least...
  12. A

    Blurry recording. How to make it as seen on screen

    Hi there I am recording some video tutorials of my screen and for some reason, it comes out much more blurry than what I am seeing. Here is a screen shot with the difference recording on the right and my screen on the left And here are my video recording settings... Some help would be much...
  13. M

    OBS recordings are blurry despite all the settings i've tried

    the part on the right is after an obs recording and the one on the left is just my game, i have not scaled and ive tried so many settings for the past week straight with no success Here is my log file