Stream and Recordings are blurry (1440p to 1080p)


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I play Warzone (primarily) at 1440p and downscale in the "Video" tab to 1920x1080p using Bicubic downscale filter. I don't have any rescaling output in the "Output->Streaming OR Recording" tab. My issue is that my both my stream and my recording is blurry. Not the webcam, just the gameplay. I'm not sure what I need to do or change so I can have FULL 1080p recordings.

If you could look the log and all of my screenshots of my settings, I would appreciate any insight or help along the way!

ASUS TUF 4070 TI Super
32GB Ram
PLENTY of storage
Only applications open during stream is COD.exe, OBS, and Discord.

Clip of said blurry stream (recording is just as blurry):

OBS Log of MWIII Benchmark:

(The log shows that I am using "Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduler" and whether I am using it or not, the above issues are still present).