scene switching

  1. V

    How to automatically switch game capture and display capture.

    It's a post that I answered questions from another thread, but I'm posting it here for a lot of people to see. (My English can be awkward because I am not a native speaker.) 1. Install Advanced Scene Switcher plug-in. You can download here...
  2. JeckNoTree

    Timed Automatic Scene switching

    Hi there everyone, I have a suggestion, about "scene switching" in OBS studio. It would be a "Timed-Automatic-Scene-Switch" Feature that changes each interval, to a new scene in a loop (seconds, minutes, or hours), maybe also randomized times (between 10-30 seconds) and scenes (random scene...
  3. M

    Switching Scenes

    Hi, I have been doing lives on FB for several weeks now. I have a problem with switching camera's. On FB I chose OBS Virtual Camera. I work with MacBook pro and do my intro with Facetime camera. Then want to switch to my Logitec camera for another shot. In studio modus I see everything works...
  4. Jammerlee

    Using a filter on a duplicate input?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place So, to preface, I want to use the same profile and scene collection. I've made a duplicate of my game source from my "in-game" scene and placed it in my "starting soon" scene. I like having the ability to change the game/window in one and have it...
  5. J

    Scene Change Cameras not working

    Hey guys I have a problem. When I change the scenes or start OBS, it often happens that the camera is not displayed. Is this because of OBS or Elgato Cam Link or because I have a webcam and a camera connected to the PC? Does anyone know what to do?
  6. lowburn

    OBS Crashing upon switching scenes

    Greetings, I'm wondering if anyone could provide insight as to what is causing this crash. It only appears to happen when I'm capturing a Microsoft Teams window in conjunction with a Microsoft PowerPoint window and switching scene collections between the two. I have tried disabling graphics...
  7. juny1209

    I'm looking for auto scene switcher using source as trigger

    Hello. I'm looking for plugin or tool of auto scene switcher using source as trigger. What I'm looking for is scene is switched automatically when specific image or part is detected on source. I'm trying to find proper plugin or tool but I can't find any proper plugin or tool. Does someone...
  8. E

    Mixer Request

    Dear OBS, I would like to start off by saying that I really love what you all are doing. I love being able to get such a good stream with free software. But I do have a request when it comes to the mixer. I think that it would be amazing if the mixer presets stay assigned to the specific...
  9. P

    OBS disconnects 2 minutes after changing scene

    Over the past few weeks OBS has started intermittently disconnecting from Facebook 2 mins after switching scenes. An overview of what happens is as follows: Start stream Switch scene (note, this does not happen every time and occurs with different scenes) 2 mins later OBS disconnects from...
  10. G

    Coding error when switching scenes?

    All of a sudden I can't switch scenes anymore without my stream/recording crashing. All I did was add 2 new scenes. I didn't have any problems with it before. Now even switching between the scenes I already had and were working isn't working anymore. Can someone please explain what's going on...
  11. a_0vi

    When changing photo in photo viewer(window capture) the scene automatically switches to default scene. (or how to generalize window capture?)

    i am recording my online class and for this, i need to show PDFs/images/flash files one after another. i am using Auto scene switcher in OBS to automatically switch between these scenes. the scene 'camera' - source: 'Video Capture Device' (dshow_input) is selected in the option When no window...
  12. SimonGZ

    OBS Lua Next Scene and Previous Scene Hotkeys v1.3

    This Lua script adds hotkeys for Next Scene and Previous Scene, which let you cycle through your scenes in OBS from the keyboard. I use OBS like a slideshow/presentation deck so this helps me cycle through dozens of scenes during a broadcast. It can be installed using the Tools --> Scripts...
  13. L

    Automation scripts/plugins

    Question I’m using obs as a music video channel and was wondering if there’s a script for playing certain clips at certain times during the hour? Similar to how PAL scripts are used for automation Sams broadcaster...
  14. tinydog

    Question / Help Prevent Studio Mode from selecting previous scene when you switch scenes?

    The default behavior of Studio Mode is that when you transition/cut to a different scene, the previous scene is automatically selected in the Preview pane. I presume this is to allow for easy flip-flopping between two scenes... but I never (ever) want to do that. Is there any way to suppress...
  15. S

    Free OBS Scene Queue 2.7.0

    OBS v28: OBS Scene Queue doesn't support OBS Websocket v5 which is used in OBS v28. You should install a compatible websocket version found here in order to use OBS Scene Timer. --- This basic application lets you configure your scene sequence before the show, so that you only have to press...
  16. Z

    Question / Help automatic sense switching for DJ stream

    I need a way my scene's can switch automatically while i a DJing. I just need the senes to go round a loop. Is there a way I can make the sense loop from scene 1 to scene 4 on it's own then back to the start again
  17. JurgenW

    Joystick or Gamepad as a scene switcher

    I've been looking around for a while to find a way that would allow me to do something like what a Stream Deck does (but just without the cost of it). Hotkeys in OBS have their limitations: You have to choose keys that don't interfere with anything else Using a keyboard for hotkeys means you...
  18. B

    Question / Help Order of the scenes

    Hi everyone I hope I don't ask you something that has been discussed for a long time. But I couldn't find it on the forum. For my Live-Stream-Concerts I habe prepared about 15 scenes. Most of the scenes contains the name and composer of the song that we play right now. The order of the...
  19. M

    Question / Help Other scenes appearing in stinger transition.

    I have no idea why, since this only happened today, but switching from Scene A to Scene B is fine but Scene B to Scene C sometimes shows Scene A briefly during transitions. And so on with different scene switches. I've tried troubleshooting by using multiple sources for the same images or media...
  20. K

    Switch scene based on loudest audio source

    Hi, I've been seeing a lot of big channels do streams with multiple game capture devices and multiple face cams. Obviously have a team to sit and scrub through which scenes they should go to and so forth. But I think it would be awesome to have a scene switcher based on audio. So, the way I see...