Question / Help Other scenes appearing in stinger transition.


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I have no idea why, since this only happened today, but switching from Scene A to Scene B is fine but Scene B to Scene C sometimes shows Scene A briefly during transitions. And so on with different scene switches. I've tried troubleshooting by using multiple sources for the same images or media sources rather than copy/pasting (didn't make a difference, so I switched back to make it cleaner and more consistent), using hotkeys (didn't change anything), but for some reason, my transitions won't go smoothly... but intermittently. Sometimes it's perfect, other times it's like other unrelated scenes are ghosting through my stinger. It's enough to drive me crazy because I just set up a very nice-looking set of overlays and scenes to use within my streams... so I'd love to also look like I know what I'm doing with my transitions.

I'm actually very new to OBS (last time I used it was in 2015.)

Here's the log file: