When changing photo in photo viewer(window capture) the scene automatically switches to default scene. (or how to generalize window capture?)


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i am recording my online class and for this, i need to show PDFs/images/flash files one after another.

i am using Auto scene switcher in OBS to automatically switch between these scenes. the scene 'camera' - source: 'Video Capture Device' (dshow_input) is selected in the option When no window matches switch to .
in one of the scenes('zoom class (picture)'), i'm capturing window of Windows Photo Viewer. but when i try to go to the next or previous image, the 'zoom class (picture)' scene is selected no more, and current scene is switched to 'camera' . in other words, when picture is changed(so as the title of window) Auto scene switcher treats Windows Photo viewer another source which is not listed, and thus changed to default scene.

so, like the above circumstances , is there any way in window capture to treat all windows of a certain app to be treated as same? for example, if i open any pdf or any image it will be considered as an enlisted scene.
or at least any method to resolve the above problem?

(n.b: i've tried same type and same executable but didn't work)

thank you.

log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/0LN7_m6ybMYypTg3