window capture

  1. MeganDrawsaLot

    Record/Capture/Project Realtime Canvas from Paint Program without Zoom/Rotate

    I am not a coder, but I was wondering if there might be a way to capture the canvas itself in any paint program with OBS. If you try to do this with Window Capture, OBS pics up everything including Zooming in/out and Rotating. I'm wondering if there is a way to capture the canvas itself...
  2. T

    How to fix lag/stuttering on Mac for streaming games

    Not sure if this works for all macs but this solution worked for me (2021 M1 Pro MacBook). Last week I tried streaming a game (Stardew Valley), and while the game ran perfectly fine for me on my screen, the output from OBS was dropping tons of frames and lagging half a second behind. To fix...
  3. M

    Window Capture pattern match?

    Is it possible to setup a pattern for window capture? Eg. My chrome window is [chrome.exe]: file name (for a photo). I want filename to be something like "whatever*" where it will match any chrome window that starts with "whatever" - is this possible? I've tried changing the window match...
  4. A

    Window capture of any browser blacks out when I click off OBS

    Hi! Whenever I use window capture to capture a browser (tested with Edge and Chrome, hardware acceleration turned off in both), the capture goes black when I click off OBS. Neither me nor multiple other people could figure out the root of the problem. I've tried capturing with different capture...
  5. C

    Auto-Resize Window Capture

    I am trying to resize the window capture to the actual size of the window automatically. Is there anything that will help with that?
  6. cmscalvert

    OBS Studio Not Capturing QFG5 After Windows Updates

    I've posted this on the Github as a bug, but was redirected by WizardCM to post here instead: Operating System Info Windows 10 Other OS No response OBS Studio Version 27.1.3 OBS Studio Version (Other) No response OBS Studio Log URL OBS Studio...
  7. ultra_artu

    window capture will not display videos playing in the background when another window is overlapping it

    this used to be an issue that recently came back to me, open a video displaying it in obs window capture, it will only show up when I have that window up on my screen, if I overlap it with another window of any program (even another window in google chrome) the video will disappear and become...
  8. AyaanMAG

    Google meet windows capture issue

    whenever I'm window capturing a Google meet tab and i switch to another virtual desktop the presentation goes blank, i need help to fix this
  9. B

    Black flash for 0.1 sec when I move across 2 monitors

    Hello everyone, I faced a problem, using OBS on my mac with m1 pro. I have two displays connected to make videos, OBS sees only one of them, therefore I can capture 1 window on first display, and do some other stuff on the another display simultaneously. But here is the deal – when i click on...
  10. Lukas ThyWalls

    Window not in Window/Game Capture selection (PaC-DK Game Engine)

    Hello. I was trying to capture the free game Dinner with an Owl, but i found that OBS doesn't detect the window game at all, using Game and Window Capture. With Display Capture the game is shown, but is the first time i found a main window game is not detected/listed at all although it is in...
  11. JonnoT

    OBS Python OBS Dynamic Window Capture 0.1

    This python script allows capturing of windows in OBS that have a dynamic title. This is useful for capturing WhatsApp or other programs where you want to capture a window based on a regular expression. This script only works on Windows.
  12. Y

    automatic windows selection

    Hello, I've configured a window capture resource, i want to capture my MS Teams window, but Teams always is changing the window title, so that always i have to configure the windows to capture. Is there any way to automatically select my teams windows only based on a piece of the title.
  13. B

    Refresh Window Capture when Blank

    I was wondering if OBS had a built-in function to refresh Window Capture automatically when the window it was capturing disappears. I was trying to write it as a Python 3.6 script, but having trouble. Any help or questions would be appreciated, thanks!
  14. Q

    Window capture has red and blue swapped by default after resize output to source

    I'm using the flatpak version of OBS Studio, version 27.0.1. Steps to reproduce: Add source: Window capture (Xcompsite) Select any window select the source, open the right click menu and select: Resize output (source size) Now the source has its red and blue swapped for me and from this point...
  15. S

    Unable to fit the window capture to the preview window.

    System specs: OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x86_64 Kernel: 5.11.0-27-generic Resolution: 1920x1080 DE: GNOME WM: Mutter CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (16) @ 3.600G GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 5700 XT Memory: 16GBs There's always a small black bar no matter what I do. The base canvas is set to my monitor's...
  16. R

    Window Capture issues.

    So when I try to capture a specific window, it looks instead like it is capturing my whole screen sans my taskbar; I did some searching and found old threads about changing Aero views in Windows as well as enabling/disabling Aero in OBS itself but no combination of settings I have tried has...
  17. S

    in windows Window Capture (Xcomposite) does not display the firefox browser

    Hi, to be precise I don't display anything but obs app and "Create/Select source". Why don't I display the instance of my firefox browser? I'm using the latest version of obs ( - Linux - OpenSuse Leap 15.3). Thank you.
  18. DeatH_StrikeR88

    How to use both display capture and window capture simultaneously?

    Hello everyone I need a help. I was planning to create video to compare CPU, GPU and RAM usage between game launchers like VALVE STEAM, EPIC GAMES, GOG etc. So, as much I have observed and did research I do need to capture both display and the window of TASK MANAGER simultaneously. But I don't...
  19. R

    What in the world: Cannot get Windows 10 Alarms & Clock to appear as capturable window

    Howdy, Just updated to the newest version of OBS, apparently I missed six whole versions, and I use the application to stream artwork weekly. I wanted to implement a countdown timer into my stream and naturally, figured the software would be able to capture the WINDOWS 10 ALARMS & CLOCK...
  20. Gathsara

    Window Capture Option Missing..?

    I am Using ArchCarf Linux(Based - ArchLinux) But Window Capture and Screen Chapter Options are Missing.. This is my install cmd - yay -S obs-studio how can I fix this..?