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  1. smelly

    Question / Help Minecraft 1.14. Just Another Black Screen Thread.

    Hey folks! I've had excellent results with Minecraft versions 1.12.2, 1.13, 1.13.1, and 1.13.2. However, all snapshots, pre-releases and now official release versions of 1.14 are black-screening using Xcomposite window capture. I've created a new Scene Collection with only the Minecraft window...
  2. K

    Question / Help Window source not found

    As you guys can see in the image, i have opened my game (A hat in time)m the thing is that i tried to capture as a game, didn't work, i got the full black screen issue. . . then i tried to capture as a window, didn't work either. . . so the thing is that obs can't find the window source of my...
  3. U

    OBS Display/Window Capture

    Im having alot (alot) of trouble with streaming and recording with OBS. I've never had this issue with any other computer before, so it might just be compatibility issue. I have a HP Spectre 360, and it doesnt seem to go with alot (which is annoying considering how much I payed for it) so maybe...
  4. F

    Question / Help OBS can see windows, but output is black

    I was trying to record DOSBOX with obs via window capture (game capture bugs out), but the video is just nothing6
  5. T

    Question / Help blackscreen when game capture or window capture but not on screen capture

    i tried to change the settings in nvidia control panel by putting it in high performance nvidia graphics after selecting obs programme. it has no problem capturing screen when run on integrated graphics but does not capture only window or game.. please help...
  6. E

    Question / Help Several questions. Using OBS to capture music recording session in REAPER

    Hello- I am familiarizing myself with OBS, using it to capture live music recording sessions. The digital audio workstation I use is REAPER. I have questions, some specific to REAPER, and others more general. A generally applicable one first: 1) How can OBS be set to capture popup windows...
  7. J

    Question / Help Window Capture Offset/Duplication Issue

    I have recently had an issue regarding window capturing various clients and other applications. It causes the capture to have an offset as well as a duplicate image of the window I am capturing. For whatever reason, it will only fully capture the clients when they are pressed into the top left...
  8. M

    Question / Help Capturing window creates black bars

    Hello, I'm trying to capture a window. I do so with a window capture source. However, window capture does not capture the top of the window (that's where the the name of the program, icon, and close/minimize buttons are) and the margins, but only the contents. This means those spots are now...
  9. S

    Bug Report MacOS Mojave v.10.14 Window Capture Flickering

    This flickering has been an issue for a few months now, specifically since August 2018 when Mac had an update that broke Window Capture. I personally need to stream Clip Studio to do work and get paid. Meaning that I need to use Window Capture, Display Capture won't capture the program for some...
  10. pocketemi

    Question / Help Having issues with OBS window capture

    So my OBS has been absolutely fine, no issues at all whatsoever, until yesterday. Yesterday morning I was about to stream, I previewed it as always and it was absolutely fine. I then stopped the preview, closed OBS for an hour, then when I came back and previewed it again I was greeted with the...
  11. D

    Question / Help Fedora 28 problems recording the whole window

    Hi guys, I installed OBS and I was able to record few videos. However, I'm not able to capture the whole screen, only applications. And that is an issue because I want to record the whole screen and everything that happens there. I want to record a tutorial with sublime text, but when I run...
  12. G

    Bug Report Screen tearing/random glitching w/ Window Capture Hey there! So I'm having a minor but incredibly irritating issue/bug where while window capturing Elgato Game Capture HD software on my Mac, there is random screen glitches/tearing/something or other that's really gettin' on my nerves. I've tried...
  13. S

    Question / Help Problems with window capture

    I'm using OBS to stream art and so I added a window capture for Clip Studio Paint. It appears to be working nicely but then once in a while a few black stripes appear above the window capture, it's like a really quick glitch. It ruins the stream experience. Am I doing something wrong? What...
  14. D

    Question / Help Blurry Recordings Using Display/Gameplay/Window Captures

    Hey all! I downloaded the newest free version of OBS (22.0.1) and I'm having a hard time with getting my videos to be in 1080 resolution. Below I will put my computer specs and such but I really don't know what I'm doing wrong! I know when I put FPS Value on 60 my computer gets so slow during a...
  15. FMDevon

    Question / Help Game not working with Window Capture

    Hello, I am not sure if this has been answered before, but I tried to do some recording today and my OBS is not capturing the game in Window Capture. It will capture the opening title of the game but won’t go any further than that even though the game is running perfectly fine. I’ve not...
  16. M

    Bug Report Window Capture (XComposite) only showing OBS' menu and titling every window as "unknown"

    If I try to attach a window capture to my mixer, it gives me a X of "unknown" windows with either black / OBS menu as the output, X being the amount of windows I currently have open. Sometimes, the first time I open the menu for the window capture it gives me a randomly chosen window (such as...
  17. P

    Question / Help OBS WindowCapture Audio Issue

    can someone PLEASE help me with this audio issue Q~Q I talk a lot at the start of the video but you can basically see the problem happen as it goes on plz understand tl;dw whenever I windowcapture something, the desktop audio starts...
  18. T

    Question / Help Any way to reduce render hit from Window Capture source when window is not found?

    I noticed that when I add a single Window capture source to a basic scene, the render time jumps from 1.2ms to 5.9ms. The jump happens when the window is not present, and the render time drops to 2.2ms when the window is present and the content is displayed in the scene. I imagine that OBS is...
  19. F

    Question / Help window capture won't display the full LoL-client

    Hi! I wanted to stream Lol with Obs and sadly, I'm not able to get the window capture to show the full client, it cuts off a huge chunk of the right side and the bottom.. Would be very grateful for any advice on how to fix it :)
  20. N

    Question / Help Black Screen (No common solution working)

    Hello, I've been trying to stream with OBS for a little while, recently one of my hard drives crashed, so I reinstalled windows. I use Windows 7 professional. OBS worked like a charm before but now it only works with media sources, images, and display capture. Window capture and game capture do...