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  1. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    How can I split audio from two Window Capture Sources —> one to the Right channel and one to the Left channel?

    My goal is for the livestream audience to hear Window Capture Source A in one ear, and Window Capture Source B in the other ear. (If they are wearing headphones). If I have two different Window Sources, how would I separate the audio from Window Source A to the Left audio channel, and send the...
  2. FiddlerOnTheNet

    Question / Help OBS/Zoom black screen when screen sharing starts/stops

    Hello! When recording a zoom window with OBS, everything works fine until someone shares their screen. Then the window capture goes black, and I have to go to Window Capture --> properties --> window match priority and switch between the two "match title" options. No matter which option is...
  3. N

    Question / Help Display Capture > Crop To Window not working

    Hello, I'm using Mac Catalina and I would like to record Adobe Reader pdf file with OBS. However, when I choose properties>crop to window it has no effect on the recording. It still captures whatever it is on the display. I tried window capture but it is also not working. I also don't want to...
  4. G

    Bug Report Problem recording Chrome with Window Capture

    It's been a few months since I last recorded. OBS needed an So I update and film a reaction. The Window Capture for Chrome did not record. So I can tweak the settings and get OBS to start recording the window. But Every time I bring the Chrome window in front of OBS or minimize...
  5. M

    Question / Help PokerStars Window Capture Not Working

    Hi all, I am trying to get Pokerstars to work on Streamlabs OBS 0.21.2. The problem I am having is when I am trying to capture a specific window to display on OBS it is just coming up black. I have tried enabling aero/disabling aero but it doesn't make a difference. I was having a similar issue...
  6. E

    Question / Help Window capture stopped working on large windows sizes (Nvidia)

    Hi, Looks like if before I was able to do window capture (xcomposite) on large windows (i.e. 3440x14440), with most recent Nvidia drivers - 440.82) seems like OBS (25.0.8) gives me an error like: error: xcompcap: glXCreatePixmap failed: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) If I...
  7. M

    Question / Help Window capture FaceTime

    I have Catalina on Mac, and am trying to get my FaceTime to connect with OBS. When I go to window capture it’s not there. If I click show windows with empty names favetime (null) shows up. If I click it, it still doesn’t go into OBS. Someone please help!!!
  8. P

    Question / Help 'Window Capture' not properly capturing Windows

    Hello, I am new to this forum, so if this question has already been answered, I apologize. I also apologize in advance for asking a Streamlabs question in the OBS studio forum, but this community seems very well versed in general OBS usage. I am currently attempting to migrate from OBS Studio...
  9. xXNicoXx10

    Question / Help Unable to use Window Capture properly

    Log: I am having problems using the Window Capture feature, like not being able to change its properties, or, when I can change them, not being able to select most of the currently open windows. Some PC Info: AMD A4-3300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD...
  10. C

    Question / Help DELETED

    Sorry, I can't see where to delete this, I realised my issue just after I hit send
  11. L

    Question / Help zoom vs window capture issue mac

    Hello, I'm trying to get obs to video capture zoom screen. i have watched several tutorial and unfortunately i don't know what i'm doing wrong. 1) when i select the propertis of window capture i don't see zoom window in 99% of the case when i get the zoom window the i get a white screen aling...
  12. R

    Question / Help Issue with window capture - MacOs Catalina

    Hi, I'm new on OBS and followed a lot of tutorials to use it. I have a problem when I want to share a window (and don't have this issue with local files) : the image "jump", it's not permanent and content. Does anyone have an idea ? Configuration OBS : OBS Studio 24.0.6 (mac) Configuration...
  13. M

    Question / Help Zoom Camera not seen under Automatic Capture Method

    I am pretty new in the OBS. I am using OBS 25.0.1 (64 bit) with Windows 10 operation System Zoom video (that is camera or screen sharing by Zoom) by using Window Capture as a source is not working properly after updating Zoom Windows Client. That is, to stream the Zoom screen, I was using the...
  14. B

    Question / Help Issues using Window Capture with ZOOM

    Hi, like a lot of people at the moment I'm trying to use Zoom for mutli-location music performances. When i use Window Capture and the Zoom window, i see the command strip along the bottom of the Zoom window but the picture itself is just black. Tried starting everything in a different order...
  15. N

    Question / Help Window Capture & Audio - Interview Show, Feedback from Mic

    Hey team, I have setup a livestream show, the issue I am having is feedback through the mic, I have the main window from my sony camera using remote into OBS (this means I don't need a capture card) I have a USB mic that I speak into. That setup works perfectly, however as I have created a chat...
  16. P

    Question / Help Does The Newest Version of OBS Studios Not Have a "Hide Cursor" Option for Window Capture?

    I recently downloaded the newest version of OBS Studio and was fiddling around with it, trying to disable the cursor for the window capture option. I've seen that display and game capture have this option, and I was wondering if there is one for window capture or I'm just clueless. I've included...
  17. Z

    Question / Help Option I need is not showing in Window Capture

    I am trying to window capture Bluestacks. It is open, as you can see in the background. But it is not showing as an option in OBS.
  18. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    Question / Help Window Capture is black for Penguin Subtitle Player, but not for other windows

    Hello. On a laptop, I am trying to troubleshoot a Window Capture source that is appearing black. I am able to successfully use Window Capture for Chrome, Notepad, Zoom. However, I can't figure out how to make PenguinSubtitlePlayer.exe appear in Window Capture. Here is my Log File. I have...
  19. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    Question / Help Window Capture is Black for Penguin Subtitle Player.exe on Laptop

    Hello, I am trying to troubleshoot a Window Capture source that is appearing black. I have already tried the instructions for NVIDIA laptops on this page and on this page. OBS is set to high performance in both the NVIDIA control panel and in the Windows Graphics Settings. Thanks to those...
  20. A

    Question / Help OBS Window Capture - Everything I want to record is (null)

    Hello, when I enable window capture only 5 things show up as options: When I hit show Windows with empty names, everything I'd like to record is null. Such as google chrome, photoshop, skype, etc. For google chrome I did the hardware acceleration tip and it didn't help. If I hit the null google...