window capture

  1. R

    What in the world: Cannot get Windows 10 Alarms & Clock to appear as capturable window

    Howdy, Just updated to the newest version of OBS, apparently I missed six whole versions, and I use the application to stream artwork weekly. I wanted to implement a countdown timer into my stream and naturally, figured the software would be able to capture the WINDOWS 10 ALARMS & CLOCK...
  2. Gathsara

    Window Capture Option Missing..?

    I am Using ArchCarf Linux(Based - ArchLinux) But Window Capture and Screen Chapter Options are Missing.. This is my install cmd - yay -S obs-studio how can I fix this..?
  3. L

    Arch Linux user. with i3wm. without desktop environment. installed via pacman. want display capturer or window capturer.

    log: I installed this package: (27.0.0-1 now, due to having upgraded today) Noticed "Sources" lacks "Display Capture", "Game Capture", "Window Capture", and some more. Just need one of those...
  4. R

    I Can't Capture Vulkan Games / I Can No Longer Hook Vulkan Games (I could but now I can't)

    I usually use OBS for Rainbow Six Siege Vulkan API. But recently, after I installed R6Analyst I can't use game capture and even window capture to capture Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. I instantly uninstall R6Analyst to see if it was the problem. Turns out the problem persisted. My OBS still can't...
  5. Theagames10

    Roblox Window Capture not working properly

    It's been like 2 years since i've been here on these forums, and in this time, I get a new gaming laptop and so far it is going great. I went to try out OBS with Roblox tonight, but then saw Roblox in like a quarter of the capture with a glitchy mouse in the bottom of the capture, and it just...
  6. P

    Mouse cursor is not capturing in window capture

    I was trying to record Blender software using window capture. But the mouse is not showing in the window, but the mouse can be seen in all other capturing method. I like to use the window capturing method, so that the other screens won't be recorded if I switch the window. I tried tweaking the...
  7. Z

    Window Capture freezes specifically trying to record Minecraft

    I've been having issues with getting OBS to capture minecraft. The only way that I can currently capture it is through Display capture, but that will only record at 5-10 fps, not exactly ideal since I'm trying to record videos for youtube. Game capture hasn't worked for any game for me and I've...
  8. M

    Recording OpenTTD on Windows 10

    I have recently been trying to record two games with OBS, both on my desktop (a Dell 3360 Precision Workstation, which has no GPU) and could get neither to work. I have since been on these forums and many others, and worked out that actually my computer can't do game capture for either of these...
  9. N

    Window capture option not showing up

    Hello there! I have been wanting to speedrun minecraft and so I decided to use OBS to capture my gameplay. When I go into window capture, EVERY SINGLE WINDOW I have open is shown except the one for minecraft. I searched my problem up and none of the solutions I found worked. any idea how I can...
  10. N

    Window capture white blank (firefox) on Win10 NVIDIA FIX

    Hi, Problem: Window capture is white blank (Firefox) Graphics card: NVIDIA 1050Ti Fix: It seems Firefox has to be set on high performance setting in NVIDIA control panel. NVIDIA control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program settings > 1. Select program (Firefox) > Power management > Prefer...
  11. F

    Xcomposite Window Capture is frozen / does not update

    Xcomposite shows 1 frame, but never updates, remaining frozen. If I change one of the window capture settings, it renders a new frame, and stays frozen there again. It updates while I'm moving the window around, but not when left in one place. It captures my cursor over the window, but not...
  12. wasawat_non

    Window Capture mode always stuttering "Any Applications"

    As the Headline I have the problem with "Window Capture mode" with OBS Stduio or SteamLab OBS While not capturing the Applications (Games, Browser and etc.) are just running smooth and fine. So my only solution I have is to use "Full Screen Capture mode" for games. But I still want to use...
  13. D

    Problem with window capture when the window is not focused

    Just an observation: im not a Native American so my english can be... very curious. So, the problem is,im trying to make a record while i do other stuff, but, the screen that is recording (a youtube video) freezes when is not focused, example, Edge if focused and recording, if i get back to OBS...
  14. L

    Window Capture won't show window I need

    I am using Sidearm Sports for our live stream graphics and I have to use window capture to get the google chrome window in order to crop and show the graphics on the stream. What is going wrong and how do I get the window to pop up.
  15. 7

    Window Capture laggy

    Anybody who knows why the window capture lags? Using Display Capture works perfect for instance
  16. S

    Window Capture does not seem to save upon reload...?

    So I'm new to OBS and this has been an issue from the beginning... If I window capture an app, like say Traktor to DJ music from and display it through OBS it works fine, but after closing OBS and reopening it can't seem to find Traktor anymore, even if I had it open upon opening OBS. The same...
  17. lcalder

    OBS 26.2 Win10 Ease of Access mouse size changes not captured by window capture

    I use Win10 Ease of Access to change my mouse arrow size and color. OBS 25 was able to capture this with window capture, but OBS 26 always ouputs a default small, white mouse cursor arrow to the stream. On OBS 26 and above, now the only way to correctly transmit my modified cursor size/color is...
  18. K

    Blacksreen with Window capture.

    Hi everyone, my friend host a new podcast on youtube and need to use some maps, we wants that his live become more interesting to watch so we want to use google maps with the window capture, but when we launch it the preview suddenly become black and the cursor is duplicated x100 (on OBS). I try...
  19. E

    Windows not showing up when adding window capture to scene.

    I hope this is the appropriate forum. I've included the log file and a screenshot of what I see in rpan studio. When I try to add a window to window capture for a scene, the windows I have open do not show up in the options. Instead menubars, the image for my desktop, and other items show up...
  20. aquatic7

    Window capture doesn't work. Many unknown sources. Only shows most recent window.

    When I add a Window capture, and click the Window list, it just shows a list of "unknown". It doesn't matter which of the "unknown" I choose. It doesn't change window. It's always only show the last started program no matter which of the "unknown" sources i choose. So if OBS is the last program...