What in the world: Cannot get Windows 10 Alarms & Clock to appear as capturable window


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Just updated to the newest version of OBS, apparently I missed six whole versions, and I use the application to stream artwork weekly. I wanted to implement a countdown timer into my stream and naturally, figured the software would be able to capture the WINDOWS 10 ALARMS & CLOCK EXECUTABLE.

My first error in judgement was assuming that this was an easy task, apparently it isn't. Not only did I need to update OBS, not only did I need to read several misleading forums not answering the question directly, but most troubling of all was that downloading a standalone non-microsoft app from the microsoft store was the only way to get anything on screen that didn't require a website application. The most I can get is a black screen captured on the OLDER VERSION, apparently V27 can't even find the window itself. It doesn't matter if I change the capture method, the alarms & clock does not appear, will not appear, and as far as I can tell, does not exist to OBS. I read that V25 added the ability to add microsoft system windows to the captures, but that appears to have been axed?

This is ridiculous, I'm on the verge of picking up C++ again to program a minimalist programmable system clock because apparently the programmable timer application market is full of awful, tacky, screen-filling nonsense that somehow manages to hog more resources than it should.

Please help, I have no freaking idea what I did wrong. I can see the clock! It's there, it's a real program I promise! It appears as Alarms & Clock in my system processes.

EDIT: Apparently my screenshots are too big, who even knows how that happened. Links to screenshots:


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There are a number of LUA timer scripts available for adding things like realtime clocks, countdowns, countups, and so on.
Snaz isn't necessary, and hammers your hard drive writing an update once a second.

As far as the Windows Clock app, blame Microsoft. They've implemented extreme security measures in a number of UWP apps (stuff downloaded from the Windows Store) even for inane, simple programs. There's nothing OBS can do about it.