windows 10

  1. frequencynip

    OBS crashes windows when alt tabbing

    Hello. When alt tabbing my CSGO when recording with 120 FPS,my whole machine crashes and i need to restart. Logs and MSINFO32 provided below.Thanks
  2. T

    OBS crashes on startup

    Hello everyone! I just downloaded OBS and tried to start it up for the first time. Onfortunatly it keeps crashing. I've tried some reïnstalls and restarting my pc but none of that seems to have solfted the problem. Can someone please help me? Thank you!
  3. T

    Lagi w nagraniach obs. "Enkodowanie przeciążone!"

    Witam. Mam taki problem a mianowicie chciałbym nagrywać minecraft na laptopie ale na nagraniach klatki przeskakują co jakiś czas około 20 sekund. Oto parametry laptopa: intel core i3 60060u karta graficzna nvidia 920mx 4gb ram dysk HDD 930 gb. I na dole obsa jest napis "Enkodowanie Przeciążone!"...
  4. S

    separate audio tracks problem: only track 1 is being recorded

    Hello everyone, My friend and I watched this video, downloaded the win capture audio plugin and copied the exact settings to our obs. We both wanted to have three separate audio tracks: discord, game and mic. Then we both recorded a short video to test it. And it...
  5. V

    Bitrate drops to 0 kb/s or close to this amount

    Hello. I have such a problem that when starting a stream, the bitrate immediately or after a few seconds drops to zero. Then he tries to go up to 200, 300 kb/s, but still keeps at zero. It started a couple of days ago when I bought a new pc. Previously, everything worked perfectly, streams went...
  6. P

    Stinger Audio Freeze on Stream?

    so a question with stingers, everytime i use one to transition, on the stream itself it makes a loud noise, like the very beginning of the stinger audio freezing for a second before the actual transition happens. the actual video output is normal it just makes this noise right before it visually...
  7. D

    Shoot the screenshot

    Hello, I am currently making a video to show how to use the keyboard shortcut windows+ctrl+s to take a screenshot in Windows 10. I would like to record this process with OBS. However, when I launch the recording and I use this keyboard shortcut, it does not appear in OBS. Indeed, the menu of...
  8. H

    OBS deactivates the ESC key

    Hello forum, I use OBS 27.0.1 64Bit under Windows 10 64Bit and so far I have had no problems with either recording or streaming. Lately I've been playing old games like Team Apache, Janes Longbow2 and Janes F15. In these games you have to press ESC at the end of a mission to get back to the...
  9. K

    Dropped frames even with good internet connection

    I have a good internet connection but obs is still almost always red and there are also lot of frame drops, how can I fix this please help.
  10. C

    Recording error: An encoder error occurred while recording

    I get the following error: Recording error: An encoder error occurred while recording. It happens everytime I start recording. It's been like this all of a sudden, months ago, and I don't know how to fix it. Log:
  11. L

    Updated OBS, now crashing on start

    I updated OBS today and it now crashes when I open it. I saw somewhere else that there might be an issue with not having the latest windows update, so I have installed all the available windows updates and am still getting the same issue. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled OBS. Any...
  12. I

    OBS Application not outputting audio

    Alright, so I'm having an issue where OBS itself is not outputting audio to my headphones. Up until yesterday I've had no issue with hearing my Audio Monitoring, and my Stinger Transitions, and any other audio that is produced FROM OBS that allows me to hear what's going on. Today, I can't hear...
  13. M

    How to record separate audio tracks on Replay Buffer?

    Hey all! Just wondering if I can get some help figuring out how I can record multiple (3) audio tracks when using Replay Buffer on OBS. The three tracks I want to record are: - game audio - mic audio - chat audio In Settings>Advanced>Recording, I have tracks 1-3 selected, and under Advanced...
  14. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio out of Sync in OBS while recording my Nintendo Switch gameplay

    Hello everyone. I have solve some problems with the laggy stuff in the video file in OBS and it seems like its ok honestly. I just need to resize my windows screen by being the same size for the OBS screen. yeah. Now I have a small issue. Can anyone tell me how to fix a game audio that is out of...
  15. 4

    Stream on Youtube connects but does not send media

    Every time I try to stream on youtube through obs, the stream connects (as in the image) but doesn't send images. I'm afraid this has something to do with Windows Defender or Windows Firewall because when I uninstall OBS, restart the notebook, disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall and...
  16. I

    Problem capturing window

    Hi, I have a problem capturing windows in obs. For example, I use an application to duplicate images from my cell phone. The problem is that what I give in capturing window, in OBS it appears to me of low quality when the capturer is in HD. Does anyone know what the problem is? or how can I...
  17. 4

    Stream no Youtube conecta mas não envia midia

    Toda vez que eu tento fazer stream no youtube pelo obs, a stream conecta (como na imagem) porém não envia imagens. Receio que isso tenha algo a ver com o Windows Defender ou Firewall do Windows pois quando eu desinstalo o OBS, reinicio o notebook, desativo o Windows Defender e o Firewall do...
  18. shamshitty

    windows media player just showing a black bar in window capture

    not sure whats going on here but when i try to capture windows media player through window capture all i get is this black bar, which appears to be capturing the bottom of the window as my cursor does a weird repeating effect when i hover over it. maybe its something to do with encoding? i dont...
  19. KiraRedpaw

    Can you choose your primary monitor?

    I'm having the issue where nearly every time I start my computer display 1 changes from one monitor to another. So when recording display capture I need to keep editing which screen to stream. So my question, is there a way to select your (Primary Monitor) instead because my (Primary Monitor) is...
  20. N

    A Dedicated Window in OBS Docks

    I know that this is quite useless but I'm just wondering if there is a plug-in or tool that would let me put a dedicated window (in my case, the presenter view of MIcrosoft Powerpoint) in OBS Docks? We are running mainly only on one machine and the alt-tab is kinda stressful for the livestream...