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  1. J

    audio de escritorio desaparece cuando abro la app de soundtrack by twitchy y a lo contrario

    hola! tengo un problema con obs studio en windows 10 : al abrir obs studio tengo el problema de audio de escritorio , lo que pasa es cuando tengo abierto obs studio y abro soundtrack by twitch desaparece la pista de audio de escritorio en el mesclador de audio , he echo la prueba desactivando el...
  2. K

  3. TheLightDragon

    OBS Studio crash après un enregistrement de plus d'une heure.

    Hello. I have a problem with OBS Studio. When I make a recording that lasts about an hour or more and I want to stop the recording, OBS Studio crashes. Here is the error report:
  4. H

    Obs not picking up audio from bluetooth

    I have Bose HP 700's and i can connect them with both bluetooth and aux.. most of the time im playing i use the aux.. and that works perfectly.. but sometimes like when playing wow and games like that that dont require the low latency i use bluetooth allso when i have to jump from my pc i use...
  5. S

    Cant select 60fps in obs/No puedo seleccionar 60fps en la configuración de obs

    The specifics of my pc are: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.59 GHz 16 GB RAM AMD RX 570 Series For some reason when I am in the obs settings, the 60 fps option is not enabled, but it looks gray and does not allow me to select it, what am I doing wrong? Doesn't my pc support streaming at 60fps?
  6. schlitzws

    Elgato 4k60 s+ Black Screen with Windows 10 OBS on PS4 Pro

    Hello, This is in regards to using OBS Studio with Elgato 4k60 s+ on PS4 Pro. I'm hoping someone has already had this problem, for reference I get a black screen when using Elgato 4k Capture Utility as well. I've changed the resolution on the PS4 pro and inside OBS Studio Video Capture...
  7. E

    relentlessly black screen - tried everything

    Hello. I've downloaded OBS for the first time on my new computer. I run Windows 10, so I downloaded the latest version but the screen recording doesn't work in any way. I've followed the guide and made sure I have the right settings for my NVIDIA graphic card, I uninstalled OBS and installed it...
  8. U

    Issues with Frame Skipping and dropping

    Recently within the past couple weeks I have been losing frames and having frame issues. While checking the logs it said that my CPU overloaded 1.3% and then I fiddled around with it. Now it is skipping a little less, but isn't showing that it is overloading. I changed nothing in my settings...
  9. G

    Is it an OBS bug?

    Hello friends. I sincerely hope you are having a wonderful day. I would not want to steal your time reading my problem when surely you have many things and better to do with your life Well, I'll get to the point. Every time I start OBS on my computer, my group with multimedia sources start...
  10. O

    Extreme Screen Tearing

    I'm reposting this because I didn't get a single reply also no, don't tell me to do something like cap my framerates or turn on vsync because literally no one in the potpvp community does that and their gameplay is still Smoove Example of people that don't cap their fps and still get smooth...
  11. W

    NDI Crashing OBS With No Crash Reports

    For our Sunday streams we run a dedicated streaming PC running OBS and Reaper. We also utilize an independent MacBook running Propresenter 7, currently on a connected server we run NDI syphon to push lower thirds into our stream. Recently OBS has been crashing when utilizing a NDI source...
  12. ScruffR

    Support for transparent windows

    I have got a WPF Inking application that can be overlayed ontop of any other application - e.g. to sketch off or annotate the display the underlying application presents. However, when I try to use this application for a OBS Window Capture the application's screen is not captured at all, not...
  13. T

    OBS Studio crashes randomly during every stream this past month

    I have no idea why but for some reason my OBS studio, my game I'm playing, Spotify, and discord ALL crash at the same time. This has been happening for the past 2 weeks now and it's extremely frustrating because it's completely random when it happens. I could be streaming for 4 hours or 20...
  14. A

    OBS using too much CPU

    Hello I just got an issue when I loaded up my OBS, it is using at minimum of 40% CPU power without having anything and a Max of 90% when I started streaming. and it is freezing everything. I stream at 720p. ive never had it go past 25% usage when not doing anything, not even streaming. and my...
  15. L

    Radom crashes due to vcruntime140.dll making OBS unusable

    Hi all: I've purchased a new and powerful computer with an NVidia Graphics Card, latest CPU, plenty of RAM... only to discover OBS crashes all the time and renders it unusable, having to return to my old machine that struggles with it. The session I've attached was using Skype and NDI for the...
  16. K

    Seeking audio solutions!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to OBS and this thread but confident someone here can help. I'm moving my church's service from the Facebook Live app on my phone to stream to Facebook Live via OBS. I've ran into 2 main audio problems during testing. 1. I'm up in a booth and the phone (using OBS Ninja) is...
  17. K

    Window Capture Behaves Weirdly with Some Software

    This isn't causing any major problems, it's just something weird I noticed. Sometimes I'll livestream myself painting or make a speedpainting video using Krita. Because Krita is a painting software and not a game, I click on "Window Capture". However, it's not there. I click on "Game Capture"...
  18. D

    Why does Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Flicker in OBS Studio?

    This started happening only recently. My recordings and streams of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition began flickering, literal parts of the game and its GUI disappear, even enabling me to see through parts of the world. This is weird cause the game doesn't disappear completely, rather, parts of it...
  19. J

    CRASHING everytime

    Cannot even open it! Need to stream.. please Help!
  20. R

    Minecraft With Optifine Crashes When Trying to use OBS

    So a couple months ago, I tried using the obs replay buffer. It worked fine, and I could record as well. But now, whenever I start replay buffer or start recording, Optifine Minecraft will crash a few seconds later. Vanilla Minecraft doesn't have any problems however. I tried using Nvidia's...