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  1. wolfkin

    Crash on open (Last change I remember was installing Source Clone)

    Not much to tell. I had an interview. I use OBS as a virtualcam and it was fine. Afterwords I was trying to remember how I cloned sources previously. Found out that was from StreamFX and sound a plugin that duplicated that feature. [Link] I tried uninstalling the plug-in and I've restarted the...
  2. K

    Livestreaming with OBS and nintendo switch

    Hey, I have a question. I want to try out live streaming for the first time on my switch with my PC (windows 10) but everytime I try to add a new video capture device, the screen is black or it shows me the game footage but like just the picture as if the game footage freezes instanly :/ I...
  3. L


    My obs simply when opening it locks my entire PC and becomes unusable, having to restart it forcefully using the button, without a crash or anything like that, it doesn't last more than 1 second open.
  4. F

    Ran out of USB Drive space, video stopped recording, and lost audio.

    Hello, this is my first ever post here on the OBS forums... So my friend and I just got done recording a total of 74 minutes of video; one file is the first 68 minutes and the second one is the last 6. The reason this happened is because after recording the first one for 68 minutes, it stopped...
  5. A

    Error message when typing resolution into video settings page.

    Hello, I have been using OBS to record 9:16 videos without any problems on my MacBook pro. Today I installed it on my Windows Machine, but the video settings panel does not allow me to type in any resolutions that are outside of the 16:9 aspect ratio into the video settings page. For instance...
  6. I

    Encoder NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (FFmpeg) is taking too long to encode (timeout: 5 seconds)

    Everything is working fine but then my entire computer locks up for a couple seconds, this error pops up. OBS is the cause of the freeze, doesn't happen when not streaming/recording. Doesn't happen after a set time, seems random. Recording error - An encoding error occurred while recording...
  7. H

    Distinguish Monitors By Something Other Than Index?

    I have four USB HDMI capture cards plugged into four different laptops which have their video stream sent to them from a desktop running OBS. There are several HDMI cables running from the desktop into each HDMI port of each capture card, which is then plugged into each laptop via USB. The...
  8. MarxAthium

    OBS Recordings have FPS Drops, yet System is NOT Overloaded?

    OBS Recordings have FPS Drops, Video has Not Smooth/Inconsistent Framerate, yet System is NOT Overloaded/Under Spec? Hello! I've been trying to optimize my OBS Settings for a very long time, currently after years I resolved to have two PCs, one...
  9. C

    Autostart OBS Studio Youtube stream - no transmission configured

    Hello, i want to autostart OBS Studio with a youtube stream on Windows 10. I created a bash script with the following content: OBS Studio is starting but on startup the following message appears: If i click on "Übertragung verwalten" the windows for transmissions is opening and i can choose...
  10. G

    NVENC error

    Since I have uninstalled Geforce Experience a couple of days ago I get this error whenever I want to record in HEVC. Recording in h.264 works fine with the NVENC encoder
  11. S

    OBS Keeps crashing while streaming

    Good Day Everyone, I have a big problem with my OBS and I can't seem to find the solution for this. My OBS keeps crashing that it would freeze my PC for a moment then would continue afterwards. The issue happen when I started to update my OBS so I tried going back to an older version but the...
  12. BigAnimeNerd445

    OBS Chugging 70-80% of my 3070ti and I can't seem to get it to stop.

    No matter what, I just can't seem to get it to stop chugging and I'm completely unable to stream. Trying to play Dead Space Remake (and already awful port) and I'm just coping. I have a 12700k, 64 gigs ddr5 (2 sticks ripjaws), just updated bios and drivers, 3070ti, NVME etc. also running windows...
  13. T

    Second recording from single stream not recording all video

    TLDR: Only on 29.0.2 (has not been a problem on 28), doing more than one recording while streaming [to Twitch] makes the second recording have "sync" issues. While streaming to Twitch, I often simultaneously record gameplay at a higher bitrate to throw on YouTube, typically using the Pause...
  14. N

    Continuing problems with VMWARE and OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 cut screen while recording and full screen

    Hi, I keep reporting the problem with OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 despite the updates the problem with VMWARE is still not solved, if I use "VMWARE" emulating Windows 10 or 11 with full screen and activate recording on Obs studio and configure it in window capture section with the capture method (Windows...
  15. P

    Couldn't find Codec "simple_acc_recording".

    Hello, be aware I'm not very techsavy, but I am running into a problem with my OBS, I can't record anything because I keep getting this error and I've been trying to mess with the settings but I can't figure it out! I recently downloaded SAMMI & StreamFX as plugins to try and create an animated...
  16. N

    OBS with ATEM mini not passing audio

    I am new here so forgive me if this is a basic setting that I am missing. ATEM Mini connected to PC with usb-c cable I see the audio coming in on Mic 1 from the mixing board - the path is turned on - all cameras are off. I start OBS, make a scene, add the ATEM device and am able to see video...
  17. C

    OBS Closing On Its Own Mid-Stream (logs attached)

    The past two nights while streaming, OBS completely shut down, no recognition of a crash from windows(ie: OBS not responding). Only one resulting with a crash log. Almost like OBS shut down on its own. Yet, there was still an open task in task manager. I have attached the log file, and the...
  18. P

    Game Capture refusing to work

    So I've been using OBS for a while and recently installed to a new PC. As I was setting up, I noticed the game capture wasn't working. All it showed was a little red dot in the top left corner of the preview. And I don't think it's a black screen issues because I've tried putting a white BG and...
  19. H

    NVENC and AMD encoders

    It has been running fine until tonight then it suddenly said: Note: If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date. I don't know what it means or how to update them. The attached image is what it says for my encoders and doesn't give me an option to...
  20. D

    encoding overhead and twitch lag issues

    Hi guys, I have a big problem, I do live on Twitch, it happens that with almost any game I have the encoding overloaded and therefore it clicks, even by lowering any graphic setting of the games to a minimum, can anyone help me? Phasmophobia idling from problems (really light game) Any code even...