window capture bug

  1. M

    Black rectangle (Ubuntu 18.04)

    Hello, I have a laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. After I run OBS Studio (27.2.4), select "Window Capture (Xcomposite)" and choose the window I need, I get a black rectangle. Please help me solve the problem.
  2. X

    Properties for Windows Capture won't let me change it

    Every time I hover over the buttons on window captures property buttons they keep on resizing making it unable to be clicked on to change
  3. surinnin2

    Window Capture Black Screen on Amazon Appstream Image

    OBS window capture doesn't seem to work on my Appstream Image, but the Display Capture works fine. OBS is updated to 27.2.4. Appstream Image Info: AppStream 2.0 agent version: 06-20-2022 Dynamic application providers: Disabled Platform: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base Instance type...
  4. cityzen12

    Window capture isnt working.

    I use the latest OBS, when I have to capture specific windows on my PC, I find that OBS can't detect even one window open by me. And this problem happens randomly, I cant make forecast. For example, I am now opening at least 4 apps, including Chrome, Explorer, Tencent Docs, and WeWork(See my...
  5. grrbes

    OBS capturing himself when I select window capture and choose any window

    Hello, my OBS is capturing himself every time when I select some window to capture, but when I select screen capture he works normally. I'm using Windows 7 and before I use Windows 10 when I usually used OBS too and capture window without any bugs like that. If anyone can help me, I'd be so...
  6. ultra_artu

    window capture will not display videos playing in the background when another window is overlapping it

    this used to be an issue that recently came back to me, open a video displaying it in obs window capture, it will only show up when I have that window up on my screen, if I overlap it with another window of any program (even another window in google chrome) the video will disappear and become...
  7. R

    What in the world: Cannot get Windows 10 Alarms & Clock to appear as capturable window

    Howdy, Just updated to the newest version of OBS, apparently I missed six whole versions, and I use the application to stream artwork weekly. I wanted to implement a countdown timer into my stream and naturally, figured the software would be able to capture the WINDOWS 10 ALARMS & CLOCK...
  8. B

    Bug in Window Capture - offsets video from top and left

    For some reason, Window Capture, while it works, offsets anything captured from the top and left side of the video by a good chunk and chops off the bottom and right hand side as well. I've tried different window sources, and all have the same problem. I'm running version 26.1.2 on iMac...
  9. K

    Window Capture Behaves Weirdly with Some Software

    This isn't causing any major problems, it's just something weird I noticed. Sometimes I'll livestream myself painting or make a speedpainting video using Krita. Because Krita is a painting software and not a game, I click on "Window Capture". However, it's not there. I click on "Game Capture"...
  10. T

    Window Capture in OBS26 not working like in OBS25

    Hello, Just downloaded the latest OBS26 to get the native virtual camera. Had a scene set up in OBS25 that captured a sound level meter window from Audio Hijack. Under version 25 this worked perfectly and captured the window whenever it was visible. Under version 26 this window is not...
  11. aquatic7

    Window capture doesn't work. Many unknown sources. Only shows most recent window.

    When I add a Window capture, and click the Window list, it just shows a list of "unknown". It doesn't matter which of the "unknown" I choose. It doesn't change window. It's always only show the last started program no matter which of the "unknown" sources i choose. So if OBS is the last program...
  12. N

    Error Windows Capture OBS Mac High Sierra (10.13.6)

    Hi ! I am having a problem in the "window capture" mode as you can see on the vide. Any referential or possible solution to this problem? Thanks! (Sorry for my bad English)
  13. C

    Question / Help Video Capture Device missing properties options.

    Hi, I have both a mac and a windows, On my windows machine I have tons of option to manipulate my webcam. However on my Mac I have none of these options. Whats the deal? Do I need to reinstall OBS on my Mac? Something is definitely not right. Windows OBS Mac:
  14. M

    Question / Help Window capture

    Usei o Windows 10 e comecei a usar o Windows 7 (devido a necessidades), mas depois a captura de janela não está funcionando, em vez de aparecer apenas a janela capturada (Selecionada) está mostrando tudo, como se fosse a captura de tela.
  15. M

    Bug Report The Window Capture is broken! PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!

    I know I've made this post already but it's been a while and I feel the need to post this again, especially after the update. The Window Capture is broken and needs to be fixed immediately! I can't display Google Chrome, Preview, TextEdit, Notes, etc. It only shows the windows on OBS. My Video...
  16. F

    Bug Report Inception / infinite mirrors in WINDOW CAPTURE

    Hi there, the forum is full of explanations why inception / infinite mirros occur when doing a screen capture. That is all clear. -> BUT, why does inception / infinite mirrors also occur when choosing WINDOW CAPTURE ??? Isn`t that designed to only capture the selected window ? For example, if...
  17. J

    Question / Help Window Capture source captures display at times

    I have a Window Capture source that seems to toggle back and forth between capturing the desired window and capturing the display. The toggling seems to depend on the active window and whether the window being captured is maximized. To be specific: - When the captured window is minimized and...
  18. M

    Question / Help OBS & BlueJeans

    Hello! I hold a weekly group conference over Facebook Live using OBS & BlueJeans. I use OBS as my main broadcasting tool, as I need to incorporate other Scenes in the broadcast (e.g. videos, slides), aside from the group discussion (which is what I use BlueJeans for). I used to be able to...
  19. S

    Question / Help Window Capture

    During a broadcast with OBS Studio version 23.2.1, I need to capture an active Google Chrome window where a conference with Hangouts Meet is happening. In windows 7 version I can usually, but with windows 10 I can not capture the window of Google Chrome, only appears a black window where you...
  20. M

    Question / Help Window capture... I do not have mouse cursor. Help?

    Hello there!!! Screen capture + mouse cursor = YES! Window capture + mouse cursor = NOT! I have a scene named PPT and I can Screen capture and I can use mouse. BUT I have a scene named VM and my Window capture can capture vmware but I cannot SEE and USE my mouse. Any Help? Tips? Trick? etc etc...