Bug Report The Window Capture is broken! PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!


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I know I've made this post already but it's been a while and I feel the need to post this again, especially after the update.

The Window Capture is broken and needs to be fixed immediately! I can't display Google Chrome, Preview, TextEdit, Notes, etc. It only shows the windows on OBS.

My Video & Audio captures works fine but the Windows Capture doesn't work at all whatsoever. Because of this, I can't display my live stream chat or anything. If anyone is having the same problem or knows a solution to this, let me know.


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FWIW, please turn down your entitlement here. OBS is free of charge and Apple doesn't really make it easy for the team to keep OBS doing what it's supposed to do. Titles like "FIX IT NOW" do not and will not help and actually might have a detrimental effect.

Open source maintainers owe you nothing, especially as you're profiting off their free labour. Please keep this in mind for the future.