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    OBS Studio Crashing on Startup via Mac Pro

    Anytime I open OBS Studio it'll just give me an error message saying it crashed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, but doesn't seem to work. I am just using OBS Studio to capture my screen while my PC laptop is streaming the content. Thanks for your help! This is the error...
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    Question / Help Lagging ps4 remote play through OBS on Mac

    Hi all, I'm trying to stream PS4 remote play with OBS studio to Twitch. I've set up through tutorials etc. On my Mac Remote Play app there is no lag but when streaming/viewing through OBS Studio there is lag and the video isn't smooth. Upon looking at my log there maybe an issue with my frames...
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    Bug Report The Window Capture is broken! PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!!

    I know I've made this post already but it's been a while and I feel the need to post this again, especially after the update. The Window Capture is broken and needs to be fixed immediately! I can't display Google Chrome, Preview, TextEdit, Notes, etc. It only shows the windows on OBS. My Video...
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    Bug Report problems con OBS en mac book pro mensaje failed to find locale/en-us.ini

    hello I have a problem, I was doing tests to work with OBS and when I re-opened the program from nowhere I throw the following error already do everything indicated in the forums without getting it to work, as data; I had other software that also stopped working, such is the case of propresenter...
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    Question / Help Mic/desktop echo while streaming

    Hello I’ve gathered that most people have encountered this problem where while streaming you hear an echo from both desktop and mic. I don’t have my stream open anywhere else and I have my desktop mic as the only audio source. It was working yesterday (the day I installed it) and just suddenly...
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    Question / Help Is my Macbook Pro garbage? Audio Issues

    Hey! I made an account just so I could try to get some feedback on whether or not my computer is just not made for streaming. First off, I think I know a little bit about computers but I'll probably come to find out I know next to nothing. I stream through Mixer from my Macbook Pro using an...
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    Question / Help Very laggy video - HELP!

    I'm trying to record a clip of a game I'm working on in Unity. While I can get screen and audio recording just fine, the video is really laggy. How can I fix this? I need to get it sorted as soon as possible as I am making a showreel to send off for job applications. I'm using a 2017 Macbook...
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    Question / Help Please Help, OBS still won't open for me

    I've followed several guides on how to fix this bug but nothing has fixed it. It says that it "Failed to find locale/en-US.ini" and "Failed to load locale" Please can someone help me figure this out. I'm running MacOS 10.14.1 and I assume the latest version of this software as I downloaded it...
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    Question / Help So syphoninject is not working

    So I'm trying to record tf2 but every time I try to inject tf2 it fails and shows the source choice blank, tf2 is running OpenGL but it still does not work, also I run on mac if that helps.
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    Mac Preview doesn't work if we build OBS with QT 5.12

    Hi, We are developing a plugin for OBS. While trying to build from source with latest QT 5.12 installed from brew, I found that the preview remains white and doesn't show any sources. This doesn't happen with earlier versions 5.10 and 5.11. Is 5.12 supported yet? We stumbled upon another issue...
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    Bug Report [MAC] OBS seems to crash unexpectedly at the same hour every night

    This is VERY weird. It seems like my OBS crashes around 10:30PM ET every night. When I relaunch it, it crashes over and over after a random amount of time between 5 seconds and 15 minutes, no matter what i do (I tried deleting the "obs-browser" folder, the whole OBS folder in Application Support...
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    Bug Report "Fatal Python error" crash on startup

    This happens every time I run OBS, regardless of whether I clean install it (deleting both obs-studio folders first) or run it from Safe Mode. I'm 95% sure the crash has to do with the following error message, which prints in a terminal window when you run the "obs" executable from Contents >...
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    Question / Help Obs Avermedia

    I need help for this please, I have a lag of 1 second on all the windows created how can I regulate that, thanks you
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    Question / Help Help OBS Avermedia

    it's been several consecutive days that I'm looking for and I still can not find a short solution, I stream on OBS using an avermedia and I have a shift of 1s between capture and my voice. I do not know how to fix it, I saw that on the Windows client there was a way to solve it by going into the...
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    Question / Help Green and purple pixels. Help!!

    OBS records and streams this on my Mac. It’s green and purple pixels. Also in the preview for my display capture it’s completely black. Help please!!!
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    Question / Help OBS Crashing upon League of Legends game app closing

    Hi there! I just got my new iMac 27" so far im thrilled. Only problem I have is with streaming. I tried streaming to twitch the other day, using a fairly noobish setup consisting of one scene with a window capture of the client and then another one with a display capture that i switch to when...
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    Bug Report MacOS Mojave v.10.14 Window Capture Flickering

    This flickering has been an issue for a few months now, specifically since August 2018 when Mac had an update that broke Window Capture. I personally need to stream Clip Studio to do work and get paid. Meaning that I need to use Window Capture, Display Capture won't capture the program for some...
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    Question / Help OBS Crashes if I switch between consoles

    Since the updating to 22.0 OBS crashes whenever I switch inputs
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    Question / Help Please I need help. Why does it get so laggy when I record?

    Hey everyone, I am recording on my Macbook Pro 2016. I am trying to record a Roblox gaming video but it just seems to be way too laggy. I followed so many different settings setup, especially on YouTube to see whatever works to make the gaming really smooth. It does not go smooth AT ALL. When...
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    Bug Report Camera not recognized when changing USB ports

    Hi All, I have a new iMac with the most recent OBS and if I ever switch the port my USB camera is in, all of the sources for that camera break. I have to reconfigure the camera in the properties anytime I move the ports. In the device properties, the camera shows up with #2, #3, etc. appended...