Bug Report MacOS Mojave v.10.14 Window Capture Flickering


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This flickering has been an issue for a few months now, specifically since August 2018 when Mac had an update that broke Window Capture. I personally need to stream Clip Studio to do work and get paid. Meaning that I need to use Window Capture, Display Capture won't capture the program for some odd reason and captures whatever tab I'm on instead. So since there's no way in hell Mac will fix the issue especially since they've updated multiple times since August, I'm wondering if there's a possibility that a new OBS Mac update will be coming out that fixes the bug? Or if it's even possible to fix, I really can't afford a new laptop to work on at the moment.

http://suddenhack.tumblr.com/private/179025540782/tumblr_pgk8r2X3oM1tjsisk Video of the issue and this happens about 10 times worse when actually streaming or drawing in the program. I have tried messing around with settings, removing scrolling text, etc. but nothing seems to work.


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I'm going to go out on a limb here, and I hope that a dev will come in and either correct me or clarify...

...but OBS is an OpenGL application (at least on the Mac), and Apple is now deprecating OpenGL in favor of their own graphics API, Metal2.

OpenGL still works, but Apple is signalling that they will no longer update it (to be fair they have not substantially updated it in years) and it is reasonable to speculate that at some unspecified point in the future, OpenGL may either fail to work or be removed entirely.

I honestly don't know if OBS will ever be rewritten to use Metal, if it would be worthwhile for someone to do that-- especially that in order to maintain backwards compatibility, OpenGL might have to be kept. OBS on Windows I think is still technically capable of using either OpenGL or DirectX for rendering, but the OpenGL renderer is deprecated and disabled by default.

The bottom line is that I'd consider the future of OBS on MacOS to be in question at the moment, and that if your day to day activities require OBS to work reliably on MacOS, it would be prudent to remain on High Sierra.

Again, if I am wrong about any of that, I'm hoping someone who knows better can say so.


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Alright thanks, I assumed a much after talking to a few people on discord about the issue . I'm gonna attempt to trade this MacBook in sometime this week for a windows laptop instead. This thing has been causing me a lot of issues as of late anyway.

Thanks again.


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I have the very same problem!
I have an MBP and I use CSP for stream, and that flickering problem is a bit annoying indeed, but personally, don't bother me. You can't use Display Capture? I have no problem with it, maybe you had updated to the newest OSX? I still in on High Sierra.

BTW very good illustration!



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I just got the new update and the problem is still not solved. I don't see how Display Capture could possible replace Windows Capture. If you only have one screen chances are that things will overlap. Even with 2 screens it's difficult if you want to capture a couple of windows.


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I don't expect any update to fix long-standing performance and reliability issues with window capture between OBS and MacOS. Given that Apple is deprecating OpenGL in favor of Metal, I am expecting the situation to get worse.

If OBS is mission critical for you, I would consider downgrading to High Sierra.


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I am having this exact same issue, but have tried this workaround to get a flicker-free capture of a single CSP Window:

Display Capture > Crop > To Window > [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] (Window Name).

It captures the same work area as a window capture, but it will also capture anything else appearing in that area like palettes etc.

An alternate solution is to create a second window for the project and place it on another monitor (In CSP: Window> Canvas >New Window). Use Window Capture to capture the new canvas and you won't get the flicker, but it also won't show your mouse movements. Each brush stroke just appears when you release the mouse click.