1. Portapiet

    I don't know what to do :(

    Maybe someone here can help. I've been having problems streaming and recording for 1 month. It affects OBS and Xplit. When shooting in DXGI mode, the image is gray and flickering. And with Windows 10 and higher there is no image at all. I changed a lot of things and reinstalled Windows and...
  2. L

    Flicker Issue - Video Configuration is not available

    Hi everyone! Need some help: I changed to a better illumination to record videos and now the additional camera is flickering due the better light. Usually, we just need to click on "properties", after in "video configuration" and change powerline frqeuncy from 60hz to 50 hz. HOWEVER, this...
  3. W

    Black flickering on the top

    I am trying to record a video in full screen, but when I go to full screen there is a black flickering on the top. It does not happen if I am not in full screen. This flickering is only visible in the output file. I used OBS on Windows before and that didn't happen. My OS: My profile: (see...
  4. mfaisalr29

    OBS Game Capture Blinking/Flickering

    Hi, i wanna ask why my Valorant blinking on my screen while streaming with Game Capture. The screen is only blinking on the game. If i alt tab to desktop it's alright no blinking at all. And the stream is not blinking too (i watched it on my yt while it was blinking.) I think the problem is...
  5. M

    Intermittent flickering of camera input while streaming

    While running our church service livestreams recently, we've been finding that our main camera source appears to be flickering on average at least once or twice a minute. After looking at the log files, we discovered, among other messages, a repeating message (error: overread 8). This message...
  6. R

    Screen tearing and poor recording and stream quality Mac mini

    Hello, First time here and I don't know what to look for to get help. So I am probably making a thread about something extensively covered, but I don't know the terms to search for to fix this. Anyway. I have a Mac mini M1, 16gb Memory running Ventura 13.4.1. I am running the latest version of...
  7. T

    Fix for OBS stutter,and flickering in g-sync monitors with high refresh rate

    Hope it Helps! for people with 120,144,240hz etc with g-sync in nvidia panel go to program settings choose obs and choose fixed refresh in monitor technology,use 3d aplication setting in vertical sync and in preferred refresh rate choose application controlled! cheers! this fix problem with...
  8. Crazymiller

    Webcam & Capture Card Flickering

    Looking for some help with my Webcam & Capture Card flickering. I just upgraded from a 2070 Super to a 3080Ti GPU. I know for a fact I am currently being bottlenecked at 20% or so with my CPU currently but I don't think it would cause this issue I am having. I currently run a 850W Power Supply...
  9. D


    I've searched everywhere but can't find a solution. when i record any game with obs the video has a little flickering As if it got stuck, I have a good pc with an rtx 3060 ti .
  10. S

    Video capture flickering after newest update on Mac.

    I'm using a Magewell capture card to connect MacBook Pro to Canon EOS R for live streaming church services on Facebook. Issues started since latest update. Never had problems before. Video feed just continually flickers in OBS and will not maintain connection on stream. Or will freeze and audio...
  11. R

    Video cam is flickering

    Please, does anyone know how to stop this? Thank you!!
  12. K

    ENG|ES | What cause this? ¿Qué causa esto?

    Hello, first, I'm sorry because English is not my main language. I have recently noticed problems with OBS. What happens is that when I open the camera properties or filters in obs, my screen starts to flicker when there are apps in the background that use video (eg YouTube, Microsoft Teams...
  13. D

    Video Capture Flickering After Epoccam Update 2021.3

    Hello all, I'm having a very new issue with the Video Capture on my Epoccam since it updated a few days ago. For context, I connect my iPhone via USB to my streaming PC and stream video on the Epoccam app through OBS. The app went through a pretty major update that required new drivers to run...
  14. A

    Elgato 4k60 pro mk.2 flickering noise in OBS Studio

    Hi everyone! I found a problem with my Elgato 4k60 pro mk.2. The problem is that when I start the recording in XRGB format there appear some flickerings and they are really annoying. I tried a lot of things, such as replugging HDMI cables but this happens only with XRGB format. Also it happens...
  15. B

    Screen flickering, no idea on issue

    Hi all experts, I'm currently using an Atem mini with a dual camera setup for my live streaming. I mainly stream product presentation on FB for my company. Recently, I have noticed a weird flickering. Thought that it was a problem with my USB port, and I even went down to the PC repair shop, yet...
  16. S

    Black Flickering Screen

    Hi, I am trying to record from my switch using a HDMI splitter and USB 3.0 Video Capture Device. The streaming works fine when using computer games and Game Capture Device but when it is attached to the Switch it starts to flicker. I am not sure whether it is a setting that can be changed on...
  17. L

    OBS Capture Card PS4 flickering

    Hi guys, it is my first time posting in such forum, so sorry in advance for missing information. To my current setup, which is causing the problem: Streaming PC specs: GeForce RTX 2060, Intel Core i5-10400F Streaming console: PS4 Capture Card: ZasLuke Game Capture Card Before switching to the...
  18. O

    Black lines flickering on facecam recording

    Hey everyone. So I am making youtube videos playing Fifa so when I record I always have a facecam in the corner and the gameplay in the backround. But i've had a problem from the start. If I untick auto exposure and and low light compensation, I get these small black lines flickering on the...
  19. Fabian

    (Partially self-answered) Windows flicker in OBS screen recording

    I had the following problem: Recently OBS recordings starting having a really weird issue, windows became partially transparent at the top occasionally, always for very short amounts of time, but sometimes up to multiple times per second. This did not happen on the actual screen, but somehow OBS...
  20. T

    Black flickering, char stuttering on preview and in final mp4

    specs are i7 5930k 40gb rtx 3080 log: https://obsproject.com/logs/uvFOnQmkZSVac2Qd pls help :(