Video capture flickering after newest update on Mac.

I'm using a Magewell capture card to connect MacBook Pro to Canon EOS R for live streaming church services on Facebook. Issues started since latest update. Never had problems before. Video feed just continually flickers in OBS and will not maintain connection on stream. Or will freeze and audio continues to work while video is frozen on stream. We have a Windows desktop with another camera and it works fine with the new update. Just the Mac giving problems.

Please help.
Thank you!
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The only fix I know for this is to downgrade back to v27.2.4. You can leave the newly updated v28 and just install v27 again that way you'll have both versions installed. All your configurations should work once you install the previous version again.


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I had the same problem with Version 29 on Mac and I prefer to downgrade to o v27.2.4 which was a very good and stable version. You can just install this version on the previous one and all the previous setups will remind the same.
I'll plan not to upgrade till a good version comes.