Intermittent flickering of camera input while streaming


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While running our church service livestreams recently, we've been finding that our main camera source appears to be flickering on average at least once or twice a minute. After looking at the log files, we discovered, among other messages, a repeating message (error: overread 8). This message appeared on the log each time the camera flickered, with some other error messages appearing around it.

We run our camera through an AV mixer which then feeds into a Blackmagic Web Presenter. The Web Presenter is connected to the PC and acts as our camera source. Our livestream primarily goes to Facebook, and then through the multi-output plugin, to YouTube. We did notice that the camera flickering only started once we began livestreaming to YouTube through that plugin.

I was wondering whether anyone might have any ideas on what we can do to solve this issue. For now, it seems the easiest solution might be to maintain just one live feed, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!


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I have the same problem with my church livestream. We only stream to youtube, but also get the same overread 8 error code, and the screen flickers weirdly, also once or twice a minute.
I haven't been able to find any answers to the problem, and the OBS error analyzer just gives me advice such as updating to the latest OBS and/or updating to windows 11. The latest OBS is both hideous and doesn't fix the problem, and windows 11 wouldn't change anything in this case.
Every time I get the error code, its paired with another one, with x/y values, as well as an "error dc" error code. Both of these usually follow shortly after the initial overread 8 code. Though I get the flickering as often as you say you do, we don't get the overread 8 error code nearly as often as the error dc/error y=134x=59 code.
For example:

13:07:48.252: error: overread 8
13:07:49.545: WASAPI: Device '{}.{92b2ec7d-065b-4770-b4e4-b08f23562621}' failed to start
13:07:49.546: WASAPI: Device '{}.{7847a921-d14d-49b7-9310-1339d0ae86df}' failed to start
13:07:52.251: warning: mjpeg_decode_dc: bad vlc: 0:0 (034E8070)
13:07:52.251: error: error dc
13:07:52.251: error: error y=134 x=59

I don't know enough about OBS error codes to know what the x/y values are for, and I haven't been able to find what dc means anywhere online.
I'm also wondering what the "warning: mjpeg_decode_dc: bad vlc: 0:0 (034E8070)" means. That is probably part of the problem as it also appears as frequently as the error codes.
Heres our setup, if thats useful: We have our camera running directly into the computer via usb (which could be part of the problem as we have had trouble with our long usb cords in the past). This usb video input is just put directly into scenes in OBS, and then streamed to youtube.

This isn't the most urgent problem in the world, and like I said, I suspect our usb cables of being at fault, but if anyone has any helpful solutions they would be greatly appreciated!