windows 11

  1. O

    OBS зависает при записи.

    При записи игр в полноэкранном режиме или окне без рамки ОБС зависает. Останавливается таймер записи и висит от 5 до 30 минут, потом может развиснуть и продолжить запись, но скорее всего не сможет её завершить. Если во время зависания попытаться каким либо образом закрыт программу или просто с...
  2. wh0istim

    Virtual camera isn't recognised by any programmes/websites (Windows 11)

    Whatever I try, I can't get it to work. Whether it's in the camera app on Win11 or various websites that require camera access, the virtual cam doesn't show up as an available camera. What can do to fix this?
  3. B

    OBS & Zoom after the latest windows update is Hanging

    Yesterday i opted for windows 11 update: 2022-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5014019) Since then My OBS is not syncing with Zoom Call & its hanging. Initially the audio stopped working, now my camera stars to hang as i open a zoom application. I just updated my ZOOM...
  4. E

    Problems with windows 11

    Since upgrading to windows 11 I can't stream without obs crashing. I can be 35 minutes or 50. It's not always at the same time. I attach the log so that someone can help me. Log
  5. K

    ENG|ES | What cause this? ¿Qué causa esto?

    Hello, first, I'm sorry because English is not my main language. I have recently noticed problems with OBS. What happens is that when I open the camera properties or filters in obs, my screen starts to flicker when there are apps in the background that use video (eg YouTube, Microsoft Teams...
  6. L

    Need help with OBS crashing please!!

    Hi OBS community! Today I am in need of your guidance and superior knowledge to tackle an issue that has been doing my head in for a while now! OBS keeps crashing all the time, I feel like it happens after changing scene but I might be wrong! I have enclosed the last three crash log files in...
  7. O

    OBS Crashing (W11)

    Hello, I use OBS to replay buffer. I've just upgraded from W10 to 11.I use the same settings, OBS wasn't crashing in W10. Can you see why it's crashing from the log? EDIT: The crashing is random, I can have replay buffer enabled for hours before it...
  8. A

    My PC Completely Freezes When Streaming With OBS Studio (Running on Windows 11)

    I've been streaming with OBS Studio for many years and ever since I got my gaming PC back in 2018, it's been smooth! Then until around Fall 2021, my PC has been receiving issues where my entire PC freezes via a black screen and blue screen error, and it's been happening many times. So I bought a...
  9. Dala

    OBS freezes / crashes when alt tab - Is this a Windows 11 issue or OBS issue? How to fix it?

    Hi all! I have been dealing with my stream crashing multiple times. I've noticed this usually happens when I tab in/out of the game to check chat on OBS or to use Chrome to change the music I'm listening to, or check on something else on twitch creator dashboard. What happens is that...
  10. W


    I have performance issues with OBS and I am having difficulty on having my settings for recording and streaming be better, here are my PC stats: Ryzen 7 2700x ROG Strix B450-F Gaming DDR4 16GB Dual Nvidia GTX 1650 Super Here is my log file: Thank...
  11. mesos

    Since last update OBS is causing Windows 11 explorer to crash

    As per the title, whenever I start OBS since the last update, it occasionally causes my Windows 11 explorer to crash. This is very annoying if I'm streaming a game because the game loses focus to Windows because of it. I've triaged the applications running and found it really is OBS, hence why...
  12. W

    GPU Seems to Fail at Random Only While Live

    Log: Might be a long shot, but I have a very specific issue that's bubbled up for a while and gotten much worse in the past couple months. I typically stream indie games with VTube Studio or Veadotube Mini running in place of a webcam. Everything...
  13. N

    Black screen when using URL of my project for browser sharing

    Hello, I've created a website which uses the local IP address of a device as URL domain and when I try to use that as a URL and share my browser I get black screen. It works fine for any other URL address and works fine on Macbook with my IP address, just not on windows. Does anyone have some...
  14. Brickbrigade

    OBS video "sticking" in Windows 11

    After updating to windows 11 OBS started to act up in a way I would describe as "dropped frames." HOWEVER. I won't refer to it as dropped frames in this post because the audio continues to be broadcasted and OBS does not detect any dropped frames in the counter down below. The video "sticks"...
  15. S

    Jitter Effect When FPS Drops During Recording

    The priority of OBS is high, and my fps is okayish but I get this weird stuttery jitter effect that makes the recording hard to watch (effect happens 20 seconds in when the battle starts) tutorial video (for setting viewing purposes)...
  16. S


    When I launch OBS (just launch, without streaming or recording) all games start to stutter and fps drops. It starts to happen after some nvidia driver updates. With older drivers I have no problem. Windows 11
  17. B

    Bug after Windows 11 update

    Hi, I updated my Windows 10 to Windows 11 and after that the OBS Studio crash when open any properties box. Can be from capture screen, capture video input or anothers. How Ican to fix that? My Windows 11 release is official downloaded via windows update.
  18. B

    Encoding Overloaded for Warzone

    Hello, Thank you for taking some time on my problem, I really appreciate it. I have an "Encoding Overloaded" issue with my OBS. This is My recent log: I am trying to record and stream at the same time with my GTX 1660 using Nvenc encoding, I have...
  19. W

    dual pc streaming problem with sound

    Hi ... I'm streaming and using two computers (dual pc). I have a "Sound Blaster Zx" sound card in each of these PCs and these cards are connected via an optical cable. The problem is that on a streaming PC I listen to the sound from the gaming PC and when I listen to this sound I hear a crack...
  20. K

    Stream drops to 0 Kpbs/s randomly

    My stream will suddenly drop to 0 Kpbs. Sometimes its after 30 minutes, sometimes a few hours. My stream works if I use Streamlabs, but I want to use OBS Studio. It'll drop to 0 Kpbs, stay green, but never reconnect. Then I have to force close it with task manager or else it gets "stuck"...