windows 11

  1. A

    Windows 11, preview/OBS freezes and stream dies.

    Specs: Operating System Windows 11 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 10400 @ 2.90GHz RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1329MHz Motherboard ASRock B560M Pro4 Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (MSI) 50 °C Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) I...
  2. S

    Intel N100 Quick Sync Video not recognized

    Hello, I'm trying to get OBS running on a Windows 11 mini PC with an Intel N100 Processor (embedded celeron/pentium equivalent). It's iGPU is Intel® UHD Graphics Alder Lake 24EU at 750MHz and Intel lists this GPU as QSV compatible. Graphics driver is Arc, which I believe to be the...
  3. shinda

    WebSocket Profile Settings

    I've been running into this issue, which seems like a bug, but I'm not quite sure. I have 2 OBS profiles and wanted to set up unique WebSocket settings per each. I launch OBS via cli with switches: ``` start "OBS1" "obs64.exe" --profile "recordings" --collection "ultra-wide" --startrecording...
  4. R

    Black Screen while using OBS

    Currently I'm running into an issue with OBS not all the time but frequently enough it freezes my screen for a second and goes black this can be going to settings and freeze or trying to change my mic settings and filters but it's quite annoying. I have my drivers all up to date and clean...
  5. S

    What hotkeys do you use for switching scenes?

    I have three scenes I want to switch between in Windows 11: * Webcam only * Screen 1 + Webcam * Screen 1 only I have these assigned to CTRL+1 CTRL+2 and CTRL+3 at the moment. I was recording my screen today and discovered that CTRL+2 did something in an app I didn't want it to do. So my...
  6. kaiservongrauer

    Desktop source audio lag after 10 minutes through Clarett 4Pre USB but no lag for viewers

    Hello everyone! First of all, here's a link to my log file analysis: The Problem: When launching OBS, all of the audio is fine. Exactly ten minutes after starting OBS, any sounds coming through...
  7. C

    Webcam feed fails under Windows 11

    Hi, I have the following issue after upgrading my PC from Windows 10 to 11: OBS Studio sometimes does not recognize the webcam feed (black screen); when this happens: * no other program is using the webcam * the webcam is functioning (closing OBS and starting a different program, e.g...
  8. N

    Continuing problems with VMWARE and OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 cut screen while recording and full screen

    Hi, I keep reporting the problem with OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 despite the updates the problem with VMWARE is still not solved, if I use "VMWARE" emulating Windows 10 or 11 with full screen and activate recording on Obs studio and configure it in window capture section with the capture method (Windows...
  9. F

    OBS 29.0.0 Drops from 5000 kb/s to 0 kb/s and ends stream

    I've been struggling with this issues since I've switched over to Windows 11, and though that may or may not be the issue, I can't go live without this issue happening. Without fail either 15 seconds or 2 hours into my stream OBS preview window will freeze, and the kb/s drops to 0 kb/s and I...
  10. I

    Device Properties not recognizing external camera

    Hello, First time using OBS. I tried to add my external camera to display in the software by following this tutorial, which is the same as many others out there. I confirmed that the camera is recognized by my computer as being connected to it. After going to Sources and adding a new Video...
  11. D

    Fluent Dark 1.0

    Suddenly had an epiphany and realized I had free will so I made a Fluent-inspired OBS theme for fun – despite rarely using OBS lmao. This theme makes OBS feel more native in Windows 11. Made custom animated sliders, checkboxes, buttons, text fields, and scrollbars. Some parts may look odd...
  12. V

    OBS being ovearloaded, FPS lag any time it's not tabbed into it Hopefully someone can help me, this has been an ongoing issue for a while now. If I click OBS and make it the main program fps on stream are fine but they lag on my end. But if I click VRChat (the other program running at the time) it says it's being...
  13. D

    No Microphone level in OBS Studio all of a sudden

    Hi guys, i hope to get Help from you guys, because i do not find a solution to my problem: I am Using OBS 27.2.4(with win-audio-captcha latest) and StreamElements on a 64 bit Win 11 an a Rode Rodecaster Pro 2. My setup was running until yesterday, where all of a sudden the mic-channel didn't...
  14. O

    OBS Freezing/Hanging without a crash file.

    I am not entirely sure how to explain this, but OBS will consistently crash after around 7 minutes. I will post the last log file I found. OBS will simply freeze and stop responding, forcing me to kill it with task manager.
  15. L

    OBS causing RedM menus to lag

    I have been having this issue with OBS ever since the latest update. I have tried going back to an older version to see if it fixes it but I've had no luck. Whenever I have OBS open, not even streaming, menus within RedM lag and are slow to load, and the issue is circumvented by pressing the...
  16. K

    OBS Freezing

    Hello! I'm having an issue where my OBS starts freezing. This issue started after the latest update, It wasn't that bad to start out with, only freezing now and then when I was working on adding new sources after the streams and so on. Then it started freezing almost exactly 2 hours into my...
  17. C

    Avoid Windows 11 22H2 update

    Long story short, just awful. I'm not a programmer but clearly OBS v28.0.3 does not play nice with Windows 11 22H2. Just avoid that update until the two are able to figure each other out in future updates. Woof.
  18. FreakyMood

    H.264 is deleted after formatting and installing drivers again.

    Before I formatted my computer, I had an "H.264" video card driver encoder. But now I only have x264 CPU encoder. It didn't fix even though I downloaded all the drivers. Windows 11 Pro 64Bit Latest version of OBS Studio.
  19. C

    Something about Windows 11 Version 22H2 seems to break OBS Game Capture with SWTOR. Just FYI.

    Not sure what or why, unfortunately. Hopefully someone with more technical knowledge will eventually figure out what has changed between 21H2 and 22H2 somewhere down the line. Right now I'm not necessarily looking for a fix, as rolling back has solved my issue. I'm mostly just posting as a...
  20. O

    Sound input distorted thru windows11 and RCA to USB video capture

    First time in the forum and with OBS. I apologuize in advance if some of the following is too obvious. I set up OBS in a windows 11 laptop and a RCA to USB video capture adapter very generic (a $12.50 chinese device) to digitalize old VCR tapes. It captures video input fine, but sound is...