windows 11

  1. S


    When I launch OBS (just launch, without streaming or recording) all games start to stutter and fps drops. It starts to happen after some nvidia driver updates. With older drivers I have no problem. Windows 11
  2. B

    Bug after Windows 11 update

    Hi, I updated my Windows 10 to Windows 11 and after that the OBS Studio crash when open any properties box. Can be from capture screen, capture video input or anothers. How Ican to fix that? My Windows 11 release is official downloaded via windows update.
  3. B

    Encoding Overloaded for Warzone

    Hello, Thank you for taking some time on my problem, I really appreciate it. I have an "Encoding Overloaded" issue with my OBS. This is My recent log: I am trying to record and stream at the same time with my GTX 1660 using Nvenc encoding, I have...
  4. W

    dual pc streaming problem with sound

    Hi ... I'm streaming and using two computers (dual pc). I have a "Sound Blaster Zx" sound card in each of these PCs and these cards are connected via an optical cable. The problem is that on a streaming PC I listen to the sound from the gaming PC and when I listen to this sound I hear a crack...
  5. K

    Stream drops to 0 Kpbs/s randomly

    My stream will suddenly drop to 0 Kpbs. Sometimes its after 30 minutes, sometimes a few hours. My stream works if I use Streamlabs, but I want to use OBS Studio. It'll drop to 0 Kpbs, stay green, but never reconnect. Then I have to force close it with task manager or else it gets "stuck"...
  6. Facefullofdirt

    Audio & Audio Monitoring Not Working After Windows 11 upgrade

    I just updated to Windows 11. All my OBS Audio settings haven't been changed/tampered with whatsoever. My Audio settings are the same, as well as the advanced audio settings. My issue is my sound meters are working/moving, but there is no audible audio to my speakers or headset even after they...
  7. F

    Cropped preview screen only 1/4 of screen

    Hi all, I recently updated my Surface Pro 7 tablet to Windows 11 and after that I allowed an OBS upgrade to version 27.1.3. But since then the OBS preview screen is cropped to about 1/4 of the screen and doesn't show the whole image (shows only a corner of what the camera sees). If I record...
  8. G

    Twitch login falure:

    Hello everybody! Can't login to Twitch after Windows 11 clean install. Failed to get token from remote: schannel: AcquireCredentialsHandle failed: SEC_E_SECPKG_NOT_FOUND (0x80090305) I've tried to google this, but no results about OBS. The only think that the issue is related with SSL or some...
  9. Mastered UI John

    Should I use 30 or 60 FPS?

    I have a 2011 laptop and It's not that good for recording.Here are my laptop specs: Operating System: Windows 11 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70GHz 1.70 GHz Installed Ram: 4 GB (3.93 Total Physical Memory) Graphic Cards: Nvidia GeForce 820M , Intel(R) HD Graphics Family...