No Microphone level in OBS Studio all of a sudden


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Hi guys,
i hope to get Help from you guys, because i do not find a solution to my problem:

I am Using OBS 27.2.4(with win-audio-captcha latest) and StreamElements on a 64 bit Win 11 an a Rode Rodecaster Pro 2.
My setup was running until yesterday, where all of a sudden the mic-channel didn't get a signal from my Interface.

What i tried:
- Switching audio input sources on the channel (My Cam-Mic works perfectly fine but sounds bad, so i can't use it)
- Switching audio input sources in the OBS Main Menu
- Checked the audio Setup (Routing, Gain, Rate, etc.)
- Updated Win-audio-captcha (what works as it should)
- Reboot OBS, the Interface itself and the computer several times
- Updated OBS
- Reinstalled OBS
- Checked the Windows Privacy Settings vor the Mic

What works with the Interface:
- Recording with Cubase
- Talking in Discord
- Everything else in Windows

What it could be, but I would be very surprised:
- I updated my Graphics-Driver yesterday before i opened OBS for the first Time

Can you guys help me please?