audio bugs

  1. I

    Question / Help Elgato game capture LED lights and Sound distortion

    for the past couple of days. My Elgato HD60 game capture device been acting up. Every time it try to go and record something, the game audio from the elgato will spike to max and have a wired sound distortion. I been trouble shooting with the elgato technical service for the past 5 days and...
  2. R

    Bug Report OBS doesn't capture audio

    I read many posts about this problem but I wasn't able to fix it. I use OBS only to record webinars and the audio doesn't work. I've used it for a long period without any problem. Two weeks ago I changed my pc and it doesn't work anymore. I spent a fortnite looking for a solution but nothing. I...
  3. Lord Metri

    Question / Help Comprehensive Audio Output from Slobs while Streaming is Choppy

    I am streaming to Twitch using Slobs and my general audio including capture, mic input, and desktop audio simultaneously are choppy. Restarting Slobs does help, but the problem still randomly happens. I have no skipped nor lagged frames. Any suggestions?
  4. K

    Question / Help Mic cutting out during broadcast once or twice - issue?

    Hey everyone so here's the deal... My Blue Yeti microphone cuts in and out once or twice in a 3 hour stream. Unplugging the USB from the computer and plugging it back in it resolves the issue. Because I cant listen to my own audio while I stream I would like to do my best to avoid this problem...
  5. Grappler_senpai

    Question / Help annoying echo effect throughout my recorded gameplay and streams

    for some reason,whenever I stream or record myself,there's this annoying echo effect that I can't get rid of, I don't know if it's my PC or something like that,I've even used NVENC codec and x264 codec I've tampered with my headphones,the mic volume,the desktop output volume,EVERYTHING! I don't...
  6. K

    Question / Help Weird echoing in recordings and no clue why...

    So I always wanted to record some gameplay to make clips/ learn it but i always had this weird bug that made all of the recordings useless. So heres the problem: Whenever i record anything all sounds in the recording sound like they were recorded in a big room. It's not really an echo its just...
  7. P

    Question / Help Obs Avermedia

    I need help for this please, I have a lag of 1 second on all the windows created how can I regulate that, thanks you
  8. G

    Question / Help Audio Issues

    K so I've gone to this games support team and they say it's an OBS issue. So I am coming here with audio issues Ok so.. The game Darwin Project captures just fine. But in the game, I can hear everything just fine. But OBS refuses to capture a certain audio piece in the game. It captures sound...
  9. A

    Question / Help Audio clicks :(

    After a lot of trial and error i have worked long in order to get good audio. I made it how i like it however after rewatching my broadcast i can hear that there is some form of audio cracks happening... very sad about it and would love to find a fix for it.. I've tried a lot of things like...
  10. A

    Question / Help Audio input Signal Drops intermittently

    Hi All, OBS studio's Audio input drops audio intermittently, only fix is to restart OBS. Does anyone have this issue where all of a sudden audio drops out? any solutions ? thanks in advance Configuration: Production PC Windows PC - i7 8700K, 32 GB RAM, GTX 1060 Grpahics card Streaming PC...
  11. M

    Question / Help Crazy Buzz/Robot Voice During Stream

    Hi all, New(ish) livestreamer here. I stream my live music performances via my UAD Apollo Twin > Pro Tools (DAW) > Soundflower > OBS > YouTube. Randomly throughout my livestream, the audio being outputted to the stream starts glitching out. It sounds like a terrible buzzing over any audio that...
  12. J

    Question / Help Occasional audio glitches

    My last log file. While narrating a screencast, the audio track experiences occasional glitches in which it will miss a word or part of a word, rendering the screencast worthless. I've got 6 CPUs doing nothing but OBS and many gigs of available RAM so it is hard to understand how this is...
  13. tuf_Hannes

    Question / Help Audio pauses for a split second every 4-5 seconds

    So I've made two pretty long recordings yesterday (both about 2 hours) and when I started editing today I saw that the audio pauses for a split second every 4-5 seconds. CPU/GPU were fine, the upper two tracks are mic, the lower two from elgato game capture (buffering on). I don't really...
  14. Cattigan619

    Bug Report OBS Studio Microphone glitch

    Hello I was streaming not long ago.And an hour in I noticed my yeti mic was not picking up audio. It wasn't muted in obs or the microphone itself, the volume was turned up all the way but the wavelengths to show the audio going up and down wasn't. And OBS did say that my mic was connected and...
  15. M

    Question / Help Bad Audio Quality When Recording With Speakers

    Hello. When I record using OBS with speakers as my audio output, the recording sounds very "tinny" and echo-like. However, when I record and I am wearing headphones, the recorded audio quality is exactly as it should be: very high quality. It's strange... the tinny and awful audio quality only...
  16. Z

    Question / Help Loosing audio

    I capture ndi into obs and stream it to a costum rtmp, Every hour 60mins audio disappears. Thanks!
  17. ugyuu

    Question / Help Mic keyboard / audio inputs completely disabling once in-game.

    Hello. I have been using OBS to stream for a while now, and usually make my games windowed, which allows for me to view multiple things at once, such as OBS or my chat. Normally, audio caught by my mic would still go through into OBS, into my stream that i am broadcasting, as well as inputs like...
  18. S

    Question / Help Obs Desktop audio

    So i have connected my headest with my desktop audio device and it won't record anything. No game, no video, it records nothing that i hear. I have tried putting it in desktop audio device 2 but it's the exact same thing. nothing works. I've tried audio monitoring and still nothing. It used to...
  19. C

    Question / Help Audio crackling while Streaming after a few Minutes

    Hello, I had this problem for the last couple of streams but I managed to fix it by reconnecting my USB Audiointerface (Focusrite Scarlet 2i2). But now I just had this problem, reconnected the USB cable, deactivated and activated the source in windows, changed audio-bitrates and even the...
  20. E

    Question / Help Audio problem. OBS captures screen audio for no reason

    Hello, I have a new problem with OBS. I have just recorded a Google Window, and the only audio source that it should have recorded is the one from the microphone of my headset, but, instead, it has also recorded the Audio from Sony Vegas and Youtube, because I was playing some clips on them. I...