audio bugs

  1. saito

    obs has no audio

    Hi My obs is compiled on Gentoo Linux and performs well before. When I were trying to use it to record some audio of some streaming, I found that All Global Audio devices Disabled with no any other option available. Please tell me the possible reason. Thanks
  2. LeonesDelPatio

    Ruidos molestos cuando separo las fuentes de audio. Audio bugs when I separate audio sources.

    Hola familia! Me pasa en esta última versión de OBS que cuando separo el audio del micro, aplicaciones, juegos... a cada momento me da picos de ruido raros el audio y una especie de nubarrones de ruido que se mantienen y cuando quiere se quitan. Estoy volviéndome loco porque no encuentro una...
  3. C

    'Monitor Audio' Function not Working

    The 'monitor' part of 'monitor and output' in OBS is doing absolutely nothing for any of my audio-producing sources. I've been trouble shooting to no avail. Uninstalling things, reinstalling things. Rebooting. I have updated my copy of OBS to the latest version, updated my audio drivers, updated...
  4. E

    Problemas con el audio/audio problems

    Hola a todos. Hace tiempo tengo un problema y no encontré solución en YouTube y en ningún lado. Cuando separo el audio por aplicaciones(el juego,la música,el Discord)aproximadamente a la hora de stream el audio me hace un ruido feo y trabado por unos segundos o algunos minutos y luego vuelve a...
  5. R

    Broken OBS/Windows Mixer

    I have an Problem with the Desktop-Audio Mixer I upgraded my system and freshly installed obs on my new PC. After I set up everything, I noticed when I turn the volume of OBS Studio/obs64 in the Windows Audio Mixer down to like 50%, my Desktop-Audio output inside OBS drops also to 50%. On my...
  6. IssacI69

    "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete" PCM 32 Bit Float audio codec

    I've been testing out new settings for recording in OBS, and I want to use the "FFmpeg PCM (32-bit float)" audio codec in the recording, but I'm having this weird thing where when I remux the .mkv file to .mp4 in obs, I get a popup that says "Recording remuxed, but the file may be incomplete"...
  7. A

    Unique OBS Mic Line In Audio Challenge: Mackie Onyx12 Mixer - Insights Needed

    Hello, I am encountering difficulties with my Mackie Onyx12 mixer and OBS. My Mackie Onyx12 operates as three separate devices in OBS: "Onyx12 1-2 (Onyx12)", "Onyx12 3-4 (Onyx12)", and "Line In (Onyx12)". The "Onyx12 1-2 (Onyx12)" and "Onyx12 3-4 (Onyx12)" correspond to channel faders on the...
  8. F

    Weird audio bug?

    Hello. I was hoping to find some answers to a problem I have run into regarding the way obs captures audio. I use obs very frequently whether it be streaming, recording, etc. And I have always used the default settings when it comes to recording sources of audio. I use the Desktop Audio Default...
  9. B

    Help with desktop audio out of sync for recording.

    Hello obs folks, I recently recorded a long 2 hour video from my desktop and noticed that the audio was getting more and more delayed over time. I did some searching on google and most people are having this issue with capture cards and mics but not desktop audio. My audio sample rate is set...
  10. M

    Issue with vlc video source: muting sound at the end of each video

    I recognized a playback issue with sound in video files played back with VLC video source. When playing back a video, the last 1-2 seconds, are muted. This is the case with every video played. Most of the files are mp4 with H.264 and aac audio. The playlist is a local directory with shuffle...
  11. Q

    PC game audio stutters, buffers and crackles

    This is an issue that has been happening for a few months now, ever since the OBS v28 update i believe. After a while streaming PC games, say a couple hours on each occasion (although it's not consistently the same), my game audio will suddenly start to crackle and stutter and glitch out. My...
  12. A

    Terrible audio quality even when not recording/streaming.

    I'm having terrible audio with OBS. It's not a problem with recording. It outright ruins audio quality in the computer. I'm using a bluetooth headphones with a microphone and it sounds terrible when OBS is open. I can't record anything. My OBS installation is pretty out of the box/not configured...
  13. D

    Problem regarding Audio Lines Steelseries GG

    Hello, I am currently having a problem regarding my audio lines that were recorded using OBS and Steelseries GG. When I remux them and put them in my video editing software (premiere) it shows me 3 Audio Lines, which should be 4. The first is my Microphone (Steelseries Microphone), the...
  14. uglyeoin

    No audio being recorded from OBS

    I can see the mic's working in Windows settings and they work in tools like Zoom or Google Meet. So I can rule out the device not working or human error like the device not being plugged in. The video records, but the sound doesn't. BUT it used to. I don't really know why it happened but I...
  15. O

    Obs Audio Is Bassy

    Ever since I gotten the Logitech GPro headset with blue voice, my stream audio has been very bassy. However when I record with Obs it does not have that bassy audio. It only can be heard in my stream: . If anyone has any idea on how to solve this please...
  16. D

    obs unable to capture any audio except for microphone audio

    I use win-capture-audio v2.2.3, and it was unable to pickup any audio, so I tried downgrading to v28 and then v27 and it was still unable to pickup audio. So, I tried to default to OBS's audio output capture, and I realised this could not pick up any audio too! Here is my log file...
  17. L

    How to make OBS capture full windows volume despite muted?

    Hi guys, I've recently changed laptop and now I am facing some issues. Previously, was using Windows 10, my OBS is able to capture full volume of the game while having my speaker/headphone (windows volume) set as very low or even muted. Right now, I am using Windows 11 and my OBS is capturing...
  18. R

    Audio bugging out when I play Apex, GOW and Warzone 2.0

    Been having this issue recently where whenever I stream and play GOD, Apex and Warzone 2.0, out of all the games I have these three only cause audio issues. Whenever I play these games and stream/record the audio glitches, lags, and delays at times. Not sure how to fix it, send help.
  19. D

    No Microphone level in OBS Studio all of a sudden

    Hi guys, i hope to get Help from you guys, because i do not find a solution to my problem: I am Using OBS 27.2.4(with win-audio-captcha latest) and StreamElements on a 64 bit Win 11 an a Rode Rodecaster Pro 2. My setup was running until yesterday, where all of a sudden the mic-channel didn't...
  20. S

    Nintendo Switch Audio Issues

    Having some weird audio issues on Nintendo Switch games. The audio works, but for some reason, certain sounds and audio elements from games are not being heard or are heavily muffled. I had a friend of mine help me with audio issues and he said that he heard the same thing I was hearing...