audio bugs

  1. D

    No Microphone level in OBS Studio all of a sudden

    Hi guys, i hope to get Help from you guys, because i do not find a solution to my problem: I am Using OBS 27.2.4(with win-audio-captcha latest) and StreamElements on a 64 bit Win 11 an a Rode Rodecaster Pro 2. My setup was running until yesterday, where all of a sudden the mic-channel didn't...
  2. S

    Nintendo Switch Audio Issues

    Having some weird audio issues on Nintendo Switch games. The audio works, but for some reason, certain sounds and audio elements from games are not being heard or are heavily muffled. I had a friend of mine help me with audio issues and he said that he heard the same thing I was hearing...
  3. I

    Mic Audio Freezes/Cuts Randomly When Pausing/Unpausing OBS

    Hello! I was wondering if someone had the same issue. When I record videos and pause/Unpause OBS during the recording, the audio gets messed up. It never used to happen before until a few months ago after reinstalling OBS. I don't have any filters, I've uninstalled and reinstalled OBS. Any...
  4. R

    Problem with registration audio

    Hi, I have problem with OBS, I can't undestand why. When I save the file I see that the audio is not ok, after 1 or 2 minuts the audio go in 2x. I try to attach the video but I can't because is "too large"...3.5MB file....too .zip....ok?! My CPU when I save file go to max of 40% of...
  5. I

    Crackling/Static Desktop audio

    It only starts when i open OBS and when i close OBS it stops. i had one of my mods help test it a bit and its coming from desktop audio while the app is running. not from my Mic. i've tried googling it and i can't figure out the cause
  6. M

    Audio in OBS is working, but in recordings cannot hear anything.

    I am using the win-capture-audio v2.2.2-beta plugin to record audio from my applications such as league of legends and spotify. There is audio on the mixer. For my microphone I have added a audio input capture set to my microphone. OBS is not muted in my volume mixer. When I speak or audio...
  7. S

    The audio got's muted in the recording

    I was trying to record some gamepaly with my friends. When I started recording everything was great. When it was silent for a few seconds the soundbar was droped to zero. But it didn't went up when the sound was coming back. This problem is not only occurred in the Discorde audio but it also...
  8. propz

    OBS Regularly crashes - whats wrong with my setup?

    Hi guys, I'm not sure why my OBS crashes from time to time. Sometimes I can stream for like 3 hours and everyhting works fine... sometimes I just start OBS and it crashes. And is it normal, that OBS keeps streaming after a crash? It's kinda nice but weird ^^...
  9. I

    Impossible to sync audio and video due to audio plugins causing targets to randomly move

    I've been trying and failing to sync all my audio (specifically outputs) and video for the past few days. I understand that it's impossible to sync everything 100% (as I'm not using something like Jack Audio that would actually sync the clocks of all these devices), but I'm not even able to keep...
  10. terence223

    Audio recording and streaming glitch

    I got 2 audio track at the same time. One is microphone track. It works totally fine. but the other audio track is from another windows computer voice by AverMedia GC555. It sounds totally fine by listening at OBS. But when I do recording or streaming. The result sounds like the situation of...
  11. S

    OBS Audio Problems

    Hey everybody! So I'm starting a Doctor Who podcast, but the thing is I'm having audio issues. For some reason, no matter what setting I try, my friends (not me, with the worse mic, mind you) sound like they're in a fishbowl. I've tried just Simple with MP4 and Indistinguishable Quality, Large...
  12. E

    Twitch can't hear me unless I "Monitor and Output" my Microphone

    For the record, everything was working perfectly fine until a few days ago. So, I know that my microphone was setup properly and I hadn't touched anything in OBS. When I'm talking into the microphone, OBS looks like it's detecting everything just fine (I can see the sound coming through on the...
  13. E

    Desktop Audio Being Lost On Stream After Alt-Tab

    Hello, I'm using the latest version of OBS (26.1.1) I've come across this extremely irritating issue recently where when I alt-tab from a game, my stream will tell me they can no longer hear the game audio even though OBS is clearly picking it up in the mixer, and I can still clearly hear it as...
  14. D

    Why my OBS make discord voice chat bugged without stereo and lowered sound?

    I have this problem too... Every time I have opened discord, a game(any), and OBS at the same time, the stereo of the discord voice chat (friends in chat voice) was missing or bugged and turns into a low and blurry voice/audio without stereo. And it seems to be very annoying to always ALT+TAB...
  15. I

    My Mic Keeps Cutting in and out randomly

    Hi guys, I've been browsing this forum for quite a bit and still can't seem to find an answer to my issue. Every time I stream, my audio keeps cutting in and out and my voice doesn't sound as clear or 'rich' as it did with StreamLabs OBS. After rewatching my VODs, I can see that it cuts out...
  16. K

    Audio Monitoring doesn't work at all.

    Hi all, I've been tearing my hair out with this issue. I understand you must get a lot of requests for help on this forum but I've been through google for a week now researching a fix and I can't find anything. I'll explain what's going on... I'm trying to get the notification sounds from my...
  17. S

    Audio Output Capture on Windows Partition Needs Resetting Every Time?

    I run OBS on a Windows partition on my Mac. Any time I turn on OBS or switch scenes, the only way I can pick up desktop audio is by making a new audio output capture. And I have to do it every time. It shows that audio is being picked up on the meters, but my stream wont have it. Anyone else who...
  18. A

    Twitch/OBS Audio Error

    When im streaming all the users can watch and heard correctly the stream but once i finished they cant heard nothing except my voice. Can anyone help me ?? The Video audio is not muted by twitch, i think its a problem of the OBS… Plss i need help :(
  19. G

    Obs audio will only record one track

    I have been going back and forth looking through old forums, and I cant seem to figure out what is going on. I have even resorted to redownloading Obs 3 different times. Starting from scratch setting it up. I even followed along videos walking me through setting up obs. I'm not sure if I'm blind...
  20. SymaG90

    OBS Desktop Audio not playing in Video File

    So this one is a little confusing, and I've just encountered it. Simply put, if I record something with music or sounds in the background, I can't hear them in the video file, until I open it into a video editor like Premiere Pro. Audio Tracks still work for some reason. And yes, OBS does pick...