no mic audio

  1. D

    No Microphone level in OBS Studio all of a sudden

    Hi guys, i hope to get Help from you guys, because i do not find a solution to my problem: I am Using OBS 27.2.4(with win-audio-captcha latest) and StreamElements on a 64 bit Win 11 an a Rode Rodecaster Pro 2. My setup was running until yesterday, where all of a sudden the mic-channel didn't...
  2. PhysicistSouravDas

    Question / Help No mic recording in OBS studio

    For the last few days, I am trying to solve this issue. I have read most of the old post here and tried everything mentioned, but still, audio is not recorded. Find the log file here: Kindly help me. I am trying to record by plugging in an external...
  3. T

    Question / Help No Mic Audio

    I haven't found any posts about microphone issues and I am sure there is a few, but I must have not looked hard enough, but I need some help. I have been through every setting possible and I cannot get OBS to capture any of my microphones audio. I have messed with windows settings and OBS...