My PC Completely Freezes When Streaming With OBS Studio (Running on Windows 11)


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I've been streaming with OBS Studio for many years and ever since I got my gaming PC back in 2018, it's been smooth! Then until around Fall 2021, my PC has been receiving issues where my entire PC freezes via a black screen and blue screen error, and it's been happening many times. So I bought a new desktop PC with Windows 11 installed, hoping that I wouldn't have any issues to worry about, but the freezing PC issues continue to haunt me since March this year and it's been discouraging me from streaming much, I'm really tired of having to force shut down my desktop every time! I tried doing System File Checker, as suggested by the Microsoft Support Team from Twitter, and even doing this multiple times after every error received on this current and new PC I bought a COUPLE MONTHS AGO doesn't fix this. So far, my PC only freezes entirely when I'm streaming with OBS Studio, and not when browsing the web, or almost anything else (I haven't tried out the PC games to see if this error occurs), but I cannot think of any other possibility, since I updated everything on my PC to the latest, such as the NVIDIA GPU, Intel CPU, Windows Updates, OBS Studio itself, and more, so I am not sure if this is more of an issue related to Windows 11 or OBS Studio (or something else entirely different) because I do not want to stream if the software is buggy or if my PC continues to freeze over time. I am out of options and I need someone to review what's going on.

Here is a log of the stream before the PC froze:


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