1. D

    PC freezes when recording with OBS

    Hello, my PC freezes lately while recording with OBS. First the Game freezes (about 5-20 min in the Recording) and i can see Movement in the Preview of OBS but when I click out of the Window into OBS it freezes as well and teh PC doesn't respond at all. The music of the Game keeps playing while...
  2. snowchild

    Recording freeze-frames after some time

    Hello OBS Community, I need help with a problem in OBS. After some recording time, the recording screen in OBS gets stuck in a freeze frame, meaning from that time on, it only captures the last captured frame. So, let's say if I record for 1 hour and this problem occurs after 30 minutes, in my...
  3. KingKong77

    Delay to validate a resource

    Hello, I posted a tool as a resource a week ago, and it is still on the approval stage. I guess it is because Christmas holiday. Someone knows how the process is done? Is the forum moderation freezed every holidays or it is just a bad luck of mine?
  4. unholy_personツ

    OBS freezes PC when trying to record roblox using window capture

    Basically it freezes my PC at random times when trying to record roblox using window capture, it can range from 3-6 minutes to instant.
  5. J

    Fullscreen applications freezes Elgato Camlink 4K video source

    Hi everyone, for multiple weeks or month now, I have had the problem with my Camlink 4K and a connected Sony Alpha 5100 that the picture freezes when starting full-screen applications. The only thing that helps is restarting the source, i.e. switching it off completely (with the option...
  6. O

    OBS drops to 0kb/s and cannot reconnect

    Hello, I've read a few posts about this and cannot see any other suggestions but to disable dynamic bitrate (which is already disabled). But I'm looking for a solution for this. The problem is that randomly OBS will drop to 0kb/s (broadcast icon is still green) and says it is trying to...
  7. H

    Alerts freezing inconsistently

    Hello! The last few weeks I had a problem with my alerts in obs. I use Tipeeestream's Alert Box V2 widget and implement them through a browser source. My problem is, that the alerts freeze most of the time, but not always at the same time, sometimes they run smoothely without freezing at all...
  8. P

    PC temporarily freezes/disconnects some sources at random with OBS open

    Hello hello, This has only been happening for me in the last week. Granted, I haven't been using OBS much recently so this probably could have become a problem earlier. I will have OBS open, everything's great then my PC will freeze, audio will cut out, all of my bluetooth devices will either...
  9. R

    problem with video capture device properties

    hello dear all, the problem started today, when i add my 2nd camera which is DSLR Canon camera, previously i was using web cam which is c920 without any problem. but today when i start my obs and choose the video capture device its freeze i dont know why i tried to remove all plugins and...
  10. R

    My PC completely freezes when streaming with OBS Studio

    I got a brand new PC and keep having an issue with my pc freezing up completely when I am streaming, it happened yesterday after 30 minutes of being live I restarted my PC went live again and didnt have another issue for the rest of my stream (4hours) now again today It has frozen up my pc 3...
  11. S

    OBS Froze while streaming

    Basically Twitch stream is still running, but in OBS I have 0 kbps/s (square is still green) and my CSGO game capture screen is completely frozen (game is fine, only in OBS it's frozen) and when I press end stream "Program is not responding..." Use NVIDIA NVENC H.264, 6000 Kbps, P5, High...
  12. VegasC

    PC random freeze when streaming League of Legends after a match finished.

    I've seen a lot people reporting this issue but no final solution whatsoever. Symptom: Stream League, after a match finished, sometimes, the whole PC just freezes, no audio, have to force shutdown. I've tried: Disable HAGS: no luck Swap test GPU (3080Ti, 4080): no luck Swap test RAM: no luck...
  13. V

    New to OBS, and OBS keeps crashing!

    So I've been having a hard time trying to figure out how to set everything up and I've slowly started to get the hang of it, that is until OBS decided to either crash/freeze whenever I stop recording and also keep recording even though I've stopped recording a.k.a. "stopping recoding". Here's...
  14. I

    OBS friert ein wenn ich ein Spiel schließe / OBS freezes when I close a game

    Deutsch: Hi, mein OBS-Studio (29.0.0 u. 29.0.2) friert ein wenn ich ein Spiel schließe ansonsten läuft es komplett stabil. Wenn ich am streamen bin und ein Game schließe ruckelt es kurz und nach ca. 20 sek friert ganz OBS ein und ich muss en Manuel im Taskmanager schließen, das ganze passierte...
  15. 8pr

    OBS recording freezes on a single frame for most of session, but only for certain games

    Howdy! We've suddenly developed a puzzling issue with OBS recordings. What happens is this: for the first couple seconds, the game is a single frozen frame, but our mouse movements can be seen. After that, the recording will remain frozen on that single frame for almost the entirety of the...
  16. R

    OBS Studio encoder freezes mid-stream with no crash log

    OBS 29.0.2 64 Bit Touch Portal V3.1 Build 12 Windows 11 EVGA 3070ti Intel i5 12600 16GB DDR4 Logitech C920 Logitech C270 Drivers are up-to-date, as far as I can tell. I've been encountering an error more frequently while streaming where what seems to be the encoder is just freezing completely...
  17. F

    OBS Keep dropping bitrate to 0 and than it freezes.

    As the Titlte says, it drops my bitrate to 0 than it freezes when i try to end the stream. Tryed everything, new fresh install nothing helped. Never had this Problem before, now it keep doing that for like 1 month or so. Anyone an idea how to fix it? My latest Crash file is attached.
  18. B

    Issue with OBS freezing while trying to record footage from a capture card (PS5)

    When I attempt to record footage from a capture card sometimes the image will freeze and the only way to fix it (temporarily) is to unplug and replug in the capture card. However that fix will only work for a short time. Occasionally I can record for 10-15 minutes (didn't try longer honestly...
  19. K

    OBS instantly freezes and crashes when saving replay

    First of all the log file: So I've been successfully using and streaming with OBS (+ StreamElements plugin) in the last couple of weeks. I did a fresh windows install on the weekend (no real issues, just wanted to have everything fresh since this PC...
  20. FlyingFathead

    OBS Lua WebcamReload: Fix webcam or other USB video device freezes

    -- WebcamReload v1.1 -- A simple Lua script to reload your OBS Studio video source (webcam, other UVC sources...) every x minutes. -- From FlyingFathead ( -- For years, OBS has had a problem where UVC video sources (such as USB webcams) are freezing up...