1. M

    OBS Freezing only when streaming and playing Apex Legends:

    For some reason, lately when I stream and play Apex Legends, after an undetermined amount of time OBS will just freeze and my stream will go down. In order to get OBS working again I have to close it in task manager. This is one of my logs from when this happened.
  2. C

    Stopping Stream while attempting to reconnect always freezes OBS

    Stopping Stream While obs is attempting to reconnect stream causes obs studio to hang, almost always freeze, and sometimes even outright crash. This also prevents mp4 output (as well as other formats) from finalizing. This does not cause obs browser to freeze however.
  3. M

    CS:GO + OBS process = freezes during game

    Hi, since couple days Im struggling with FPS (more specifically with freezes about every 3 sec) problems in CS:GO when OBS process is active. It means whenever I run OBS (even not streaming but it run in background) weird things is happening in CS which you can see in below video. FPS goes down...
  4. L

    Issues with stream (not preview) frozen, among other things.

    I've recently started trying to stream again for fun. This lead me down a rabbit hole of issues, hardware and internet wise. I've managed to fix my issues with wifi by implementing an ethernet cable, but this seemed to make my hardware issues worse. After a minute or so of the stream being...
  5. Blinter

    OBS preview freeze randomly in stream and need to shut down in the task manager

    Hi everyone, When i stream, everything is okay, no over usage of CPU and GPU. But randomly, the preview in OBS freeze few second and after, OBS crash without crash file. I post a log of my last stream. Someone can help me ?
  6. Hafin

    Whole PC freeze while streaming sometimes

    This happens 5 out 10 times while streaming CS:GO and it happend also while streaming Visage. It is not 100% guaranteed, that it will happen, but most probably it will. No other game it causes. Most commonly it freezes whole PC, but sometimes it freezes only the OBS itself. I am streaming with...
  7. B

    OBS freezes after trying to add a new video capture device.

    I have tried on the discord server, but I want to try here too. But, when I try to add a new video capture device, after naming and pressing ok to the next step of the selection screen, obs freezes. The video workspace still works however, it will not respond and will be permanently stuck on...
  8. I

    Recording is freezing every time I i switch to the window i'm trying to record

    I just bought a new Pc and for whatever reason, OBS isn't working correctly anymore. When I start recording everything works fine, but as soon as I switch to the window i'm recording, my output freezes and I have to restart OBS Can someone please help?
  9. G

    OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams very slow and freezes (since version 27.1.1? )

    OBSSTUDIO stream to MS Teams is very slow and freezes on certain events. It was perfect for a year. I did not change anything (as far as I know). This problem is not only on my computer but also on that of my brother who has an identical setup. How I use OBS I use obsstudio/ ms teams to...
  10. I

    Can't resize fullscreen game

    I used to be able to open osu! (1080p resolution letterboxed on a 1440p monitor), minimize it, then resize a frozen frame in obs. I am now unable to do this as minimizing osu! essentially hides the source in obs. I've tried the freeze frame plugin to no avail. I have also tried pressing ctrl+f...
  11. Z

    Preview window freezes when resizing after updating graphic drivers

    Hi, I have been using Zoom for online meetings with my learners for some time. They get a mobile phone holder from me to show what they are writing from above. With OBS and the preview window, I rotate the image 180° and share the window. So we use the mobile phone like a kind of overhead...
  12. rival9999

    OBS Randomly Freezes video while using Replay Buffer

    Hey. While using Replay Buffer, it often stops recording and freezes the video. If I clip it, it is frozen, an example shown in the link below. It doesn't always happen, but it tends to freeze after anywhere between an hour and a half to 3 hours, but it can vary. It is also shown as being...
  13. NioZero

    OBS freezes every few seconds

    Hi. I have a recent problem, but every few seconds, OBS completely freezes for one or two seconds, even with no recording or streaming. I tried multiple stuff, like testing differents sources, running as admin, disabling the GPU scheduler and other stuff. I was checking the resources but the...
  14. A

    Obs makes the video buggy/freezey

    so I only run into the issue after I finish recording and go view the video. the video has around 1 second long freeze periods then it goes back to normal for around 3-6 seconds then it freezes again. i have had this issue on and off as i change things but I've tried a bunch of different forums...
  15. T

    Memory Leak while streaming

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to fix this issue myself for about a month with zero success! Right around the three hour mark of each of my streams, my computer runs out of RAM. My computer isn't exactly the newest, but here's my system specs: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz 16GB of RAM Nvidia...
  16. de4d

    Video Playback freezes after a while of streaming

    Hi Guys. So i have a 2PC Streaming setup using NDI technology. My streaming PC is running 2 instances of OBS in order for me to be able to set a dynamic delay of 30 seconds. My first OBS instance is for streaming and my 2nd instance is for recording. So through advanced scene switcher i can...
  17. Copain

    OBS 27.0 freeze when I try to move a source in "Sources" panel

    I just installed OBS 27.0 and unfortunately it is unusable due to a very annoying bug : a huge amount of time to move sources in the "Sources" panel. I use a lot of different effects on my cam and therefore my cam scene is nested in another scene with other occurrences from my cam to which...
  18. S

    Whole PC freezes while I'm recording in OBS.

    Hello, I gotten a new PC about a month ago; so far it was doing great for recording gameplay videos until late last week. Now when I record for a while it will freeze the whole computer and I have to manually reboot the PC. I have the log. Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70Hz GC...
  19. FabioSedia

    Crash/Freeze on Linux and X11 when adding a new Xcomposite window capture source

    Hi, as in the title OBS either crashes or freezes when i try to add a new "Window capture (Xcomposite)" source. i uploaded the log, and it seems like the issue is here: xcompcap: glXBindTexImageEXT failed: GLXBadContextTag could you help me solve the issue? i'm more than happy to provide...
  20. G

    Razer Ripsaw randomly freezing in OBS

    Hello everyone, So since a few weeks I'm experiencing random video capture card freezes. This started around the time i got my cam (razer kiyo pro). Both of them are USB 3 Plugged directly into my mainboard. Have read a lot of things on the web already and made sure both of devices are plugged...