1. V

    Obs Freeze while streaming and i have to force close it and reopoen it

    Obs Freeze while streaming and i have to force close it and reopoen it can anybody help with my Log file to identify the problem?
  2. S

    OBS 28+ Freezing PC when playing Lost Ark

    I had this issue when the update first dropped. I get a hard freeze inconsistently when playing lost ark. To the point of having to hard reset my PC. Went back to the old version to 27 and didn't have an issue. It keeps asking me to update so I update to see if anything changed or got fixed...
  3. E

    Game freezes when obs tries to hook them

    log: Games and other apps that using OpenGL freezes on 1-10s when obs is opened or trying to hook them. I have tried reinstalling and updating windows, tried all obs versions from 27 up to 28, i have also tried reinstalling videocard drivers...
  4. LittleDevil

    OBS Freezing

    Hello, I have been experiencing lately issues with my OBS. Everything except camera preview and game preview does not freeze or lag. My mixer, plugins (such as kappamon pet, chat display, alerts etc) all freeze or lag when I get into a game. I tried following options: Uninstall and reinstall...
  5. d33KODE

    Getting Micro-Freezing Every Couple Seconds

    So, this has been a recent issue after getting my new gaming rig. I'll list some specs below and have included the most recent logs. Issue [tl:dr] - Every 1 to 2 seconds, whether I am actively streaming/recording or not, there is a skip in the output. It's consistent and no settings I have...
  6. S

    Micro freezes

    Hello everyone ! I have a problem with my OBS for a pretty long time and can't stream at all because of that. I have micro freezes every 3/4 seconds for absolutely no reasons, i uninstalled and reinstalled obs, deleted all of my plugins, tryed using it with nothing else started in my pc but...
  7. A

    PC Continues to Freeze for the 100th+ Time This Year While Only Using OBS Studio

    I've asked for help by searching up solutions and fixes related to my PC freezing while using OBS Studio. I've asked on the OBS Discord, watched some YouTube videos, executed System File Checker on the Command Prompt, bought a new PC with Windows 11 since my previous desktop also has that issue...
  8. C

    Recording keeps freezing.

    Hello I am trying to record gameplay footage for some videos, but the recording just freezes part way through while i'm recording. I am by no means an expert so i was wondering if anyone can help.
  9. Z

    HELP!!! Recordings have non-stop frame freezing.

    Every 5 seconds or so, the recording video's frame will freeze while the audio goes on per normal. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling. Making it a high priority in task manager. Tried a low bitrate, and a high bitrate (50 mb/s) which produced no difference. Tried the x264 encoder. Even the...
  10. S

    Video Freezing in the Middle of a LiveStream

    Hello, So we have a church stream that we use OBS to stream every Sunday. We've had a problem every now and then where the video will randomly freeze and the only way to restart it is to close OBS and then open it again. So far we've been lucky in that until last Sunday whenever that happened...
  11. G

    OBS freeze / Lag / Stops but no crash report - 10 times a day

    Hi! i will attach a log. OBS doesnt work since 2 weeks. After a while the sound gets very laggy and crunchy. than it freeze. Every day every stream. sometimes after 10 min - sometimes after 4 hours. i have to restart it 10 times a day. Not good for a full time streamer. Any Ideas? I have none...
  12. K

    OBS freezing after choosing a local text file for text GDI

    Hello guys i have the issue that my OBS freezes every time i choose a local text file for a GDI source. i want to show latest follower etc.
  13. C

    PC is STILL Freezing my entire PC at random.

    Sometimes I don't even need to be streaming. What the heck is going on? Here's the log. I have reinstalled OBS multiple times, This has been happening since before 27.2.4 - I rebuilt my PC and got the most recent version. I keep my OBS up to date...
  14. G

    Image freezes in game capture

    The picture freezes in the "game capture" source. This happens as follows: when the game starts, its window is captured, but the picture immediately freezes. At the same time, capture from other sources (for example, a webcam) proceeds normally. Changing the capture mode and priority has no...
  15. A

    My PC Completely Freezes When Streaming With OBS Studio (Running on Windows 11)

    I've been streaming with OBS Studio for many years and ever since I got my gaming PC back in 2018, it's been smooth! Then until around Fall 2021, my PC has been receiving issues where my entire PC freezes via a black screen and blue screen error, and it's been happening many times. So I bought a...
  16. Dala

    OBS freezes / crashes when alt tab - Is this a Windows 11 issue or OBS issue? How to fix it?

    Hi all! I have been dealing with my stream crashing multiple times. I've noticed this usually happens when I tab in/out of the game to check chat on OBS or to use Chrome to change the music I'm listening to, or check on something else on twitch creator dashboard. What happens is that...
  17. K

    Video Capture Device Bug - OBS Not Responding and no capture card image

    I can't attach a log unfortunately, but there is still a bug that I have happening with OBS where I can't even add a new Video Capture Device. Selecting the option sends the entire program into (Not Responding). I normally have no issues with the input, but when I do it always crashes it with no...
  18. Copain

    OBS Freeze when clicking on "Settings" button

    When I click on the 'Settings' button, OBS seems to seek to open the menu but nothing appears. After a few seconds OBS freezes and I see a blue wheel turning a loop in place of my cursor. This step seems endless. If I click in the OBS window, a white veil appears and nothing happens. I seem to...
  19. F

    Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and OBS freezing at random

    Here's my last log file I'm having this problem for several months/OBS updates now. At random, my OBS will freeze and Bitrate will drop to 0 requiring me to kill OBS in task manager in order to restart the stream. It can happen with 10 minutes of stream or 10 hours, it can happen every day or...
  20. DavidVanScouten

    After updating OBS 27.2.x facecam freezes randomly.

    Hello community, I need your help: After installing the first version of 27.2.x, the camera image of my webcam 'NexiGo N60' freezes in different time intervals. I never had this before. Now I am using OBS version 27.2.3 and still have the same problem. I have been putting my system, camera...