Monitors going black temporarily and preview is frozen forever when running OBS


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This is going to be a long post but going to do my best to describe what's been happening.
It's been happening for weeks and it's driving me nuts. I've done hours of research and tried to fix this including completely wiping/reinstalling windows and OBS.
To preface, as odd as it sounds, this only happens with certain games. I played Minecraft and this error has not happened once despite running the game at max settings and even streaming for 5+ hours at a time. This error is only happening with certain games, and I have no idea why. In general, this error only ever happens when OBS is active, never when I'm just gaming off stream. It happened for example while streaming Ori, Elden Ring and Cuphead.
As a general note, I only play games via Steam, not other third-party programs, and no separate launchers or anything.

I don't have a screenshot for this as it happens very quickly, but at random times, both my monitors' screens go black for about a second, then revert to normal. The game will still be playing but I need to ALT+TAB to get back into the game, however my OBS preview will be completely frozen, no matter how many scenes I switch to and will not fix itself until I close the entire OBS program. Oddly, everything still works fine. My chat can confirm that my webcam/mic still work perfectly and the game itself will also run with no problems. However, the same "black screen" will happen repeatedly at random times, during my session, taking me completely out of the game - you can see how this would be really annoying. Crash log or general log doesn't show anything weird happening at times this happen.

To put it in perspective, I had a 2 hour stream last week and this happened nearly 17 times. Another stream that week, I stream for about 5 hours and it only happened 3 times. I monitor my GPU/CPU constantly on my second monitor and they are never pushed to high percentages at any point when streaming as well. My GPU is at most at 80C temp and CPU has about 40% usage.

Things I have already tried:
Completely reinstalled Windows 10 from factory settings.
Completely reinstalling/uninstalling OBS and not keeping previous settings/scenes.
Updated all drivers, not just gpu. Latest Nvidia driver is installed as well.
OBS is currently updated to newest version, however, this error has also occurred before update took place.
Running OBS using admin mode AND each game in admin mode as well.
Turning off Hardware Acceleration in Chrome.
Energy settings are set too full performance.
Tried changing game between Windowed and Full screen (happens on both)
Tried playing with controller and without.
Tried lowering encoding settings to lowest (fastest)
Uninstalled all plugins.
Tried switching encoding to x264.
Tried switching from Display capture to Window/Game Capture.

I would really appreciate the help because I have no idea where to problem is coming from and there is no popular fix or disscussion about it. My PC is more than capable of streaming anything and I don't know where the problem comes from.


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Came here to say this is happening to me as well and I have been searching for a solution. It also only happens to me with certain games, now that you mention it.. any of those games has been played through Steam. Will keep this saved to check back on if you find a solution!