1. F

    Obs crashing very often

    I have no idea why but my obs keeps crashing on startups an when i somehow get it running it crashes after about half an hou. Here you have crash logs.
  2. S

    OBS crashes during Auto-Config

    Every time i run the auto-config it crashes. Have re-installed and restarted comp with no results. Posting the crash report as attachment. Also posting DxDiag as attached for additional info if needed. Thank you,
  3. T

    OBS Crash on Record. Windows 10

    I just got OBS and when i press record it crashes. Cant seem to find much on it on google. Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2022-06-16, 10:43:50 Fault address: 7FF9A5AC7BDD (c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\c0368456.inf_amd64_f16f961b152ef3a8\b367348\amdocl64.dll) libobs...
  4. G

    OBS freeze / Lag / Stops but no crash report - 10 times a day

    Hi! i will attach a log. OBS doesnt work since 2 weeks. After a while the sound gets very laggy and crunchy. than it freeze. Every day every stream. sometimes after 10 min - sometimes after 4 hours. i have to restart it 10 times a day. Not good for a full time streamer. Any Ideas? I have none...
  5. N

    Obs crashing when switching scenes (or not)

    Hi, for a while, obs crash at least once on every stream i do. The issue often appears while i switch scenes but not every time. I have to wait at least 3 hours before the issue kick in. On my last stream to prevent it from crashing, i take care of not switching scenes but obs crashed anyway...
  6. L

    My OBS crash help !

    Hello, My OBS crash every time i try to launch it Here is the crash report: Thanks for the help!
  7. S

    OBS crashes when starting stream

    after around 2 - 5 seconds every time I click "start stream" to youtube, OBS would hang for a few seconds then crash. There are some rare occasions it doesn't crash. I use the stream elements add on as well (SE Live) and I tried uninstalling it and running OBS on it's own but it still crashes so...
  8. G

    still obs massive problems - i stuck on solutions

    Hi, my obs always freeze when i am streaming. i have an high end equip but it doesnt work. I treid everything. I also changed my mainboard. my cooler because i hought it was a heat problem. nothing works. Always start with a frozen webcam (elgato Facecam) than the sound start to lag massive and...
  9. R

    help! obs wont stop crashing

    So I keep trying to open OBS, and it opens. But after I click ANYTHING at all it crashes. It gives me an error log which I entered below, but its just annoying and this is my last resort. ive tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it exactly 3 times. Doesn't work. I've closed everything else and...
  10. C

    OBS and game crashing for no reason

    My OBS has crashed twice already while playing Project Zomboid the game crashed too and in one instance steam crashed aswell i do not know the reason of the cashes but help would be appreciated since i cant stream properly Both crash logs should be attached
  11. D

    Crash on startup

    I've been looking online for a few days now for a fix for this crash, when I installed OBS after a while not using it, it crashes on startup. I've installed and uninstalled, I've deleted all files related to OBS and SLOBS(that I also uninstalled) on my PC and then reinstalled, I've updated...
  12. oSkyCloud

    OBS crashes when launched

    whenever i try opening OBS it crashes (attached crash log)
  13. M

    OBS keeps crashing even after reinstall

    Hi guys, I'm dying, my OBS kept crashing during stream tonight. I trying resintalling 3 times. CGU is updated. Windows is updated. I tried windows 8 compatibility mode as well. Still crashing. Crash report attached. PLEASE HELP MEEEE
  14. K

    OBS crashes on startup since most recent update

    I just installed an update and after that, OBS crashes on startup. I'm not sure what version I was on before, probably quite an old one since I don't use OBS super frequently so probably hadn't updated in a while. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, makes no difference- the reinstall seemed...
  15. Undael

    OBS crash many times

    Hello, I come here, because for a while, i have obs crash (during streaming, and at the end of stream when i raid someone. I tried to update my drivers, uninstall plugins... but i don't know where exactly is the problem. I have no idea how to interpret crash files at all, maybe someone can...
  16. D

    OBS Crashes Video drivers on Startup

    OBS crashes my video drivers on startup, then proceeds to crash itself whenever i open it up for the first time when i boot up my pc. Video drivers are up to date Windows is up to date attached are both the log and the crash dump
  17. O

    OBS frequently crashes after stopping record.

    As the title suggests. I am yet to find a common reason for the crash. Can't find a specific logic behind the crashing.. OBS remuxes the recording, and it might take a good 10 seconds before it crashes. I am aware that the log file says two instances. Thats due to another problem i have, but...
  18. J

    Nvenc encoder crash, cant figure this out

    Ever since a few weeks or even a couple of months ago i started getting infrequent obs crashes where the encoder would crash. At the time i thought it was game specific but then it started happening in a new game multiple times in a 4 hour period. log file crash file a little back story, its...
  19. A

    OBS Crashes on startup, even after fresh Windows install and fresh OBS install

    Been unable to open OBS at all I reset my PC and did a fresh install of Windows 10 tried installing OBX and running it, it crashed on start. I upgraded to Windows 11 to see if that would fix it, ninstalled OBS, reinstalled it, still crashing on start up. I've included the log if anyone can...
  20. C

    PC is STILL Freezing my entire PC at random.

    Sometimes I don't even need to be streaming. What the heck is going on? Here's the log. I have reinstalled OBS multiple times, This has been happening since before 27.2.4 - I rebuilt my PC and got the most recent version. I keep my OBS up to date...