1. R

    OBS Crashes After Switching to Another Scene from Scene with VLC Media Source with Subtitles

    Hi guys! I have just experienced several crashes while a broadcast was ongoing (well, after the first crash we had to switch to another PC just so we could continue with the broadcast. OBS Studio Version - 27.0.1 Windows Version - 10 build 19043 (release: 2009; revision: 1237; 64-bit) VLC...
  2. A

    Obs studio crash at startup after crash while running

    reinstall gpu driver, not work use administrator mode, not work update system to the newest win10/ win11, not work I am sure some have change the graphic setting, beacuse the 3d pirint software cura have crash at startup too. (May be the cinema 4d r25? just install) LOG 20:14:24.478: CPU Name...
  3. B

    OBS crashes when switching scene collections

    Switching scene collections causes my OBS to crash. This just started happening yesterday. I've created a few different scene collections thinking that it was a bug in one of the collections, but it's doing it with all of the scenes. I do have a Stream Deck XL and I'm able to access the...
  4. B

    Can't reconnect after internet going down then coming back online

    I've been having this problem recently where if I'm live and my internet goes out and comes back online, OBS just won't reconnect at all. If I hit stop streaming then try to hit start streaming that just doesn't do anything. If I try to close OBS in this state I have to keep clicking close...
  5. L

    Tengo problemas con mi transmisión de OBS (Cuadro ROJO, perdida de fps)

    Tengo un problema con mi obs, lo uso para transmitir en twich. En esta semana busque como poder solucionar mi problema en youtube o en foros y en ningún lugar aparece mi problema en específico. Todos los lugares dicen que baje la taza de bits rate, la resolución de emisión o los fps de 60 a 30...
  6. B

    OBS Crash

    My OBS system seems like it crashes every other day. I am not sure what the issue is. My CPU is an i9 processor. My gpu is not that good, but it is not involved with any of the processing. I need help.
  7. I

    Quick crashes related to d3d11.dll, libobs, and transitions?

    Good morning- running into an intermittent issue with OBS Studio crashing. This issue seemed to appear after an update to Windows yesterday evening, but these could potentially be unrelated. The program has been crashing every single time I open it- sometimes within seconds of opening it and...
  8. F

    Crash during LIVE show. Random crash connected to FADE?

    Hello, in the last months, during live show broadcasted on youtube, facebook. I had Obs crashes, every 30, 40 minutes of live broadcast. I have noticed crashes happened when I move from a scene to another, during the transition FADE effect. Now I remove FADE effects, because I suspect the...
  9. H

    Audio cuts out and then OBS crashes

    Hello, I have issues since the last OBS update. So from time to time, i have no audio anymore, like neither my headset, my speakers or anything else has audio anymore, then OBS crashes and the audio comes back eventually. I am not 100% sure if its actually an OBS issue, but since OBS always...
  10. AlexisDevios

    OBS completely crashes when I close it.

    Hello ! I've been having this issue for a while now but it's starting to be really annoying. Basically, when I close OBS normally, it freezes and completely crashes. This might sound okay but the problem is I cannot close it once it crashed, which makes capture devices completely unusable until...
  11. Razz2

    OBS Mac v27.0.1 Crash on Scene Collection Change

    I have upgraded to OBS 27.0.1, from 26.1.2, on MacOS Cataline 10.15.7 and it crashes with a Scene Collection change. Based on a thread I found (link below) I was able to change the collection in the global.ini with success. A number of the collections loaded in 27 with missing file errors, so I...
  12. H

    30 seconds to a minute live, crashes to 0 kb/s - Log Attached

    Hey everyone. Super frustrating experiencing this. Will click Start Streaming, and my kbs will drop to 0, the stream is alive for less than a minute and then will die for my viewers and fully on twitch. OBS doesn't crash, and the icon will still be red saying "stop streaming". I have a few...
  13. I

    OBS Running Ends in BSOD With Every Game

    Hey there, new to forums and looking for help. I have been streaming using OBS for years without issues and this past month have not been able to stream consistently due to a reoccuring issue. Everytime I try to start streaming, my OBS will randomly freeze and crash. Sometimes this causes my PC...
  14. RaffyRanary

    [OBS Crashes] High RAM Usage and Very High Power Trend

    Hello Guys! My OBS repeatedly crashed the whole week. I'm streaming a Live Mass at 720P resolution (Dynamic Bitrate enabled) via Facebook Live. My PC is Intel i5 - 7400 with 16gb of RAM. GPU is GTX 1650 4GB. On the crash report log, it says that Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time...
  15. J

    OBS keeps crashing - Fresh install on iMac newly upgraded to BigSur

    Hello, I've been having issues with OBS crashing on my Imac. I had been using the Apple Hardware Encoder in OBS for some time, but that caused some other issues that I was unaware of. After reading a number of articles, I switched to x264, but now OBS keeps crashing. The stream quality is far...
  16. M

    Same crash each time I close (log attached, help greatly appreciated)

    Hi, all. Still relatively new to OBS Studio and having a hard time figuring out why OBS crashes every time I close it down. It's still running fine -- I haven't had a single issue with a stream -- but it's obviously disconcerting to get a crash each time I shut down the program. From what I...
  17. hevisko

    OBS 27.0.1 (Mojave) crash normal - portable functional

    Good day I initially installed OBS a year ago, with the obs-virtual-cam plugin separately. REcently I retried using OBS and it crashed (after upgrades...) SO, went through the motions, removed obs-virtualcam, `brew reinstall obs` etc. etc. bt still keep getting the crashes. Started to google...
  18. M

    OBS crashes if I try to change anything

    Yesterday was working fine, but now, if I open OBS (Streamlabs too) and try to delete or open properties of fonts, the program will crash. Also my webcam just gives a black screen. The only thing I can think that change is that I installed a update of chroma cam. Does anyone know about this issue?
  19. M

    OBS is crashing and the crashlogs are weird, can anyone help me?

    Hello, first of all, I am completely new to these forums, I made this account just to ask this question. So I'm experiencing weird crashes, and so far, I couldnt figure out the reason. The crashlog is attached. Information that might be usefull: My PC specs, from the windows settings...
  20. Esh

    OBS crashes on receiving PC when NDI Source selected!

    Everything was working fine but recently I installed VoiceMeeter and connected my both pc with VBAN, since then OBS crashes within couple of seconds as soon as I select NDI Source Scene on my secondary/receiving pc!! Host PC working fine!!