1. hachi225

    Obs Crashed because of the audio capture window pluging, and I can't get it to work properly

    I have been streaming for about a week or so, and I wanted to play some music but have it not play in the video posted on twitch, thing is, it started to crash a LOT and I have no idea what to do, there doesn't seems to be any pluging that I can use as alternative... so... yeah... I will attach...
  2. C

    Crashes when I start recording

    Every time I hit start recording it ends up freezing then crashes. I have a pretty alright pc I wouldn't think that it would crash like this. I would be able to record fine on my trash laptop. Attached is the log file. Helppp pleasee
  3. Y

    OBS Crashing on Startup (Fault address: kernelbase.dll)

    I was trying to reinstall OBS to start from scratch completely because of some issues with plugins, but even after uninstalling and deleting the files located the program files and appdata folder it would crash on start up with the logs claiming issues with kernelbase.dll. (Also I'm not sure...
  4. P

    Unhandled exception: 80000003 OBS 30.1.2 crash while streaming Warzone

    Hi guys ! I've never had the issue before the last Geforce driver version 552.44 ( currently reinstalling as I write the post ) . Each time I quit obs it crashes or it just crashes after couple minute ( I can feel a lil stutter just before it happends ) Note : When I stream , My live preview is...
  5. subnoize

    Crash while using WebSocket in custom docks and moving docks around the UI

    Hello! Fun part is putting OBS into debug mode makes the crashing stop. So only in regular runtime mode will this occur which has made debugging very hard. The issue is when I move a custom dock that has an open WebSocket connection to an external server, OBS crashes. If I disable the...
  6. L

    The camera freezes in the preview, the microphone turns off

    hey guys, i have a problem with obs. The camera freezes in the preview, respectively, and on the stream too, but at the same time the obs seems to be functioning. At the same second, the sound from the microphone on the stream turns off. The broadcast does not turn off by itself, but it does not...
  7. nepekar

    Weird OBS crashes that take other apps with it

    A random crash sometimes occurs when I'm playing games while streaming. No idea why it does that, but OBS crash crashes other apps (like steam, discord, chrome tabs with videos). Maybe the issue isn't OBS after all? Noticed gpu's 3d and video encode graphs spiking at the moment of crash. Crash...
  8. C

    OBS Crash when attempting to Pop-out Audio Mixer

    I recently have wanted to change up my OBS layout for whenever I am streaming and I decided it would be best to to pop-out my audio mixer and put it at the bottom of the monitor so I can see all of my sources in one window. However, When popping it out of OBS it instantly hard crashes. The...
  9. C

    Crash Report Been having trouble trying to stream games at 60 fps while playing at 144 fps and also with the plugin of source record and that it crashes most of the time if I start a stream or record. I have a 3060 ti for a graphics card and I'm sure that I can...
  10. P

    Crash on New Fallout 4 'Next Gen' Update

    FYI.. since the new 'Next Gen' update was installed for Fallout 04, every time I stop the stream it crashes only on close. It runs fine the entire time. Just thought you might like to know. :) Crash file attached.
  11. L

    Random Crashes while recording, testing stuff or even changing scenes.

    So I'm really REALLY new to streaming. I was using streamelabs but i got recommended to use obs since it links better with streamelements. So I did a few tries and got a lot of crashes in random moments while recording. I downloaded 2 plugins win capture audio to make a scene to use as mixer and...
  12. O

    OBS crashes when launched from GNOME

    From some point OBS started crashing when launched by clicking on the relevant GNOME icon. It loads fine, but the mouse pointer keeps spinning, program runs for 5 to 10 seconds than silently crashes. Have been using ```flatpak run com.obsproject.Studio``` since that didn't cause any issues. But...
  13. K

    OBS 30.0.2 Crashing without any logs

    Hi everyone, Sorry for my potential bad english, i'm encountering issues with OBS since 4 days ! During my stream, OBS crashing, but impossible to detect it, each time, my chat indicate that the stream end. The only thing that I can see, it's my preview which stop working, Everything else still...
  14. N

    Crashing application and reinstalling does not help.

    Hi guys! I've been working with the app for many months. A week ago, I connected a second microphone to the system to compare the recording quality. Everything was fine, but at one point the application crashed and cannot run both in normal mode and Safe Mode. I deleted it many times, used...
  15. 0

    OBS Crashes as soon as I launch it!

    this has been happening for two days now and I can't figure out how to fix it. I haven't done anything to the settings when it first started. here are the logs
  16. WalkTheEarth

    OBS Crashed mid stream.

    My OBS crashed. i was in the middle of streaming onto youtube. (at this point i have streamed over a day of video (max in one stream being 10hrs)) and, after me accidently closing JQuake, OBS did so too. (but globalquake didnt?) crash log attached.
  17. E

    OBS Crashes: Repeated and Random

    Over the past few weeks my OBS has been crashing, seemingly at random. I updated my OBS to 30.1.1 this week and updated as many plugins as I could but the issue recurred today. The crashes do not have identical behavior. Sometimes, my GUI crashes but my stream continues to run. Sometimes...
  18. I

    OBS Crashing when using Stream Record Plugin (Incl. Log)

    My OBS keeps crashing while trying to stream and record for YT in the same time. Down is the log file can someone help me address the issue please? When I close the plugin their wont be no crashes but I want to use the plugin.
  19. ShaunyMc

    OBS closes on startup all of a sudden

    Hi all, hope you can help Opened up OBS, all was fine and well. Clicked on "confirm your not a robot" image which was where my stream chat usually was in one of my web sources and then OBS closes. Now every time I open it it closes pretty much straight away. Drivers up to date and reinstalled 3...
  20. Swamp_Spirit

    OBS Crashing when deleting Source

    Just as the title says, OBS crashes when I remove a source. I use the Scrab plugin to take screenshots with OBS, and I want to fix this before my whole stream crashes when I remove it from any of my Scenes. The crash log seems to indicate that the problem is the "streamdeckpluginqt6.dll" file...