1. B

    Obs crashing after a few seconds!!

    Hello, in the past few weeks, OBS has been crashing randomly after a few seconds or minutes from opening it. I think the problem is SE.Live (a plug-in made by StreamElements) because when I uninstalled it everything was warking just fine. My friends have no problem with the plug-in, so it's...
  2. R

    dxvk support

    dxvk is Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 for Linux / Wine (and Windows) 11.5k Stars! The issues has been reported before, dating back to 2018...
  3. D

    PC freezes when recording with OBS

    Hello, my PC freezes lately while recording with OBS. First the Game freezes (about 5-20 min in the Recording) and i can see Movement in the Preview of OBS but when I click out of the Window into OBS it freezes as well and teh PC doesn't respond at all. The music of the Game keeps playing while...
  4. N

    OBS Freezing while moving/scaling sources

    I've been trying to edit scenes and sources, with the unfortunate land mine that is "obs not responding" all week. First noticed the issue while moving a source during stream, my obs froze and had to force shut. But it happens outside of streaming and productivity has been slowed down by this...
  5. Im_Al3x

    OBS keep crushing

    I'm trying to stream something on YouTube and Twitch (not at the same time) using OBS on my Windows 11 PC. The stream start and all seems ok, but about 5 minutes later of the starting of the stream OBS keep crush. It doesn't give me error, but on YT/Twitch gives me player error, and while...
  6. S

    OBS doesn't launch either in normal or safe mode

    OBS doesn't run on my up-to-date Manjaro system for some reason anymore, previously worked fine. Upon launch, it offers to launch in standard or safe mode, but either of them leads to the app closing before the UI opens. Tried to reinstall - did not help Made an output of obs --verbose in case...
  7. T

    Crashing upon clicking "Exit" in Controls panel?

    More often than not, I've been getting a crash notice upon clicking the Exit button in my Controls panel. Crash report: Log file: I had to remove the StreamElements plugin a few weeks back because it was...
  8. R

    Obs Crashes Wayland does not support?

    Hello I have been having obs crashes with the current obs studio I am using the latest straight out of the box obs studio is there anyway of fixing this? I have attached my logs to this post to show what It's doing.
  9. zovastria

    Browser Dock Crashes

    I have attached the latest log and crash log. I recently switched audio devices to a mixer (focusrite Scarlett 2i2) and after the restart I'm getting issues with my OBS. Specifically, browser based docks, build in, or custom, are crashing OBS. When the browser based docks are disabled, it runs...
  10. echoplexmedia

    OBS Crashing Seemingly Randomly

    Never had any issues in the past with OBS, rock solid. Lately though, just randomly, it crashes. It doesn't freeze or anything first. The window simply disappears and I have to restart the application. I've attached 3 log files from last night. I am open to any and all remedies. Thinking of...
  11. J

    OBS crashing weirdly

    Hello, I upgraded my PC from DDR4 to DDR5 (motherboard, CPU, RAM) and Win10 to Win11. After that my OBS started mysteriously crashing. What happens is that the bitrate drops to 0 (still shows green and doesnt disconnect) and the whole app freezes. There is no notification, only after I take any...
  12. J

    OBS crashing weirdly

    Hi guys I upgraded from DDR4 to DDR5 (so new motherboard, CPU and Memory) AND also from win10 to win11. The OBS started crashing in a weird way - I tried clean reinstall, getting rid of all plugins and using an older version of OBS but nothing helped. What happens is that OBS gets stuck, but...
  13. J


    Hi all, OBS 30.0.2 is crashing when "Start Recording" is pressed - Virtual Cam and preview works fine. I have posted about this previously and have now attached an updated log. All help is really appreciated as I'm using OBS for a large project next week and need to see if this can resolved...
  14. B

    OBS constantly freezing video and not responding

    Hi all, I have severe issues keeping me from streaming currently, hence trying to seek help here. Two weeks ago I had a random single instance of freezing video. Music (via SE.Live) still played, but the stream instantly died and OBS didn't respond. The issue didn't come back after restarting...
  15. trickyslip

    OBS 3.0.2 Crashing on M2 MacBook Air -> Facebook Live

    When pressing the "Start Streaming" button, OBS 3.0.2 periodically crashes. This is when configured to stream to Facebook Live. It doesn't crash every time, and if I keep trying (restarting OBS and then pressing the Start Streaming button), it eventually works, and the stream is successful...
  16. D

    OBS crash on startup

    For the recent days i had trouble starting obs in normal mode. When i use the safe mode, nothing happens but when i want to use the plugins and stuff it crash.
  17. J

    What's causing this OBS crash?

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing an intermittent issue where OBS will crash after "Start recording" is pressed. After re-launching several times the issue seems to self resolve. I have attached a log - I'm uncertain if it's the log with the crash. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  18. T

    OBS Freeze my PC when I have any other app open

    I am trying to speedrun Tears of the kingdom, and when I open my web browser, VLC Media player, for a metronome, or to watch something while I practice a trick, or any other application that is not OBS or live split, OBS will completely freeze my PC. One time I went to go do something else when...
  19. sntshk

    OBS crashing on startup. Deleting config gives 1 chance, but again crashes on second run.

    I have been using obs-studio for quite a while. I don't know what has changed recently. It started crashing today. I already tried deleting the config. Deleting config actually works. But not for a long time. The obs-studio crashes second time I launch it. I have also tried removing apt...
  20. F

    Crashing on startup

    Title. OBS was working yesterday, I installed razer synapse today, and now OBS simply will not open. Error message below. Logs also attached. I have no idea why it would cause obs to crash, but my only possible reason for this is razer synapse. I have already tried uninstalling and...