1. K

    OBS instantly freezes and crashes when saving replay

    First of all the log file: So I've been successfully using and streaming with OBS (+ StreamElements plugin) in the last couple of weeks. I did a fresh windows install on the weekend (no real issues, just wanted to have everything fresh since this PC...
  2. Tiaeth

    OBS 29.0.2 hangs / crashes during streaming or on exit

    Hello, My OBS keeps hanging / crashing when I stream or when I want to quit it. I have already tried to find out myself what the problem is and tried all possible tips and tricks. Reinstalled Hardware acceleration deactivated in the Windows graphics settings Removed plugins (but only use the...
  3. T

    Monitors going black temporarily and preview is frozen forever when running OBS

    This is going to be a long post but going to do my best to describe what's been happening. It's been happening for weeks and it's driving me nuts. I've done hours of research and tried to fix this including completely wiping/reinstalling windows and OBS. To preface, as odd as it sounds, this...
  4. A

    Windows 11, preview/OBS freezes and stream dies.

    Specs: Operating System Windows 11 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 10400 @ 2.90GHz RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1329MHz Motherboard ASRock B560M Pro4 Graphics 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (MSI) 50 °C Audio NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) I...
  5. T

    Would crash mid stream/take multiple tries to launch properly

    I've been having this reoccurring problem recently where I'd take multiple tries for me to launch OBS and it'd crash mid stream. I have no idea why. I can only assume its one of my extensions. I'm guessing either scene tree or Win Capture but I could be wrong.
  6. benniboy

    Problem happening with OBS uncontrollably crashing, cameras, and plugins. Please help

    I've had a problem lasting for about 2 months, that originally started off with OBS/StreamElements crashing uncontrollably crashing during streams, and I couldn't get another one going. Luckily (I guess), at around that time I took a 2-month-long stream break for some very serious mental health...
  7. S

    Crashes When I Change Settings...

    Everything will run fine but if there is a bitrate issue and I try to change it then OBS will drop to a bitrate of "0" and I will have to hard close it from task manager. I have removed plugins and even done an install from scratch and have yet to resolve the issue. I can also replicate the...
  8. O

    OBS Crashing on startup after trying to update to new version

    A couple of days ago I tried updating my OBS from version 28.?? to 29.02 and it started crashing on startup. I have tried fully uninstalling my OBS client (scenes, settings) and reinstalling all versions from 28 to 29, but not even a fresh install stops the crash. I have tried fully...
  9. O

    obs crashes randomly while streaming

    Ive posted before but im making a new post to put everything in one place and make it clear. I recently switched to obs studio to try an fix the crashing issue I have been having. I only stream apex legends and I have no clue why I am crashing. I use game capture for apex legends which is...
  10. rechronicle

    Crash on the first launch every single day

    Hi, my OBS keeps crashing on 1st launch and then working fine after that. Not sure what is happening, attached is the crash log.
  11. ayumvu

    OBS 29.0.2 keeps crashing on start-up, please help me!

    Hello, everyone. I have a big problem with OBS that I can't solve. Until two days ago I was using OBS 29.0.2 (+SE.Live) "normally", although it kept giving me problems with CPU usage. Today I tried to fix some scenes/sources, but nothing solved my CPU problem. I tried uninstalling OBS (and all...
  12. S

    Use of Capure card (Elgato 4k) makes OBS crash randomly

    Hi, I can stream hours on end, or just have OBS open without problems untill i use (make visible) the capture card source. The crashes appears randomly, can be directly, in 5 min, in 2 hours etc (streaming and offline) and it basically just closes up OBS. (See below crashfile) Things already...
  13. O

    Obs crashing (Logs attached)

    I used to use streamlabs and never had issues but recently have been having crashing and switched obs studio to see if that helped. I Recently upgraded my pc's cpu and ram to 5800x and 4x8 3600mhz ram. Pc was working pretty fine id say until I realized I frequently crash while streaming on...
  14. S

    OBS Keeps crashing while streaming

    Good Day Everyone, I have a big problem with my OBS and I can't seem to find the solution for this. My OBS keeps crashing that it would freeze my PC for a moment then would continue afterwards. The issue happen when I started to update my OBS so I tried going back to an older version but the...
  15. R


    Hi guys, I'm having a problem streaming GTA V (it's the only game it happens with). The stream at first looks fine, it can be like this 30-40 minutes ( sometimes more) but out of nowhere the obs freezes, I keep playing normal gta v, no fps drops or anything but the obs freezes therefore the...
  16. P

    OBS Crashes every game I try to launch

    So I've been trying to put with this problem for like a year by now, everything I do is pretty much useless, everytime I open obs with a game and start recording, the game crashes and its extremely annoying, not sure what the problem is. On minecraft, the error I get is: -1073740771
  17. T

    OBS Freezes on a scene but doesn't actually fully "Crash"

    This has happened to me twice now - OBS will freeze up on a scene and my stream will stop. None of the indicators on "stats" point towards any issues such as CPU usage, memory usage, etc. being an issue. Can anyone look at this log file and help me diagnose? I'm pretty sure it's happened on my...
  18. Crinlorite

    OBS Crashing randomly every 10-30 minutes

    Good afternoon, I've been trying to solve this using less browser sources, less quality, less framerate, and I don't find a solution, the program doesn't completely crashes, it just goes stuck on preview screen and it stops sending audio and video to the stream on Twitch or any other places I...
  19. brrainz

    Freeze when opening video source properties

    My OBS (v29.0.2, 64bit) freezes when I open an existing or new video source's properties. I have restarted it and my Windows OS but that does not help. What do I have to do to find out more about the cause? /Andreas
  20. TheEnigmist

    OBS keep crashing at random times

    I notice this problems since Oct / Nov after updated to new OBS 28 while streaming Resident Evil 8. Before it I was using the same scenes and sources, I moved NVIDIA Broadcast (virtual greenscreen) to OBS built-in version. After that time OBS start be unresponsive, the stream stops and I need to...