1. C

    Obs studio keeps crashing after using virtual cam

    So I downloaded a plugin that makes one source your designated virtual camera, and its been working fine till today, now the camera source doesn't come up in any applications where I use a webcam and also it keeps crashing my obs I've attached the crash report because I don't understand how to...
  2. L

    Failed to recreate D3D11: Failed to create input layout (80070057)

    Hi im new on OBS im just trying to record Oculus games but OBS would crash during start up. I've been reading around this forum i tried to clean install my GPU driver and reinstall the OBS 24.0.3 and still crash. When i Updated to OBS 26.X.X it didnt crash however Oculus doesnt support any...
  3. CaliberPlex

    OBS is causing a game to crash

    I've used OBS for over a year or two now and have never had any technical problems with the application until now. Basically when I run the game Deep Rock Galactic with OBS running along side it, the game will just close after a few seconds. Without OBS it runs perfectly fine, but shortly after...
  4. Jackryxn

    HELP, My OBS keeps crashing on startup.

    Here is the Crash log, I have tried rolling back the display driver, changing the display driver type, reinstalling, etc nothing has worked for me please help.
  5. Basten

    Whoops, OBS has crashed!

    Hello, today after running OBS I got a message "Whoops, OBS has crashed!". Crash logs attached. Drivers updated. I will be really appreciate if you help me as soon as possible C:
  6. E

    OBS crashes at launch (MacOS)

    Hi, I downloaded OBS on a new Macbook pro (13 M1 16gb) I ran some tests, it was working perfectly, until its first crash. it launches and crashes automatically since. Here the link to the report
  7. M

    My OBS crashed while playing Warzone

    I was playing Warzone and streaming when suddenly the game crashed because a directx problem and my OBS crashed at the same time. I don´t know if the issue is related. Thanks for your help
  8. F

    Computer freezes and requires a hard reboot after 2-4 hours of streaming

    Hi, I'm very new to OBS, so I don't know a lot about how it works. Basically, I've started streaming on Twitch, and after 2-4 hours live, my computer just freezes. Both my screens turn monochrome, the sound still works, but nothing else, and I have to hard reboot. This never happens when I just...
  9. T

    Camera crashes (and turns pixely grey) during Zoom Webinar

    Hi All, I'm unable to find any info on this specific issue so hopefully someone knows what's happening here. We were a good hour into a webinar hosted on Zoom and suddenly the OBS feed "crashed". The OBS screen became a pixelated grey (screenshot of how it looked on the recording is attached...
  10. T

    Nvidia graphics card keeps crashing stream!

    OBS uses about 40%-60% of my GPU, even after making some changes from 2k to FHD canvas, having 1 display source per scene, going from NVENC to h.264. My graphics card keeps crashing and with NVENC as encoder it stops my stream, so I have to restart my stream every time. I am outta ideas and...
  11. pravinrajlr

    OBS Crashing during startup

    Hi! OBS studio is getting crashed every time when it was opened. it simply shows a crash message and closes it.. attached the log files
  12. Steven4547466

    NVENC Encoder crash

    Hello, I've been getting a weird error recently. It happens almost every time I stream, but at random times throughout the stream. I just get an encoder error that completely crashes obs. Here's the relevant logs: 16:16:51.736: ==== Streaming Start...
  13. B

    FLV file turned stupid

    Uuh I did what people say and recorded with FLV but when my crippled computer crashed 50 minutes into the recording all that was left was half a second of the video. What is this? Why does God hate me? Does OBS save like a raw file somewhere were I can recover it with some magic software?
  14. B

    Crash c0000005 libx264-161.dll

    Can you help me, i have some crash report from my pc when i start to stream after some time i get crash report
  15. C

    OBS Window Crash - Mac Air Big Sur

    Hi all, Im on a 2020 macbook air, running the most up to date version of Big Sur. Yesterday OBS completely fell apart mid-stream and I had to stop. Since then it hasnt been quite right. Today I found that when I click to open OBS from any location (dock, finder, applications) its opens for a...
  16. Aksel

    My obs crashes and goes to 0kbs when I switch to a game scene.

    Hello, let me explain, when I am live, suddenly OBS goes to 0kbs and impossible to close it except by going through the Task Manager. I don't understand why, my connection is good, my obs is well adjusted, and my config allows me to offer a live. Can you help me on this subject, because it's...
  17. Avedia

    Frequent Crashing and Camera doesn't want to pick up sound or show in scenes

    Hey I've been having lots of camera issues with OBS lately. I'm using the 20.1.3 version. It started to crash a lot recently too. Can anyone help?
  18. lowburn

    OBS Crashing upon switching scenes

    Greetings, I'm wondering if anyone could provide insight as to what is causing this crash. It only appears to happen when I'm capturing a Microsoft Teams window in conjunction with a Microsoft PowerPoint window and switching scene collections between the two. I have tried disabling graphics...
  19. G

    macOS Big Sur No video, crashes when switching to studio mode

    Hi, so for my work, we are looking for ways to stream remotely to a platform called UStream. OBS (and by extension Streamlabs OBS) are recommended by the platform for livestreaming. I thought this was perfect, because I have used OBS a lot in the past for both streaming and recording. (Quick...
  20. M

    Obs makes my internet crashes

    Hey ! Can someone help me please? I never had issues before and now i can't stream with more than 2k biterates or my internet crashes. I had the default value before 4k or 6k and it was fine so i don' t really understand what's the issue...